World Leaders and Intellectuals Sign ‘Declaration on Gaza Genocide’

By Middle East Eye, December 24, 2023

At least 115 world leaders and intellectuals have signed a ‘declaration on genocide’ calling for an immediate ceasefire.

The declaration states that Israel has ignored worldwide protests and pleas for a permanent ceasefire, instead worsening the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, forcing the medical system to fail and for people to starve.

The letter states: “Under these circumstances, this Declaration calls not only for the denunciation of Israel’s genocidal assault but also for taking effective action to permanently prevent its repetition.

“We come together due to the urgency of the moment, which obliges global intellectuals to stand against the ongoing horrific ordeal of the Palestinian people and, most of all, to implore action by those who have the power, and hence the responsibility, to do so.”

Some of the signatories of the declaration include Turkey’s former prime minister Ahmet Davutoglu, Javad Zarif, the former foreign minister of Iran; the former presidents of Tunisia and Malaysia; Amr Moussa, the former secretary general of the Arab League; Chris Hedges, the former Middle East bureau chief for The New York Times, and Palestinian novelist Susan Abulhawa.

Other prominent people have also signed the declaration, including the Palestinian American activist and professor Noura Erakat, and Victoria Brittain, the former associate foreign editor of the Guardian.

7 Responses

  1. Israel wants to obliterate Hamas. Hamas wants to kill every Jew. What else is new? It’s absolutely heart-breaking what’s going on now. Thought Hamas started this, Netanyahu MUST be overtaken, as his focus on obliterating Hanas has to stop. Over 20,000 Palestinians have died already due to Israel’s bombs and drones. Come on, we’re all human! We all want to live. The killing Must stop!

  2. Genocide is Evil.

    Zionists are Fascist Racist Cretins.

    World bought into Zionist Victimhood and Propaganda.

    Pure Evil.

  3. Palestinians did not welcome people for them to kick them out of their own land. Thankfully, so many Jews understand how horrifying the treatment of the Palestinians is, not just in Gaza but also the West Bank. This war actually has got nothing to do with any religion but is more political in nature where the West wants to control the Middle East. The story being told of the “the promised land” based on a holy book, which forms the basis of the entire argument completely ignores the fact, that the same holy book forbids Jews to take any land forcibly. Which is exactly what’s happening. How do you respect one sentence of your holy book and ignore everything else? And how did they decide where Israel is? And why was Palestine promised to the Jews way before the Holocaust. It’s a web of lies and innocent people are paying a heavy price for the greed of the sick people running this world. Hamas has mentioned so many times that they aren’t against Jews and that in fact Muslims, Jews and Christians have all co-existed in Palestine peacefully. This isn’t about religion. It’s about freedom. Not for pedophiles and criminals which is what Israel wants. But freedom of the civilians who are living peacefully. You keep attacking them, you have to expect resistance. It’s always been like that. Anybody who says otherwise, please think for a second what would you do if someone comes to your home, kills your family and destroys your home? Would you sit there peacefully and do nothing? I stand with Palestine and the end of this genocide. They have every right to defend themselves.

  4. Stop the Genocide of people of Gaza.. 1.9 million are being displaced to the borders of Gaza to egypt borders. Isreal is ethnic cleansing the land of Gaza to occupy more land of Palestine 🇵🇸. 25000 innocent civilians are killed and slaughtered in 90 days. 10000+ children are killed in Gaza. Carpet bombing of houses and civilian buildings to destroy gaza. Stop the Genocide. Isreal want to kill as much as possible of humans in Gaza. Stip the collective punishment to people of gaza. They are starving no water no food no electricity. Stop the Genocide.

  5. Stop the genocide in Gaza. Stop murdering people in the was bank. End apartheid and lift the siege. CEASEFIRE NOW! FREE PALESTINE. Convict Israel of War crimes and every country that sent them aid.

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