Ending War and Restoring Democracy in Sudan

By The Civilian Front for Ending the War and Restoring Democracy, April 29, 2023

The Foundational Statement

We, the undersigned:

  • Resistance Committees
  • Civil Society Organizations
  • Political Parties
  • Armed Movement
  • Democratically elected Trade Unions
  • Demands and Professional Associations
  • Preparatory and Steering Committees of Trade Unions
  • Public academic, cultural, media religious and community figures

Being keen to bring about lasting peace for the people of Sudan and safeguard the country’s unity, sovereignty, and stability; and

Being aware that the ultimate goal of this ongoing war is to militarize life in the country and uproot the very foundations of civil life and the democratic rule laid down by the December Revolution, which peacefully managed to thwart the despotism of the Islamists and the defunct National Congress Party (NCP); and

In light of the new reality brought about by the war which erupted on 15 April and its aftermath, we have decided to join forces under the banner of “The Civilian Front for Ending the War and Restoring Democracy”, to achieve the following goals:

First: Stop the war immediately, and provide urgent humanitarian, medical, and public service needs to citizens in the affected areas;

Second: Put the country back on the course of transition to democracy and civil rule;

Third: Ensure full exit of the military from political and economic spheres;

Fourth: Implement a comprehensive reform of the security and military institutions, and create one professional army, through peaceful steps and under the umbrella of a national civilian transitional democratic process;

Fifth: Foil the defunct regime’s plans to return to power, and its current attempts to revenge from December revolution, and to militarize life under the camouflage of war and the actions of the ill-sighted Islamist coup;

Sixth: Challenge the calls for alignment based on ethnic, tribal, regional and religious grounds; resist propaganda, terrorist campaigns and hate speech; and promote the values of citizenship and peaceful coexistence;

Seventh: Reject all forms of external intervention in our local affairs, except international efforts to stop the war, provide humanitarian aid, and reach a comprehensive and just peace;

Eighth: To achieve the aforementioned goals, we, the Civilian Front for Ending the War and Restoring Democracy, will deploy all our resources and capabilities, leveraging our extended experience in combatting all forms of tyranny and totalitarianism.

Ninth: We have agreed to orchestrate our joint action through representatives of the signing parties and to develop effective coordination mechanisms to accelerate nationwide action. Our priority areas will be communication and humanitarian work, and reaching out to the local and international public opinion, and broadening the base of participation by inviting more national figures and elements with the exception of Islamist Movement and the disbanded National Congress Party and their allies, ultimately paving the way for unification of the forces of the Revolution.

Finally, we reiterate our commitment to stand united under the banner of our Civil Front, faithful to the cause of ending war and restoring democracy. Our doors will be open to all democratic forces, and together we will stand strongly against attempts to thwart the December Revolution, against the war and militarization of life, and in favour of bringing the democratic transition back on course, establishing a civilian democratic rule and translating the slogan of the glorious December revolution: freedom, peace, and justice.

We have no doubt that our people will ultimately triumph over tyrants.

The Civilian Front for Ending the War and Restoring Democracy.


  • Resistance Committees:

    -Coaliation of Al-Hajj Yousef Neighbourhood Committees
    -Al-Dali and Al-Mazmoum Resistance Committees – Sinnar State
    -Abu Hajjar Resistance Committees
    -Al-Duwaim Resistance Committees
    -Resistance Committees from the Bahri Industrial Area
    -The Coordination Committee for Resistance Committees in East Nile
    -The Coordination Committee for Resistance Committees in the White Nile -Resistance Committees of Bahri
    -The Resistance Committees in Al-Hashaba – White Nile

  • Political Factions and Components:
    -The Forces for Freedom and Change
    -The Arab Baath and Socialist Party- Original
    -The Sudan Liberation Movement led by Abdel Wahid El-Nur -The Democratic Unionist Party
    -The Civilian Coalition of Forces from the Nuba Mountains -The Coalition of Civilian and Political Forces in East Sudan -The Sudanese Liberal Party
    -The Republican Party
    -The Popular Front for Liberation and Justice -The Nasserite United Front- Leadership Council -Beja Council Parties and Movements
    -The Opposition Beja Council
  • Unions and Professional Bodies:
    -The Sudanese Journalists Syndicate
    -The Information Technology and Communications Syndicate – Khartoum Branch -The Association of Syndicates for the Two Nile University Professors
    -The Association for Sudan’s Science and Technology University Professors
    -The Sudanese Professionals Association
    -The Association for Professors from Al-Jazira University
    -The Association of Engineers from Khartoum University
    -The Association of Engineers from Sudan University
    -The Association of Workers in the Oil Sector
    -The Council of Graduates from Khartoum University
    -The Cooperation of Sudanese Unions
    -The Professional Association of The University of Imam El-Mahdi Professors
    -The Alliance of Democratic Lawyers
    -The Association of Administrative Officers
    -The Association of Bankers
    -The Sudanese Teachers Committee
    -The Emergency Lawyers
    -The Democratic Association for University Professors and Sudanese Higher Institutions
    -The Coordination Body for Engineering Sectors
    -Sudanese Artisans Association
    -The Taxes/Accountants’ Committee
    -The Democratic Association for Artisans
    -The Democratic Association for Medical Labs
    -The Preparatory Committee for Private Sector Teachers
    – The Association of Democratic Teachers
    -The Association of Democratic Engineers
    -The Association of Democratic Lawyers
    -The Preparatory Committee for the Syndicate of Freelance Craft Workers-Khartoum -The Association of Revolutionary Professors from Kordofan University
  • Civilian Demands’ Bodies:
    -The Mechanism to Unite Revolutionary Forces
    -The Coalition of “Return is Impossible”.
    -The Coalition of Student Movements
    -The Front for Students Struggle
    -The Coalition for Unifying the Revolutionary Forces in the White Nile -The Association for Families of the 2018 December Revolution Martyrs -The Civilian Association
    -Civilian Laboratories
    – Sudanese Writers Union
    -Initiators for the of East Sudan
    -The Collective Nubians Society
    -The Confederation of Civil Society Organizations -The Bahri Youth Initiative
    -The Supreme Authority for Sufism
    -The Sudanese House Forum
    -The Union of Liberal Youth
    -The April 6 Association for Strategic Studies
    -The Eastern Culture Center
    -The Sudanese Group for Human Rights
    – The Grifna “We are Disgusted” Movement
    -The Sudanese Progressive Movement
    -The National Association for Persons with Disabilities
  • Women’s Organizations:
    -Women’s Political and Civil Groups (Mansum)
    – Al-Harasat- The Guardians
    – The Kandakat Coalition Um Durman
    -The Kandakat Coalition East Nile
    -The Kandakat Coalition Bahri
    -The Kandakat Coalition Khartoum
    -The Northern Kanakat Gathering
    -The Democratic Women’s Union
    -The Forum for Women in the Forces for Freedom and Change -Sudanese Women Against the War
    -The Center for Lawyers for Change
    -The Campaign of Women Against the War
    -The Women’s Alliance
  • Individuals and Prominent Personalities:

Novelist Mohammad Badawi
Professor Ahmed Al-Safi
Journalist Mohammad Atiq
Dr. Bakri Al-Jak
Dr. Afaf Mustafa
Dr. Sinaa Zaki Abu Samra
Dr. Hashem Mukhtar
Sarah Ahmed
Dr. Mahmoud Taj Al-Deen
Artist Tayyib Daw Al-Bayt
Abdal Baqi Mukhtar
Walid Hamid Mohammad
Izza Al-Rasheed
Artist Adel Muslim
Artist Abu Baker Sayyid Ahmed
Artist Mustapha Al-Sunni
Ambassador Abdallah Baasher
Dr. Al-Tijani Abu Qsaisa
Dr. Al-Taher Othman Madawi
Qassem Mohammad Mahmoud
Ambassador Awad Mohammad Al-Hassan
Ambassador Ibrahim Abdel Moneim
Ambassador Adel Hussein Sharfy
Engineer Adel Ali Ahmed
Mahdi Dawoud Al-Khalifa
El-Hadi Nogud Allah
Engineer Qamar Al-Dawla Abdel Qader
Engineer Mohammad Al-Hassan Abdel Rahman
Professor Adel Majzoun Hassab
Engineer Ahemd Salah Nouh
Dr. Abdel Salam Sayyed Ahmed
Dr. Baqer Al-Afeef
Ambassafor Hala Babibiker Al-Nour
Writer and novelist Hamour Ziyada
Filmmaker Hajouj Kuka
Journalist Rasheed Saaed Yacoub
Huda Shafeek
Lawyer Muaz Hadra
Dr. Ismael Wadi
Journalist Osman Fadl Allah
Dr. Adeeb Yousef
Rihab Hamed
Journalist Abdel Rahman Al-Amin
Journalist Shawki Abdelazim
Journalist Mustapha Siry
Journalist Faiz Al-Sheikh Al-Silk
Mohammad Al-Shabik
Journalist Jaafer Al-Sabki
Professor Abdel Lattif Tayfour
Mohammad Ahmad Mukhtar Sheikhu
Hunan rights activist Ghada Shawki
Journalist Al-Sir Al-Sayyid
Writer Hussam Hilali
Abdallah Dedan
Aisha Ahmed
Ahmed El- Mukhtar Khalifa
Artist Hussein Khalil Halfawi
Dr. Rihab Khalifa
Lawyer Khalil Takras
ArtistAl- Kheir Al-Massah
Musician Abdo Hamed Al-Nil
Article Mohammad Abdel Aziz Shabaka
Omar Oshari
Obada Kamal Aldin
Ambassador Noureddine Satti
Journalist Mohammad Naji
Archbishop Ezekiel Kendo Kumir-
Reverend Luca Paul Kuku
Zahra Haider
Rabiha Ismael
Naamat Awad Al-Hajj
Muwahib Al-Majzoub
Iman Khalifa
Osama Nur Abd Alsayyid
Izzedine Haroun Harika
Dr. Hatem Al-Mahdi
Fatah Al-Rahman Al-Badawi
Dr. Wajdi Kamil
Issam Eldin Alzayn
Abdel Majid Mohammad Adam Azraq 81. Mohammad Khalil Hassab Allah
Al-Taher Bashri Ali
Raffit Abbas
Mohammad Jamal Al-Sheikh Madani 85. Madani Abbas Madani
Dr. Salah Al-Amin
Amhed Mukhtar
Ezzeldin Al-Omda
Ramah Mohammad Ateem
Mohammad Al-Fayyed Mansour
Dalia Daqna
Artist Ghadeer Mirghani
Al-Tayyeb Bashir Al-Tayyeb
Artist Issam Mohammad Nur
Human rights activist Jamal Ali Al-Toum 96. Musician Mujahid Bashir
Nasif Bashir
Dr. Salah Al-Amin
Abdul Moneim Abdel Wahab
Musician Abdo Hamda Al-Neel
Dr. Majida Mohammad Ahmed
Journalist Israa Zein Al-Abadeen
Journalist Salafa Abu Dhafeera
Ahmad Izzideen
Ismael Mohammad Ali
Abdallah Adam Khater
Faisal Hadhra
Muhja Ashraf
Musa Abdelgdir
Mohammad Hamdan Abdallah
Al-Tayyeb Bashir
Journalist Aza Ayra
Hassan Albushari
Journalist Amal Awad
Ahmad Khider
Awad Al-Toum
Ammar Sulieman
Journalist Mansour Ahmed Osman
Journalist Al- Jameel Al-Fadil
Abdel Baqi Jubara
Ammar Hamouda
Engineer Ahmad Gasim Mukheir
Nidal Abdel Wahab
Numan Ghazali
Dr. Sulieman Baldo
Writer Fathi Al-Daw
Mudther Taysir
Mohammad Salah
Dr. Majdi Ishac
Dr. Fakhredeen Awad Hassan Abd Al-Aal

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