Statement of Support from World Beyond War: Free Diego Garcia

World Beyond War, a global nonviolent movement to end war and establish a just and sustainable peace, offers our solidarity and any support we can provide to LALIT and those working for the closure of the military base on Diego Garcia. We are committed to helping spread awareness, inlcuding in the United States and the United Kingdom, of the shameful violent removal 50 years ago of the entire population of this once beautiful island. All Chagossians should have the right to return to an island liberated from the U.S. and British instruments of mass murder that have occupied it. They should have an apology, reparations, and a commitment by the nations leading the destruction of the earth’s climate to reverse course and shift from global domination by force to global salvation through investment in environmentally sustainable practices. We invite those individuals and organizations working on this issue to sign our pledge to work together to abolish the institution of war.

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