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Nobel Prize for Efforts to Ban Nukes Should Inspire Efforts to End all War

Eliminating the threat of nuclear weapons once and for all will require ending the threat of conventional war, too. By John Horgan, October 6, 2017, Scientific American. I hope that this year’s Nobel Peace Prize adds oomph to efforts to […]

Ngô Thanh Nhàn (red bandana) with Vietnamese Agent Orange victims at Folley Square, NY, June 18, 2007. (Image courtesy of the author)

Essay: Reflections on the American War

newsworks, October 4, 2017​. ​ My name is Ngô Thanh Nhàn, first name Nhàn. I was born in 1948 in Sàigòn. My life was affected by the war from an early age, with many relatives in the south Vietnamese army. […]

Is the Nobel Committee Finally Abiding by Nobel’s Will?

by David Swanson, October 6, 2017 The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded Friday to the International Campaign for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) — listen to my radio show with one of ICAN’s leaders two years ago here. It’s conceivable that some […]

Conference on U.S. Foreign Military Bases

Conference on U.S. Foreign Military Bases

Conference on U.S. Foreign Military Bases January 12-14, 2018 University of Baltimore Baltimore, Maryland Hosted By: Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Military Bases Thirteen prominent peace and justice organizations in the United States are collectively organizing a 3-day national conference on […]

I just won a TED Talks Open Mic — here’s my 4-minute talk

On Oct 2, 2017, 20 of us gave 4-minute TED talks in Charlottesville and I won, allowing me to give a TED talk at the upcoming November 3, 2017, event at Charlottesville’s Paramount Theater. This was my 4-minute talk on […]

The United States no longer immune ...

Fire and Violence from the Skies

The United States is no longer immune from the suffering the rest of the world endures …

What’s North Korea Afraid of?

What’s North Korea Afraid of?

By David Swanson, October 2, 2017, Let’s Try Democracy. “Peace” clubs in U.S. schools are likely to teach that a local bully is afraid and in need of help. They are much less likely to teach that about entities involved […]

Understanding the intersection of pro-environment and anti-war activism, with Richard Tucker, Gar Smith, and Dale Dewar. Moderator: Leah Bolger

Reclaim Armistice Day and Honor the Real Heroes

By Arnold Oliver How in heck did Armistice Day become Veterans Day? Established by Congress in 1926 to “perpetuate peace through good will and mutual understanding between nations, (and later) a day dedicated to the cause of world peace,” Armistice […]

Even a small-scale nuclear war involving 100 Hiroshima-sized nuclear bombs would lead to "nuclear winter" and likely human extinction.

Why is Canada boycotting United Nations talks to ban the bomb?

Short answer: the U.S. and NATO believe nuclear war is not only winnable, but can be fought like conventional war by Judith Deutsch, June 14, 2017, NOW reposted World Beyond War October 1, 2017. The public must now struggle not […]

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