Soldiers Hugging Mural Now on Billboard in Washington DC

By World BEYOND War, September 25, 2022

A famous image of a Russian and a Ukrainian soldier hugging each other can be seen below on a mobile billboard in Washington, D.C. — thanks to DC Mobile Ads.

For background on this story, see:

Veterans For Peace and World BEYOND War Promote Image of Soldiers Hugging

New T-Shirts: Soldiers Hugging

Hugging Soldiers Yard Signs, Billboards, and Graphics

World BEYOND War Volunteers to Reproduce “Offensive” Peace Mural

In Australia a Mural for Peace Deeply Offends People Suffering War Fever

To help fund more billboards, murals, illuminations, and signs, click here.

Here are some key DC locations:

U.S. Capitol

White House

Russian Embassy

Ukrainian Embassy

Raytheon Headquarters

Washington Monument

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