Let’s Shut Down Travis Air Force Base

By Toby Blomé & Wynd Kaufmyn, SF Bay Area CODEPINK, February 4, 2024

SHUT DOWN TRAVIS is Returning! On December 28, 150 people converged at Travis Air Force Base to protest their shipment of weapons that enable the indiscriminate killing of Gazans.  Our peace communities collaborated to nonviolently close all 4 gates for up to 1-4 hrs at each gate. The Travis 14, who were arrested, now face arraignment in Fairfield on February 23. WATCH these powerful videos from Dec. 28:

This Wednesday, we are returning! We hope to have a presence at Travis every month until a Permanent Ceasefire is obtained.

WHEN:  Wednesday, February 7, 5:30am

WHERE:  Arrive at Main Gate, Travis AFB.  Groups will be directed to one of four gates.

Directions: Take Air Base Parkway Exit. off of I-80, in Fairfield. Turn left at Parker Rd, at the end of Air Base Parkway. Park in large commercial parking lot.

WHAT:  This is a nonviolent protest of U.S. complicity in genocide. We ask all participants to abide by these Nonviolent Guidelines.   On arrival, get directions from coordinators who will assist you with which gates we need the most support. More specific orientation will take place at each gate.

CARPOOLING:  (Limited parking, and for the planet, please carpool)

Please fill out THIS FORM so we can match rides offered with rides needed.

This is another great collaboration!

Check out our SPONSORS & ENDORSERS Here.

For Questions:  WendyPalestine@gmail.com

For those with already formed Affinity Groups and full cars, please contact us for pre-event directions on what gate to go to:   WendyPalestine@gmail.com

We look forward to another beautiful day of people rising for Gaza!  STOP THE GENOCIDE!

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