Coalition of Pro-Neutrality Groups to Hold People’s Forums on Ireland’s Neutrality, in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, & Galway (17th–22nd June)

By Irish Neutrality League, June 15, 2023


A coalition of eleven pro-neutrality groups (see list below) is to hold a series of “People’s Forums on Ireland’s Neutrality” as a democratic alternative to the government’s forthcoming Consultative Forum on International Security.

The government has substituted a Citizens Assembly with an undemocratic “consultative forum” so as to ensure the outcome it desires. The views of selected “civilian and military experts” are to be prioritised, with public participation kept to a minimum.

The “People’s Forums on Ireland’s Neutrality” will be held in Limerick (17th June), Dublin (19th June), Cork (20th June) and Galway (22nd June). The forums will be jointly hosted by the pro-neutrality coalition. Speakers will include Bernadette McAliskey, MEPs, TDs, councillors, academics and pro-neutrality campaigners, who will present the case for defending our positive and active neutrality. Members of the public will have an opportunity to voice their own views and to debate the issues.

A photo-op will be held at the Dáil, 15th June, at 1.30pm with Senator Frances Black, Richard Boyd Barrett TD, Catherine Connolly TD, Eamon Rafter (World BEYOND War, Ireland), Jim Roche (Irish Anti-War Movement) and others.

Pro-neutrality coalition:
AfrI (Action from Ireland) • Cork Neutrality League • Foyle Ethical Investment Campaign • Galway Alliance Against War • INNATE (Irish Network for Non-Violent Action Training) • Irish Anti-War Movement •  Irish Neutrality League • Peace & Neutrality Alliance • ShannonWatch • StoP (Swords to Ploughshares) • World Beyond War, Ireland
Sara O’Rourke, Irish Neutrality League 087 6024821
Jim Roche, Irish Anti-War Movement 087 6472737

The Irish Neutrality League is a civil-society campaign to bring pressure on the Irish government to assert Ireland’s neutrality positively on the world stage, to be a voice for peace and human rights, and to oppose wars and militarisation.

INL founding statement:

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