Call to Resolve the Threat of War on the Korean Peninsula and Suspend ROK-US Combined Military Exercises

As people who act for peace in South Korea, the US, and worldwide, we are deeply concerned about the elevating military tension on the Korean Peninsula. We must suspend all military actions, including ROK-US Combined Military Exercises.Despite the opening toward peace through the Inter-Korean and DPRK-US Summits in 2018, the once-discontinued ROK-US Combined Military Exercises resumed in just a year, and the relationship between the two Koreas and the DPRK-US has progressively deteriorated. Last year, North Korea withdrew its four-year commitment to suspend nuclear tests and ICBM test launches because of the US hostile policy and military threats.

The situation is getting worse after the inauguration of the Yoon Suk-yeol government. Both the US and South Korea announced plans to expand the scale of ROK-US Combined Military Exercises and enhance the Extended Deterrence Strategy, and for the first time in 5 years, military exercises with aircraft carriers and strategic bombers have resumed on the Korean Peninsula. North Korea has also declared corresponding military operations and started military exercises. Although it was in the open sea, North and South Korea exchanged missile launches close to their rivals’ sea border, causing tensions to ratchet up even further. At that time, a failed missile launch from South Korea crashed in Gangneung, leaving the residents in the dark for hours, terrified. Moreover, North and South Korea have crossed the Military Demarcation Line by deploying unmanned aerial vehicles. At the 70th anniversary of the Korean War Armistice, the reality is that the armistice itself is at stake.

ROK and US authorities are claiming that the ROK-US Combined Military Exercises are annual defense drills, but the truth is different. It appears that the drills are based on operation plans that reportedly include pre-emptive strikes and decapitation measures against North Korea, large-scale deployment of US troops and strategic assets assuming an all-out war, etc. Over the last several decades, air force bombers like B-1B, B-2, and B-52 which are nuclear-capable, nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, nuclear-powered submarines, large-scale deployments of US-ROK troops, etc. were mobilized. Due to their size and character, the ROK-US Combined Military Exercises have intensified the military and political tension on the Korean Peninsula.

The ROK and US governments have given notice that they would carry out the most extensive field exercises in March by mobilizing the largest number of troops and strategic assets ever, and have already started several ROK-US Combined Military Exercises since January. ROK-US-Japan Military Cooperation has also developed to the level of a military alliance. North Korea is also taking military action, including missile drills, warning that “We will respond at all times and take strong overwhelming actions”.

The situation is rapidly moving toward great power confrontation with no countermeasures to prevent conflict. Large-scale military action mobilized with real weapons only increases the risk of accidental clashes. We know well how a show of force has led to war in the case of several countries. It is only a matter of time before an unprecedented military crisis or war transpires.

War exercises that heighten the threat of war on the Korean Peninsula must stop. We must acknowledge that isolation, military pressure, and sanctions have not accomplished peace and denuclearization in Korea but only brought about resistance from North Korea, and we must lay down our hostility.

Today, the entire world, including the Korean Peninsula, is facing complex crises such as climate, infectious disease, food, and economic crises. We cannot solve these crises unless we cooperate and stop blocization and military confrontations. In particular, the reality is that there is no information or controls on the carbon emitted during large-scale military training and war preparations, such as deploying strategic bombers. Military drills threaten the Earth and human beings, and they must stop.

We must end the Korean war that has afflicted all members of the Korean Peninsula for over 70 years, and redirect the cost of destructive weapons to solving inequality and the climate crisis. It is time to end hostility and confrontation and strive for a peaceful and sustainable world through reconciliation and cooperation.

The suspension of the ROK-US combined military exercises will play a decisive role in re-establishing the forum for dialogue and diplomacy between the two Koreas and between the DPRK and the US. We call on the ROK and US governments to choose wisely.


US Civil Society Organizations (48)
Action One Korea
American Peace Information Center
Answer Coalition
Atlanta Civic Action
Channing and Popai Liem Education Foundation
China-US Solidarity Network
Coalition of Koreans in America (CKA)
Education Center for Tomorrow
Environmentalists Against War
Friends Peace Teams-Asia West Pacific
GA Peace Forum
Gandhi Alliance for Peace
Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space HOA–Hawaiʻi Okinawa Alliance
Korea Peace Now Grassroots Network
Korea Peace Now!
Korea Policy Institute
Korean American National Coordinating Council, Inc.
Korean American Public Action Committee (KAPAC)
Korean Americans for the Progressive Party of Korea (KAPP) KPNGN PNW
Maine Natural Guard
Massachusetts Peace Action
Military Poisons
MinKwon Center for Community Action
New England Korea Peace Campaign
NH Peace Action
Nodutdol for Korean Community Development
Parallax Perspectives
Peace Action
Peace Action of San Mateo County
Phil Berrigan Memorial Chapter Veterans For Peace
Presbyterian Peace Network for Korea
Proposition One Campaign for a Nuclear-Free Future
Seattle Evergreen Coalition
Show Up! America
The Least of These Church Justice & Peace Committee
Utah Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (UCAN)
Veterans For Peace, Spokane Chapter #35
Veterans For Peace’s Korea Peace Campaign
Washington Butterfly for Hope
Women Against War
Women Cross DMZ
Women for Genuine Security
Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) US

International Civil Society Organizations (51)
1923 Korea-Japan Citizens’ Solidarity
Blue Banner, Mongolia
Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), Canada
Center for Peace Education, Philippines
Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (CPCS), Cambodia Commission 4 of the ILPS, Canada
Coop Anti-War Cafe Berlin, Germany
Freante Antiimperialista Internacionalista, Spain
German East Asia Mission (DOAM), Germany
Ingenieurkonsulent für Kulturtechnik und Wasserwirtschaft, Europe International Peace Bureau (IPB), Germany
International Women’s Network against Militarism
Northeast Asia Regional Peacebuilding Institute (NARPI)
Peace Boat, Japan
Peace Depot Inc. Japan
Peace for East Asia (PEASIA), Canada
Peace Treaty Now (PTN)
Peace Women Across The Globe (PWAG), Switzerland
Peace Women Partners, Philippines
Prutehi Litekyan Save Ritidian, Guam
Queen’s Collegiate, Canada
Stop the War Coalition Philippines
The Hwamok Fellowship
The United Church of Canada
Unity of Women for Freedom – Philippines
Women Against Nuclear Power, Finland
Women for Peace, Finland
Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)
Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) Kyoto
World Beyond War

朝鮮女性と連帯する日本婦人連絡会 朝鮮学校「無償化」排除に反対する連絡会 朝鮮の自主的平和統一支持する京都委員会 朝鮮の自主的平和統一を支持する日本委員会 朝鮮の自主的平和統一を支持する長野県民会議 平和憲法を守る荒川の会 戦争への道を許さない北・板橋・豊島の女たちの会 フォーラム平和・人権・環境

Korea Peace Appeal Campaign Organizations in South Korea (745)

(사)광주평화재단, (사)남북물류포럼, (사)남북역사문화교류협회, (사)노근리국제평화재단, (사)노동실업 광주센터, (사)뉴코리아, (사)따뜻한 한반도 사랑의 연탄나눔운동, (사)민족화합운동연합, (사)민주화운동정신계승국민연대, (사)아시아사회과학연구원, (사)에너지나눔과평화, (사)여수지역사회연구소, (사)우리누리평화운동, (사)자연의 벗 연구소, (사)저스피스, (사)전국민주화운동유가족협의회, (사)정의·평화·인권을 위한 양심수후원회, (사)제주4.3범국민위원회, (사)제주다크투어, (사)조각보, (사)평화나눔회, (사)평화어머니회, (사)평화열차 타고 평양가자 재단, (사)평화의길, (사)평화통일연대, (사)하나누리, (사)한국여성정치연구소, (사)희망래일, (재)금정굴인권평화재단, (재)성프란치스코평화센터, <밀양×강정 우리는 산다> 전시 기획 서울팀, 1004통일포럼, 2020한강하구평화의배띄우기조직위원회, 4.9 통일평화재단, 5.18민족통일학교, 6.15공동선언실천남측위원회, 6.15공동선언실천남측위원회 강원본부, 6.15공동선언실천남측위원회 경기본부, 6.15공동선언실천남측위원회 경기중부본부, 6.15공동선언실천남측위원회 경남본부, 6.15공동선언실천남측위원회 경북본부, 6.15공동선언실천남측위원회 광주본부, 6.15공동선언실천남측위원회 교육본부, 6.15공동선언실천남측위원회 노동본부, 6.15공동선언실천남측위원회 농민본부, 6.15공동선언실천남측위원회 대구본부, 6.15공동선언실천남측위원회 대전본부, 6.15공동선언실천남측위원회 문예본부, 6.15공동선언실천남측위원회 부산본부, 6.15공동선언실천남측위원회 서울본부, 6.15공동선언실천남측위원회 언론본부, 6.15공동선언실천남측위원회 여성본부, 6.15공동선언실천남측위원회 울산본부, 6.15공동선언실천남측위원회 인천본부, 6.15공동선언실천남측위원회 전남본부, 6.15공동선언실천남측위원회 전북본부, 6.15공동선언실천남측위원회 제주본부, 6.15공동선언실천남측위원회 청년학생본부, 6.15공동선언실천남측위원회 체육본부, 6.15공동선언실천남측위원회 충남본부, 6.15공동선언실천남측위원회 충북본부, 6.15공동선언실천남측위원회 학술본부, 615시민합창단, 6월 민주항쟁계승사업회, 가온시온성교회, 가짜유엔사해체국제캠페인, 가톨릭농민회, 강동노동인권센터, 강동연대회의, 강명구평화마라톤시민연대(평마연), 강원시민사회단체연대회의, 강정마을 해군기지 반대주민회, 강정친구들, 강정평화네트워크, 개성공단기업비상대책위원회, 개성관광재개 운동본부, 거제 경실련, 거창군여성농민회, 거창진보연합, 건강사회를위한약사회 광주전남지부, 겨레의길 민족광장, 겨레하나, 경계를넘어, 경기광주여성회, 경기민중행동, 경기북부평화시민행동, 경기여성단체연합, 경기인천대학생진보연합, 경기자주여성연대, 경기장애인인권포럼, 경기주권연대,

경기진보연대, 경기청년연대, 경남여성연대, 경남진보연합, 경산시여성농민회, 경성대민주동문회, 경성대학교 민주동문회 87동기회, 경성대학교재경민주동문회, 경제정의실천시민연합, 경희총민주동문회, 계명대학교민주동문회, 고성군여성농민회, 고양시민회, 고양평화누리, 고창군여성농민회, 공론넷, 공주대민주동문회, 광복회, 광양진보연대, 광주대학교민주동문회, 광주여성회, 광주전남 추모연대, 광주진보연대, 교사노동조합연맹, 교수노조 대경지부, 교육희망 울산학부모회, 교회와사회연구소, 구례군여성농민회, 국가공무원노동조합, 국가보안법7조부터폐지시민연대, 국립공원을 지키는 시민의 모임, 국민주권 2030, 국민주권연대, 국민주권연대 광주지역본부, 국회 평화외교포럼, 군산미군기지우리땅찾기시민모임, 군인권센터, 귀농사모한국귀농인협회, 그리스도의 교육 수녀회 JPIC, 극단 고래, 금강산평화잇기, 기독교사회선교연대회의 평화통일위원회, 기독청년아카데미, 기장생명선교연대, 기지평화네트워크, 기찻길옆작은학교, 김제시여성농민회, 김준배열사정신계승사업회, 김해진보연합, 꼰솔라따 선교수도회 평화나눔, 나눔문화, 나라사랑청년회, 나라사랑청년회OB, 나주시여성농민회, 나주진보연대, 남북강원주민연대, 남북경협국민운동본부, 남북교류공동운동본부, 남북교육연구소, 남북사진문화교류위원회, 남북연극교류위원회, 남북평화재단, 남양주여성회, 남해군여성농민회, 남해민중연대, 남해여성회, 노동당 경기도당, 노동문예창작단 가자, 노동희망발전소, 녹색당, 녹색미래, 녹색연합, 논산시여성농민회, 다산인권센터, 다움교회, 다인투플러스, 단군민족평화통일협의회, 당진시여성농민회, 당진어울림여성회, 대구경북대학생진보연합, 대구경북주권연대, 대구경북진보연대, 대구참여연대, 대북협력민간단체협의회, 대안문화공간 품&페다고지, 대안문화연대, 대전민중의힘, 대전산내사건희생자유족회, 대전장애인차별철폐연대, 대전지역대학생공동체‘궁글림’, 대전참여자치시민연대, 대전청년회, 대전충청5.18민주유공자회, 대전충청대학생진보연합, 대추리평화마을, 대한도덕회, 대한민국공무원노동조합총연맹, 대한불교조계종 민족공동체추진본부, 대한불교조계종 사회노동위원회, 대한불교청년회, 더피플, 독립유공자유족회, 동학실천시민행동, 동학천도교보국안민실천연대, 두레방 쉼터, 디자인 밝은세상, 라파공동체, 마창진참여자치시민연대, 메노나이트중앙위원회(MCC) 동북아지부, 모병제추진시민연대, 목포산돌교회, 무안군여성농민회, 문화연대, 미국범죄국제민간법정조직위원회, 미국은들어라시민행동, 미래당, 민들레, 민자통, 민족문제연구소, 민족문제연구소 대전지부, 민족문제연구소 고양파주지부, 민족미술인협회, 민족민주열사·희생자추모단체 광주전남연대회의, 민족민주열사·희생자추모단체 연대회의, 민족자주평화통일중앙회의, 민족화합운동연합, 민족화해협력범국민협의회, 민주노동자전국회의, 민주노동자전국회의 경남지부, 민주노동자전국회의 광주지부, 민주노동자전국회의 울산지부, 민주노동자전국회의 인천지부, 민주노동자전국회의 전남지부, 민주노련 동대문중랑노점상연합, 민주노련 서부지역노점상연합, 민주노련 중부지역노점상연합, 민주노련 충청지역연합회, 민주동문회 86동기회, 민주사회를 위한 변호사모임, 민주사회를 위한 변호사모임 통일위원회, 민주통일평화포럼, 민주평등사회를 위한 전국교수연구자협의회, 민주화실천가족운동협의회, 민중민주당, 백두산문인협회, 법치민주화를 위한 무궁화 클럽, 볍씨학교 제주학사, 보나콤, 보험이용자협회, 부산경남인도주의실천의사협의회, 부산경남주권연대, 부산민중연대, 부산여성회, 부산참여연대, 부산학부모연대, 부여군여성농민회, 부천시민연대회의, 부천시민연합, 분당여성회, 분당환경시민의모임, 불교평화연대, 불교환경연대, 불평등한한미SOFA개정국민연대, 비무장평화의섬 제주를 만드는사람들, 비정규노동자의집 (사)꿀잠, 비정규직없는세상만들기네트워크, 비정규직이제그만공동투쟁, 비폭력평화물결, 빈민해방실천연대, 사단법인 녹색교통운동, 사단법인 통일문화, 사단법인 평화통일불교협회, 사단법인 한국인터넷기자협회, 사단법인 한국장애인인권포럼, 사단법인 한국회복적정의협회, 사드배치반대 김천시민대책위원회, 사월혁명회, 사천여성회, 사천진보연합, 사회적협동조합 빠띠, 산과자연의 친구 우이령사람들, 산청진보연합, 살맛나는민생실현연대, 상주시여성농민회, 새로운 100년을 여는 통일의병, 새로운 코리아 구상을 위한 연구원(코리아연구원), 새로하나, 새세상을여는천주교여성공동체, 새집씨패, 생명의숲, 생명평화교회, 생명평화연대, 생명평화포럼, 생태보전시민모임, 생태지평, 서귀포여성농민회, 서귀포여성회, 서비스연맹 마트노조 인부천본부, 서울대민주동문회, 서울대학생진보연합, 서울여성연대(준), 서울주권연대, 서울진보연대, 서울통일의길, 서울KYC(한국청년연합), 성골롬반외방선교회 평화사목국, 성골롬반외방선교회 JPIC, 성남여성회, 성미산학교, 성주군여성농민회, 세계평화여성연합, 소성리사드철회 성주주민대책위원회, 손석용열사추모사업회, 수원교구 공동선실현 사제연대, 수원일하는여성회, 수원KYC(한국청년연합), 순창군여성농민회, 순천시여성농민회, 시민사회단체연대회의, 시민평화포럼, 식민지역사박물관, 실천불교승가회, 아가페교회, 아래로부터 전북노동연대, 아시아의친구들, 아시아평화와역사교육연대,

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