War Endangers Us (resources)

nearmissVideo and Audio:

Rooj Alwazir on Talk Nation Radio

Alice Slater on Talk Nation Radio

Bruce Gagnon on Talk Nation Radio


U.S. Military Operations Are Biggest Motivation for Homegrown Terrorists, FBI Study Finds

U.S. Drone Program Proves Counterproductive on Own Terms

Even the Warriors Say the Wars Make Us Less Safe by Fred Branfman

UNDP: Journey of young Africans into violent extremism marked by poverty and deprivation

What I Discovered From Interviewing Imprisoned ISIS Fighters

What’s Worse Than a Nuclear War? by Kent Shifferd

Nuclear Catastrophe: Excerpt from “War Is A Lie” by David Swanson

The Arms Race Goes Hypersonic

Public Health Experts Identify Militarism as Threat


Dirty Wars: The World Is a Battlefield by Jeremy Scahill

Apocalypse Never: Forging the Path to a Nuclear Weapon-Free World by Tad Daley

Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the Illusion of Safety by Eric Schlosser

War Is A Lie by David Swanson

War No More: The Case for Abolition by David Swanson

Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire by Chalmers Johnson

The Sorrows of Empire: Militarism, Secrecy, and the End of the Republic by Chalmers Johnson

Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic by Chalmers Johnson

Dismantling the Empire: America’s Last Best Hope by Chalmers Johnson

The Military Industrial Complex at 50, edited by David Swanson

Nuclear War by Raymond Wilson

War Endangers Us:



More reasons to end war.

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