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Videos: Okinawa Memorial Day 2021

On June 23, there was an Okinawa Memorial Day online Zoom event. Here you can watch all the collected videos with English/Japanese subtitles entirely on the YOUTUBE channel, “Stand With Okinawa NY” one by one.

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Video: Ending America’s Forever War in Korea

On the 71st anniversary of what is officially recognized as the start of the Korean War, World BEYOND War hosted a panel discussion with preeminent Korea historian Bruce Cumings, Korean-American peace activist Christine Ahn, and Youngjae KIM, a peace activist based in Seongju, South Korea.

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Demilitarizing the Mountains of Montenegro

High in the grassland mountains of Montenegro, within a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and in between two UNESCO World Heritage sites, lies a stunning land with exquisite biodiversity and an uncommon symbiosis between small groups of pastoral herders and the green, flowering earth they cultivate.

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