Ann Wright

colonel_wright-510x340“As a 29 year veteran of the US Army/Army Reserves, retiring as a Colonel and having served as a U.S. diplomat for 16 years and resigning in 2003 in opposition to the Iraq war, I firmly believe war does not resolve political issues.  We must work diligently to force the governments of our nations to use diplomacy, not weapons.” —Ann Wright



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  1. War has no sense, the resources we spend with weaponry, is the food we take from a child.

    If war was a solution, now we were living in a paradise.

  2. Was it Gandhi who famously said, ” An eye for an eye leaves both sides blind”? No matter. Non-violent opoosition to war prep(including the military expansion right here at Pohakuloa TA on Hawai’I island)is the highest civic action anyone would be proud of.
    Peace, Aloha & Imua!

  3. As a bicyclist in Sam’s Ride for Peace for the second year, and a two-year supporter of Roger Ehrlich’s Swords-to-Plowshares portable Belltower, as well as having just met the submerged Peace Boat the Phoenix of Hiroshima while sailing the Golden Rule above where she lies awaiting the chance to rise again like the mythological Phoenix, I salute your courage which includes Peace Boat missions to Palestine.

    Many Missions, many paths to peace and justice.

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