Washington DC Bus Stops to Say “Stop Sending Weapons to Israel”

By World BEYOND War, April 12, 2024

The above image will be 7 feet tall on 8 different bus stops in downtown Washington, D.C., for a month begining May 6th. These are the locations:

K and 20th Streets NW
K and 16th Streets NW
K and 14th Streets NW
K and 13th Streets NW
H and 11th Streets NW
H and 7th Streets NW
E and 7th Streets NW
H and North Capitol Streets NE

Here the locations are on a map with the White House in the middle left, the train station at the far right, and the Capitol grounds at bottom right:


This is what the bus stops look like:

World BEYOND War has put a great deal of effort into both raising funds and pressing companies to allow so-called “political” or “advocacy” advertising — meaning anything that’s not selling toasters or cars or fighter jets.

We’ve also developed a guide that we will be using on making the most of billboards and other big advertising.

To learn about or donate to our billboard campaign, please go to https://worldbeyondwar.org/billboardsproject



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  1. Israel does not deserve unconditional support from the West to kill babies, children, and women.

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