Brandon Bryant, a former US-drone pilot, speaks at ECCHR in Berlin

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  1. How to hold accountable the faceless drivers of these “pilots”, who, it seems, are the real culprits.
    Are the heavily armed zombies known as “ISIL”, or “Daesch” counted as real people by the psychopaths driving this guy ? Probably not – but who cares, they are working well for them !!
    Or is it just people protecting their country who are not regarded as people by these psychopaths driving this guy ?.
    It certainly looks that way.
    So, ISIL are the latest footsoldiers of the US-cabal / Israeli war machine and very many Americans are painfully aware of this fact
    Where did the mortally wounded leader of ISIL go for hospital ? I believe it was Israel.
    And we all Know, by now, that it was Israel’s Mosaad which instigated the attacks on The World Trade Centre 9/11/01 – or “9/11”. Their Maxim being “War by Deception”.
    Wakey Wakey !!
    See (l?)
    Then maybe browse for
    “Rebuilding America’s defenses” –
    “Project for the New American Century” PNAC

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