Abolish War Campaign

fund education not occupationWe are developing a strategy to end all war and all preparedness for war and all armaments. Contact us with your ideas, projects, and campaigns.

Please do this: Find someone who believes that war cannot or should not be entirely ended. Ask them to read our responses to common arguments for war and our arguments for ending war, including our case for greater security without war. Let us know of any point on which the case we’ve made fails to persuade, and we’ll work to improve it.

Send this email to all your friends.

Volunteer to be a Country Coordinator.

There is much more that you can do, and the tools to do it with, in the Resource Center.

An outline of the strategy we are pursuing can be found in this Introduction to World Beyond War.

We believe this movement can best succeed, and other popular movements for positive change, can best succeed if all work together. We will be better able to protect the natural environment if we end war, and vice versa. We will be better able to create truly representative governments if we end war, and vice versa. And so on. Ending war is not the only important cause worth working on, but it is one of them and part of the array of changes needed to make life good and lasting.

At the bottom of this website you’ll find some current campaigns we are focused on supporting that move us in the direction of the abolition of war and the establishment of a sustainable and just peace.

We believe that the following types of steps are likely to help. You can let us know of others:

  • Education about war, peace, and nonviolent action — including all that is to be gained by ending war.
  • Improving access to accurate information about wars. Exposing falsehoods.
  • Improving access to information about successful steps away from war in other parts of the world, including through peace tourism.
  • Creating a coalition that supports good work in the direction of ending all war, all over the world.
  • Creating an easily recognizable and joinable mainstream international movement to end all war.
  • Increased understanding of partial steps as movement in the direction of eliminating, not reforming, war.
  • Partial disarmament. Elimination of offensive but not defensive weapons. Full disarmament.
  • Conversion or transition to peaceful industries. (PDF) and tools for transition.
  • Restraining and dismantling the Military Industrial Complex.
  • Base closures. Close, convert or donate foreign military bases.
  • Democratizing militaries and making them truly volunteer.
  • Ending current wars and occupations, and preventing particular new ones.
  • Bans on particular weapons or tactics.  Phase out nuclear and high tech weapons. A nuclear- or WMD-free Western Asia (Middle East) and/or other region.
  • Ban foreign weapons sales and gifts.
  • Advancing alternatives to war.
  • Promotion of diplomacy and international law, and consistent enforcement of laws against war, including prosecution of violators.  Reforming or replacing the U.N. and ICC.
  • Expansion of peace teams and human shields.
  • Promotion of nonmilitary foreign aid and crisis prevention.  A Global Rescue/Aid/Friendship/Marshall Plan.
  • Placing restrictions on military recruitment and providing potential soldiers with alternatives.
  • Thanking resisters for their service. (“War will exist until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige that the warrior does today.” —John Kennedy)
  • Thanking many people not engaged in war for their service.
  • Honoring deserters. (Here’s a project to honor peace makers.)
  • Replacing war culture with peace culture.
  • Drafting legislation to redirect war taxes into peace work. Resist paying war taxes.
  • Creating compliance with existing laws and treaties, including the Kellogg-Briand Pact.
  • Creating new non-aggression treaties between nations.
  • Abolish the CIA and other secret agencies.
  • Outlawing profiteering from war. Ban the use of mercenaries and private contractors by militaries.
  • Encouraging cultural exchange.
  • Discouraging racism and other forms of bigotry.
  • Discouraging and diminishing nationalism.
  • Developing less destructive and exploitative lifestyles.
  • The creation of a peace conversion taskforce to help communities make the transition from war making to meeting human and environmental needs.
  • Expanding the global nonviolent peaceforce of civilian, trained, international, nonviolent peacekeepers and peacemakers who will be available to protect civilians and local peace and human rights workers endangered by conflicts in all parts of the world and to help build peace where there is or has been violent conflict.
  • Expanding the use of public demonstrations and nonviolent civil resistance to enact all of the changes above.
  • We’re training people for nonviolent action. If you are a nonviolent action trainer please click here.
  • Creating Departments of Peacekeeping.
  • Creating a culture of peace, including peace gardens.

Follow this Road Map.

Resources with lots of useful information.

10 Responses

  1. Earth murder is the largest b-line
    to the corporate structure’s convolution’s notsee profits,
    extermination to extinction of humanity, the second, which includes
    Unending crusading blitzkrieging unnecessary global war,
    the largest polluter, stealing astronomically more of your tax dollars,
    vacuumed up by the military industrial complex to mostly
    republicans, like Senator McWho, who doesn’t need another 30
    mansions. reality

  2. The Virginia Slims’ slogan: You’ve come a long way baby!
    Yes, indeed – women now have as much lung cancer as men AND heart attacks equal to or worse than mens.

    Well we have come a long way baby again:
    We can kill and be killed with equal oblivion as men, not only in the US (police force) but in the Military across the world!

    Also, women now can be raped and violated in the US and in the Military across the world! Leslie J. Dagnall

  3. Virginia Slims’ Slogan: You’ve come a long way baby!
    We now have lung cancer equal to mens and heart attacks equal or worse than mens.

    Said of the Wars:
    We have a long way baby – we can kill and be killed with the same oblivion as men have!

    Wow! we’ve certainly come a long way. What’s next? Leslie J. Dagnall

  4. Please copy, bind, print, and circulate your exceptional PEACE ALMANAC, with further research on the “one-liners” and more promotional material to let people know it exists. It teaches often obscured history, heroes, change-makers, discredited risk takers, and reminds us every day of the “power of one” and the never-ending challenges of peace-making. Thank you all. David Connor, VT

  5. If we would look beyond their political religious masks and research deeper into the war organizations related to governments of the Global Dictatorship we would see they are mafia national usurping societies involved in all sectors of organized crime … wake up , the system was invented and established by their ancestors and has run down through closed eye generations of complacent dreamers

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