WBW News & Action: New Martin Sheen Video for World BEYOND War

Martin Sheen in New Video on Two Gravest Dangers
Martin Sheen has just released a powerful new 11-minute video outlining the two biggest dangers the world faces. Do you think you know what they are? Here’s a great explanation you can share with others. The video is available on the website of World BEYOND War here, and on Youtube, and Facebook, and Twitter. It can be embedded on any website.

The Online Course Begins Today, January 13th
This course on ending war does not involve scheduled live events. It can be done on your own schedule. It starts today. Learn more and sign up.

You Can Now Register for the Annual Global World BEYOND War Conference
We’re converging on Ottawa this May 26-31 for #NoWar2020 to say NO to CANSEC, Canada’s biggest annual weapons expo. Register for our 5th annual global conference. #CancelCANSEC

Dress for Peace
There are lots of styles, colors, and sizes. Check out all the shirts, including “Don’t Iraq Iran,” and “I’m Already Against the Next War.”

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