Events to Help Bring About a World Beyond War

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Events list:


Until Jan 26, 2018 – Berlin, Germany – Exhibition: Henry David Thoreau”…give me truth” Plea for Nonviolent Resistance at the Anti-War-Museum

Until Feb 4, 2018 – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Exhibition: We Have A Dream – Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela

Dec 21 – War Resisters’ League – 29th Annual Raffle for Resistance



Jan 6 – Washington, DC – Fateful Misunderstandings: A discussion of the film documentary “The Vietnam War”

Jan 6 – Washington, DC – Roundtable: What Should Historians Do in a Time of Crisis?

Jan 7 – Summerfield, FL – “Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives: The Environmental Footprint of War

Jan 8 – Mar 4 – Yokohama, Japan – Peace Boat’s 96th Voyage Oceania

Jan 12-14 – Baltimore, MD – Conference on US Foreign Military Bases

Jan 13 – Davis CA – “Restricting First Use: A Teach-In on US Nuclear Weapons Policy and HR 669 (Lieu/Garamendi)”

Jan 15 – Las Vegas NV – Martin Luther King Jr Day Parade Float by Nevada Desert Experience

Jan 20 – Women’s marches planned for January 20, 2018

Jan 29 – Online Course – War Abolition 201: Building the Alternative Global Security System

Feb 2-4 – Athens, Greece – PeaceJam Greece Youth Conference with Nobel Peace Prize Winner Adolfo Perez Esquivel

Feb 14 – Auckland, Aotearoa/New Zealand – Peace Symposium : Pacific Perspectives on Peace

Feb 23 — International Day of SOLIDARITY, 115th Anniversary of the seizure of Guantanamo

Mar 9-11 – Chicago, IL – 2018 Peace On Earth Film Festival

Mar 2 – Las Vegas, NV – Pacific Life Community Annual Gathering

Mar 4 – Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – Vietnam “50th Anniversary Commemoration” Peace Tour 2018 by Veterans for Peace

Mar 8 – Indian Springs, NV – SHUT DOWN CREECH 2018 – 4th Annual Mass Mobilization to Stop Drone Warfare and Global Militarization

Mar 9 – Chicago, IL – Peace on Earth Film Festival

Mar 17 – Standish, ME – Living a Nonviolent Life: A Workshop with Fr. John Dear

Mar 23 – Aug 12 – Germany: 20 Weeks of Action to make Buchel Military Air Base nuclear weapons free

Mar 24 – Las Vegas, NV – Sacred Peace Walk by Nevada Desert Experience

Mar 24 – Greenwich, CT – Greenwich Rally and March for Peace and Economic Justice

Apr 2 – East Palo Alto, CA – 50th Anniversary Commemoration of King’s Assassination

Apr 4 – USA – 50th anniversary of the martyrdom of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Spring 2018 – Toronto, Canada – “How to Save the World” Science for Peace conference”

May 11-13 – Ringkobing, Denmark – Peace Justice Conference 2018 “Meeting the Other”

May 14-16 – United Nations – High-Level conference on nuclear disarmament

May 15-17 – Stuttgart, Germany – Stoppt die Militärmesse ITEC 2018

May 21 – Alliance Relay Race 2018 against Arms Trade : from Oberndorf to Berlin, Germany

May 22 – Notre Dame, IN – Voices of Conscience Conference on Antiwar Opposition in the Military

Jun 11-15 – Paris, France – STOP FUELING WAR at the Eurosatory arms fair

Jul 9-10 – NO to NATO Counter Summit, Brussels

Oct 29 – Nov 2 – 29TH GENERAL ASSEMBLY of the International Association of Peace Messenger Cities

Let us know about any event you’re planning.

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