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SAVE THE DATES: Friday evening, May 1 and all-day Saturday, May 2

Telling the Truth, Learning the Lessons

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The Pentagon has a ten-year plan (funded by a $60 million appropriation from Congress) to use the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War as an opportunity to re-write the history of the war. Some of us have gotten together to push back, as reported in a front page article in the NY Times in October. We have to build a strong and sustained effort to tell the truth about the war, the role of the anti-
war movement in ending it, the war’s lessons for today and the war’s consequences for the Vietnamese, Laotians and Cambodians, as well as many American veterans. May 2nd is the kick-off for this effort.

All of us who opposed the Vietnam War and more recent ones, plus speakers including major leaders from the anti-Vietnam War movement.

A full day of talks, workshops and a march on Saturday, plus cultural events on Friday and  Saturday evenings.

New York Avenue Presbyterian Church
1313 New York Avenue, NW
Washington, DC

For more information, contact Terry Provance at 202.686.7483 and or Barbara Helmick at 202.462.6702 and

To make a contribution, please make your check out to our 501c3 fiscal sponsor, the Center for International Policy, 2000 M Street NW,  Suite 720, Washington DC 20036. Please note that the contribution is for the Vietnam Peace Commemoration project. Thank you.

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  1. I am a combat vet of the Vietnam War and am outraged at what the DOD and other elements of our Government are trying to do with my abduction with threat of 5 years prison into their corrupt cult of killing in Vietnam in 1968. And I believe that president Obama is signing off on this propagada. This has to be stopped and neutralized.

  2. Thanks Tim. The work of veterans in saying NO! to more war-making is so crucial to the work that we are all trying to do. Special shout-out to everyone who works so tirelessly with Veterans For Peace (VFP) . We have a section of “A Global Security System: An Alternative to War” dealing with “Educating the Many and the Decision and Opinion Makers” — and I think we probably need to put a much greater emphasis there on the testimony of veterans and counter-recruitment work with young people.

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