World Beyond War Supports Iran Deal

By World BEYOND War, July 16, 2024

World Beyond War has advocated for diplomacy, not war, between the United States and Iran.

World Beyond War Director David Swanson said on Tuesday: “For the United States to sit and talk and come to an agreement with a nation it has been antagonizing and demonizing since the dictator it installed in 1953 was overthrown in 1979 is historic and, I hope, precedent setting. Four months ago the Washington Post printed an op-ed headlined ‘War With Iran Is Probably Our Best Option.’ It wasn’t. Defenders of war present war as a last resort, but when other options are tried the result is never war. We should carry this lesson over to several other parts of the world.”

World Beyond War Executive Committee Member Patrick Hiller, said, “The Iran Nuclear Deal is an important step where political leaders have recognized what peace and conflict researchers long have proven to be true: we are more secure through diplomacy and negotiated agreements, because they are superior to military intervention and war in achieving the stated outcomes for all parties.”

Swanson added, “The time has come to remove the ‘missile defense’ weaponry from Europe that was put there under the false pretense of protecting Europe from Iran. With that justification gone, U.S. aggression toward Russia will become damagingly apparent if this step is not taken. And the time has come for the nations that actually have nuclear weapons to join and/or comply with the nonproliferation treaty, which Iran was never actually in violation of.”

Added World Beyond War Executive Committee Member Joe Scarry, “People must, in large numbers, send a clear message to their representatives that they want this agreement implemented, and they want this model of peaceful resolution of conflicts to replace the resort to militarism and violence.”

World Beyond War is a global nonviolent movement to end war and establish a just and sustainable peace.


9 Responses

  1. stop the warmongers and defense contractors!!!!! and let netanyahu know that he does not control american foreign policy!!!!!

    1. ” war is not the answer” MLK The Iran-P5+1 is an enormous achievement of diplomacy and peaceful solutions, and International Atomic Energy Agency has confirmed that has complyed with all their demands. IAEA consitenly says that Iran accepted all the demands and commitments and agree with their requierements that were in the negotiation table. Even Zionists scientific as Isaac Ben Israel, and Ariel Levite have been recogninz the benefit of the agreement for Israel..

  2. I agree with your comments that we have to avoid war which brings out the worse in us as well as some good qualities which have made us not see the whole picture.

  3. War only produces more human beings killed and destroyed.War only produces more wars and terrible results, see Irak, Libya and Syria.

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