“Jews Say No to Genocide” Takes Over Major Train Station in Toronto

By World BEYOND War, November 9, 2023

Today in Toronto, Canada, World BEYOND War joined with allies, led by members of “Jews Say No to Genocide,” a newly formed coalition of Jewish Pro-Palestinian organizations, to fill Union Station during morning rush hour for a sit-in to demand the Canadian government immediately call for a ceasefire, halt all military assistance and arms sales to Israel, and demand an end to the occupation.

This group of Jewish Torontonians was taking part in a global day of action to ‘Shut It Down for Palestine’. They put out the following statement:

“As Jews, we are condemning Israel’s genocidal violence against civilians in Gaza and the West Bank and are demanding the Canadian government end its complicity in Israeli war crimes. We will not stand idly by and allow for business as usual while the Israeli military continues to mercilessly bomb refugee camps, hospitals, schools, churches and apartment buildings in Gaza, killing thousands, and while millions of Palestinians are being forced from their homes without access to water, food, medicine, electricity, and fuel…all in the shroud of darkness under constant communication blockades. The protest is part of a growing movement of Jews across the globe standing up against the Israeli occupation of Palestine. This week, thousands gathered at New York City’s Statue of LIberty and millions filled the streets around the world to denounce Israel’s apartheid regime and its heinous war crimes. Toronto Jews add their voices to this chorus calling for justice. We refuse to allow our grief over the thousands who have already been killed to be weaponized into escalating carnage in Gaza and the killing of thousands more Palestinians.







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