8 Arrested at the Nevada National “Security” Site

By Nevada Desert Experience, April 8, 2023

On Good Friday, April 7, 2023 , 8 concerned citizens were arrested and cited for trespass at the Nevada National “Security” Site insisting on nuclear weapons abolition.   On April 10, 2023 Brian Terrell and John Amidon will  appear in Beatty Justice Court for trespass citations from October 2022.

The NDE Sacred Peace Walk  engaged the Department of Energy and the Nye County Sheriff’s department in  dialogue and civil resistance.  Jacques Linder, Philadelphia, PA, Richard Bishop, Missoula, MT, Sylver Pondolfino, Staten Island, NY, Tessa Epstein, Salt Lake City, Utah, Mark Babson, Salem, Oregon, George Killingsworth,  Berkeley, CA, Theo Kayser, St. Louis, MO, Catherine Hourcade, Stockton, CA were arrested,  cited for trespass and released at the NNSS.

Mark Babson said “I felt the arresting officers were listening to us. It is so vital we continue this work because we have the ability to make a significant choice that will effect the survival of our species and that of other living beings.”

Brian Terrell and John Amidon  will appear in Beatty Justice Court, Monday morning for previous trespass citations at the NNSS from last October, 2022. Both have pleaded not guilty as both had permission and land use permits from the Western Shoshone National Council, the legal owners  of this land.

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