Children from Ramallah Friends School Sing a Song to the World

By Ramallah Friends School, December 8, 2023

From Ramallah Friends School to the world, we share our version of the timeless “Little Drummer Boy.” Our hearts come together in prayer for the safety of the children in Gaza. May our shared prayers echo for peace and justice, weaving a tapestry of hope that goes beyond borders, embracing the shared humanity we all hold dear.

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  1. Oh my God, this song is so moving! This is what we need to bring the leaders of Israel and the US to their senses and to stop this massacre. Oh, God, I pray that you will bring an end to the killing and taking of Palestinian land since 1948, and bring Israel to its knees with justice and accountability.

  2. Thank you for your message. I hope the world is listening to your call and people everywhere are opening their hearts and minds to your plea. May peace and love come into your land and give you sustenance and freedom, a place to live and grow into your fullness and flourishing community.
    Peace be with you❤️

  3. This is magnificent, and says it all, conveyed not just in the passionate singing but in the faces of the children. Rarely if ever have I heard despair and hope so heart-rendingly combined. What will become of these children, what world awaits them, and what contribution can they make?

  4. Thank you for spending the hope of what humanity can do to spread the light of peace and justice, and its importance for the innocence of children coming to be in this world.
    As a Friend who is multiracial and an educator, may this deepen the awareness of those carrying the core testimony of peace in the world, peace in oneself.

  5. Beautiful, hard hitting and so beautifully moving. Children should not have to be singing about such atrocities, my eyes are blurred with tears. I will try and share this to as many people as I can this Christmas season. Peace and love to all xx

  6. As a Friend (Irish Quaker) myself I was delighted to play the song sung by those lovely children in Ramallah and I was reduced to tears by the beauty of the voices and the message that children are born to live …not die.

    How tragic it is that we adults have failed the chidren of Gaza …not just now during the Israeli war on civilians, but over many years we have failed to convice the adults of Hamas and Israel that war, occupation and neglect of child well being and future oppertunities of living to which all children are fully entitled amounts to a terrible crime of failure.

  7. Thank you for your courage assembling this heartfelt, moving song! It is hard for many of us to celebrate this holiday season while so many children are being massacred. May this message reach all the world and remind us of the preciousness of a human life and our duty to protect it.

  8. Thank you for this. I have just donated to the Ramallah School in memory of my inspirational Biology and Chemistry teacher Ms Ann Smith who passed away at 93 three days ago. Ann’s family asked for donations to go to Palestine Children’s Relief. As a passionate educator, I think Ann would be very supportive of helping with Children’s education. Had she not been so supportive of me, I think my future would have very different – Inshallah, I survived my teenage years thanks to her and others who showed the power of education.

  9. The children singing the song all the world should hear are beautiful, strong and courageous. I hope they change the world.

    I cannot listen to that song without crying.

    This is my first time I ever loved somebody without knowing them. Thank you Ramallah Friends School.

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