Stop the War welcomes government pulling back from bombing Syria

The government is pulling back from efforts to push for the bombing of Syria. The voices calling for war have been marginalised. Congratulations to the thousands of people who have lobbied their MPs, petitioned and leafleted against the war. We should stay vigilant and mobilised and keep promoting the arguments against bombing, but once again we have had a real impact. See: Seven reasons why Stop the War says no to UK military intervention in Syria.

Stop the War issued the following press release today:

Stop the War welcomes reports that the government has dropped plans to push for a vote to bomb Syria. Government efforts to convince a significant number of Labour MPs to vote for war and against Labour policy agreed at its conference appear to have failed. Meanwhile, the Commons foreign affairs select committee has expressed strong doubts about the plans.

As in 2013, when parliament voted against war, MPs have recognised the absurdity of the idea of humanitarian bombing. They have listened to the arguments and opinions of the many people in this country who are against Britain going to war in yet another country in the Middle East.

In the last few weeks thousands of people have lobbied their MPs against war. There have been meetings, leafleting and petitioning against intervention including a packed meeting in parliament last night addressed by MPs from the Labour Party, the Green Party, the SNP and the Conservative Party.

Anti-war opinion in Britain has once again made its mark. The Stop the War Coalition will stay mobilised against attempts to take us into more disastrous foreign wars.

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