WBW News & Action: A Hard Rain

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Learn about and register for this book club:
Standin’ in a Hard Rain

This is urgent. World BEYOND War is working with a large coalition on this effort. Please add your name to the petition for peace in Ukraine!

We are planning a second-annual 24-hour peacewave on July 8-9, 2023. This is a 24-hour-long Zoom featuring live peace actions in the streets and squares of the world, moving around the globe with the sun. Propose an event to include, or sign up to watch.

Has WWII done more damage since it ended than during the war? What damage is it doing now and how can it be stopped? Join the online course on Leaving WWII Behind.

Meet our new Latin America Organizer, Gabriel Aguirre! We now have eight staff people!



World BEYOND War is a global network of volunteers, chapters, and affiliated organizations advocating for the abolition of the institution of war.
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