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By World BEYOND War, May 1, 2023

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To end all wars, close all bases.

We are now accepting nominations for War Abolisher of 2023.

Join the online course on Leaving WWII Behind.

We are planning a second-annual 24-hour peacewave on July 8-9, 2023. Propose an event to include, or sign up to watch.

Learn about and register for this book club:
Standin’ in a Hard Rain

Juan Pablo Lazo Ureta smiles, sitting in front of a wooden wall with a guitar and 2 drums hanging from it.

Volunteer Spotlight: Juan Pablo Lazo Ureta

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Upcoming events list.

May 9 in Washington: Nonviolent Journalism

May 19 in Hiroshima: Stand for Peace During G7

May 31 in Ottawa: Protest CANSEC


May 3: Jeffrey Sachs

May 4: Vietnam to Ukraine

May 5: Pacific War Games

May 7: Warheads to Windmills

May 11: Illinois Chapter

May 18: Uniting for Peace

Reimagining Peace & Security in Latin America and the Caribbean Webinar Series

Webinar Series on Latin America.


Latin America: Demilitarizing Security

All past webinar videos.

News from Around the World:

Buried Giants in Japan: A Talk With Joseph Essertier

Global Peace Education Events Held

World BEYOND War Capítulo Biorregión Aconcagua Planta un Polo de Paz

Student Delegation in Manitoba Asks for City of Steinbach Council’s Support in Abolishing Nuclear Weapons

Peace Talks Announced Between Ethiopian Government and Oromo Liberation Army

A Video Discussion of Oromia with WBW’s Executive Director

Urgent Letter on Ukraine to World Presidents

Ending War and Restoring Democracy in Sudan

An Active, Growing, and Succeeding Movement to Abolish the Monroe Doctrine

State of the Anti-War Movement With Greta Zarro and Ana Milosavljevic

Biased Argument Against Swiss Neutrality

The Deadly Things We Do Not See

Messing with the Merchants of Death in Syracuse, New York

Peace Activists Protest on Earth Day at Pentagon’s Largest Gas Station

New Hope for Democracy in Canada / Un nouvel espoir pour la démocratie

Talk World Radio: Nuclear Nincompoopery Needs Nullification Now

Having Enemies Is a Choice

Treaty Law Enforcer Endures Prison, While U.S. Nuclear Bombs in Europe Give Putin an Idea

It’s High Time the U.S. Signed a Peace Treaty with North Korea

David Swanson and David Gibbs Talking War and Peace on the Santita Jackson Show

War Is A Religion

How the NZ Cabinet Learned to Stop Worrying About the Bomb and Love NATO

European Bureau for Conscientious Objection Denounces Ukraine’s Suspension of Human Right to Conscientiously Object

Let’s Take Peace in Our Hands!

What If There Were No Nations

Calling for the Immediate Abolition of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s Controversial Community-Industry Response Group (C-IRG)

Leaks Reveal Reality Behind U.S. Propaganda in Ukraine

Open Letter on AUKUS to Prime Minister of New Zealand

Talk World Radio: Margaret Kimberley on a Zone of Peace

Militarism NATO and Ukraine | Geopolitics Exploring Myths and Realities | David Swanson

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