Anti-War Billboards Go Up in New York State

World BEYOND War’s billboards project is expanding. A number of local groups in various locations, including in New York State, are partnering with us to jointly create new billboards. For example, this one is going up in Albany, NY, from April 30 to May 27 on Route 5 (Central Avenue), 500 feet west of Mather Road, and on Route 2, 500 feet east of Western Avenue:


(If your group wants to work with us, too, let us know. We’re able to create designs and obtain non-profit and bulk rates for billboard purchases.)

Meanwhile, having overcome the censorship that we’re still trying to overcome in Arkansas, these billboards are now up in Syracuse, NY, where drone pilots participate in U.S. wars from Hancock Air Base:

Here’s a truck that’s driving around Syracuse for 20 days:

Here’s one of several stationary billboards (photo by Ann Tiffany):

From April 2 to May 27 each image will be on two of the four stationary billboards located at 115 South State Street, 700 East Washington Street, 1430 Erie Boulevard East, and 1201-1208 South Salina at Raynor Street. Then, from May 28 to July 22, one image will be on two and the other on one of three billboards at 700 East Washington Street, 909 East Genesee Street, and 1758 Erie Boulevard East, in Syracuse.


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