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Hiroshima Haunting

By David Swanson Remarks at Hiroshima-Nagasaki Commemoration at Peace Garden at Lake Harriet, Minneapolis, Minn., Aug. 6, 2017 Thank you for inviting me to speak here. I’m grateful and honored, but it is not an easy task. I’ve spoken on […]

Law vs. War: Scott Shapiro and David Swanson on Kellogg-Briand

Ending the Nuclear Nightmare

You Cannot Begin a Crime in Good Faith

By David Swanson Remarks at Democracy Convention in Minneapolis on Aug. 5, 2017 This morning we handed out flyers on Kellogg Boulevard in St. Paul. We encountered very few who knew why it is called that. Frank Kellogg was a […]

Getting to Peace Through Local Governments

By David Swanson Remarks at the Democracy Convention, Minneapolis, Minn., August 5, 2017. A school board member in Virginia once agreed to support creating a celebration of the International Day of Peace but said he would do so only as […]

Ghulam at his study desk in Kabul, calling to make sure his family members were well, in the minutes following a bomb blast nearby

How life got intolerable for Ghulam’s mother and his Afghan family

By Dr Hakim, August 5, 2017, Our Journey to Smile. Ali, Zekerullah, Khamad and I miss Ghulam and his family. We feel sad that life in Afghanistan had finally become too burdensome for them. They are now Afghan refugees in […]

Western Wars Fuel the Cycle of Bloodshed

Morning Star editorial. “I WANT to find out why we’ve been there for 17 years,” US President Donald Trump reportedly raged following news of more murder and mayhem in Afghanistan. “We aren’t winning. We are losing.” The trigger-happy president in […]

South Vietnamese troops fly over the Mekong Delta, 1963. Photograph: Rene Burri

America’s amnesia

By Thomas A. Bass, August 4, 2017, MekongReview. Everything wrong with the new ten-part PBS documentary on the Vietnam War is apparent in the first five minutes. A voice from nowhere intones about a war “begun in good faith” that […]

Prosecuting Famine Creation

By David Swanson Remarks at the Democracy Convention, Minneapolis, Minn., August 4, 2017 I was asked to speak about prosecuting weapons dealers and war makers with a focus on Saudi Arabia. There are, I think, many ways that one could […]

“The Captain” (A Short Story Against War)

“The Captain” (A Short Story Against War) by Irat R. Feiskhanov We found the captain in his room.  He had left us a little poem: I can stare a thousand yards And I don’t smell so good; There’s something that […]

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