World BEYOND War Is Supporting Peace Camp at U. of Wisconsin

By Madison for a World BEYOND War, May 2, 2024

Madison for a World BEYOND War has been very actively supporting the students’ Popular University for Gaza, asking UW-Madison to disclose investments and divest from investments in Israel.  The students are doing a superb job and have created a thriving, peaceful, effective community there.  Their leaders had a good negotiation with the chancellor this morning.  Find lots of details on their teach-ins, demands, etc here.

We’ve been out every day at the encampment at Library Mall, sometimes all day, with banners, signs, flyers and wearing our WBW shirts.  We’re getting to know more students each day.  A lot of students are interested in war abolition, and striking up conversation with us.  We issued a press release and letters to elected officials supporting the encampment.  With the blessing of the encampment media team leader, our young spokesperson Phil Trachtenberg did interviews for 3 stations expressing our WBW support.

Our first WBW undergrad intern at UW has finished up a strong semester working with us.  Working just 5 – 10 hours a week, she has done a marvelous job and completed lots of groundwork.  We’ve created a plan for activities on campus this summer and fall.  The ecumenical center on campus is providing us space, and we’ve received many applications from students who want to work doing campus antiwar organizing with us this summer and fall.

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