Press Release: Calls for Peaceful Response to Zelensky Parliamentary Address

By Matt Robson and Liz Remmerswaal, World BEYOND War New Zealand/Aotearoa, December 12, 2022

A national peace group is calling for the New Zealand Parliament to foster peace making when Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addresses them this Wednesday.

World BEYOND War Aotearoa spokesperson Liz Remmerswaal says there are concerns that New Zealand will be pressured into escalating the war and adding to the billions of dollars of weapons pouring into Ukraine, which will not solve the problem.

“We have concerns that Prime Minister Ardern is not fostering dialogue and peace in Ukraine by allowing a one-sided and provocative Zelensky address to Parliament this Wednesday,” says Mrs Remmerswaal.

“When world leaders such as Presidents Macron and Lula as well as the UN General Secretary are calling for genuine dialogue, such an address is unhelpful to say the least.”

This is echoed by a former Minister of Disarmament Matt Robson.

“The tragedy of this war will not be solved by ignoring the security interests of all sides- Russia, the Kiev government, the Donbas republics and the European Union – and plunging ahead with expanding the conflict,” he says.

“It is not an ‘unprovoked ‘ war as the PM has claimed but one that has been in NATO planning for many years.”

“Instead of joining the ever expanding NATO nuclear alliance the NZ Parliament should initiate an informed debate on the conflict and return New Zealand to the independent foreign policy that was developed under Helen Clark’s government,” says Mr Robson, who served as a minister in the Helen Clark government.

Matt Robson:
Liz Remmerswaal:

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