By Mbizo CHIRASHA, World BEYOND War, July 9, 2020


Dimples of mighty river donga, river
Sokoto flowing honey of liberation, dripping sweetness of decades
Of freedom harvest
Taraba and ekuku flowing with seasons coming after one another
Winters in tears and summers in blood

Dimples of freedom sing freedom
Freedom of the people, people and their song
The resonance of rhythm, rhythm of drumbeat throbbing
Tsaunin mainono, veins of tsaunin Kure, throbbing the heart of tsaunin ukuru
Rhythm throbbing under the feet of mothers and children pounding this earth sodden in oil and hope.

Dimples of freedom
You age with generations like baobab
The essence of villages and the resonance of tribes
Tribes singing embracing the dimples of silver moon
Singing one tune, in one tongue, sing boki mothers, rise mbumbe sisters
Sing bachere songs, dance the gavako dance

Dimples of freedom
You age with generations like banana trees
Kings of this land, i sing of you
My song of bones, shadows, stones, mist and smoke

Dimples of freedom
I sing of kings whose skin glow after the caress of coco butter
Their breath smelling the milk of coconut
I sing with modibo of gombe, obong of obioko, olu of Warri
I sing of you baban lamido, oba of Lagos
Dimples of freedom smile with olo of the olowo

Dimples of freedom
Smelling decades of light and stink
Enduring decades of nights and hope
Sleeping in decades of nightmares and dreams
Rivers gobe, ekulu and aba, rise for freedom
Your stomachs vomiting the sun of liberation, liberation
That crocodiles and reptiles be pregnant with the sun of liberation and
The moon of freedom

Dimples of freedom
On top of tsaunin kuki, tasunin shamaimba, doves and owls hooting
And cooing the dark of nights and newness of mornings
Dimples of freedom smile to the mountains of this land

This is my poetic grapefruit to the land that breakfasted
Omelette of bitterness and beetroot of sweetness

Dimples of freedom
This is my succulent watermelon of metaphors to the land whose is heart is
Velvet and whose soul is a grain of wheat
Dimples of freedom sing with me, the song of freedom,
Sing Bello, sing azikiwe, sing awolowo, and sing shehu
Song of the people, people and their song.

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