Demilitarizing Security

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Demilitarize security. What a concept!!
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“Conflicts typical of the contemporary world cannot be resolved at gunpoint. They require not a recalibration of military tools and strategies but a far-reaching commitment to demilitarization.”

Tom Hastings (Author and Professor of Conflict Resolution)

“Non-Violence” (also known as “The Knotted Gun”) is a pro-peace sculpture by Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd, designed in late 1980 and inspired by the shooting death of his pal, John Lennon. It was given to the UN by the government of Luxembourg in 1988. (More at ; image: UN)


* Shift to a Non-Provocative Defense Posture
* Create a Nonviolent, Civilian-Based Defense Force
* Phase Out Foreign Military Bases
* Disarmament
* End Invasions and Occupations
* Realign Military Spending, Convert Infrastructure to Produce Funding For Civilian Needs (Economic Conversion)
* Reconfigure The Response to Terrorism
* Dismantle Military Alliances

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  1. War makes profits for Corporations , Industries , Businesses and Banks . War should be nonprofitable . Corporations , Industries , Businesses should be charged huge taxes , After all they are the ones getting paid in taxes which becomes their profit . Banks profit from both sides , charging huge interests on an unpayable debt . Banks should be charged a massive surtax on their profits as it’s a profit inured from war . End the Profits from War and end War .

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