Portugal, August 1-10


“We must use all available options,
which have been given to us,
to end the global suffering.”
Dieter DuhmThe future is always present. The caterpillar contains the information of the butterfly. Behind the global violence, the dream of a new Earth develops.

With this perspective we are able to look into the insanity of our epoch, which has reached its climax. Every day uncountable human beings, animals and biotopes die in order to maintain a system from which ever fewer people profit. Big parts of the Earth are systematically destabilized. Many of the current wars serve – exactly as in the establishment of world spanning “free trade zones” – the extension of capitalist power in the direction of a totalitarian world order. Humanity is heading toward a global catastrophe.
We are facing the decision: Planetary collapse or comprehensive system change?

What we now need is engaged women and men to join powers for the development of concrete perspectives and corresponding strategies for their distribution. It is no longer possible to bear witness to the worldwide atrocities without working on a convincing alternative.
We invite activists, decision-makers, journalists, investors, musicians, artists and researchers from all over the world to the Summer University in Tamera. We especially invite all participants of the worldwide Terra Nova School to meet here, connect with each other and strengthen themselves. We invite you to co-create a global alliance for a future without war.

The ten-day Summer University is an intense community experience and a space for strategic planning and creative work. In a variety of different groups, we want to develop answers to the following questions:

  • How could a new awakening movement carry through despite the overpowering systems of violence?
  • How do we direct money flow into the implementation of new models for the future?
  • How do we spread new information? How do we use media and the Internet?
  • What role does music, art and theater play in this?
  • What are the ethical guidelines needed for a humane revolution?
  • How does a worldwide network of model and education centers for a new culture arise?
  • How do we create trust and healing in love?

The Summer University is hosted by the Healing Biotope I Tamera in southern Portugal. Approximately 160 people research and work here on a comprehensive life model for a future without war. All Summer University guests are invited to get to know this research experiment in its different aspects.

The dream of a new Earth already germinates in many places around the globe, in the most diverse projects and initiatives. Nothing will be able to stop the powers of renewal if we recognize the common dream beyond all difference. The system change is already underway if we cooperate with each other in the right manner.

We are looking forward to your participation.


Seminar fee: a common spiritual economic experiment (see below)

Price for accommodation and food: 20,- Euro per Day

Price for Portuguese People: 15,- Euro per Day

Youth Price: 15,- Euro per Day

Accommodation: dormitories or large shared tents. An apartment in the Guest House can be booked at an additional cost.

Food: vegan full board

Arrival and departure: On the day before / after the seminar.

Registration: office(at)tamera.org or +351 – 283 635 306


Instead of paying a regular “event fee” we invite you to participate in our current spiritual experiment of redirecting money into models for the future. Our suggestion is that each participant tries to acquire a minimum amount of 1000€ in addition to the 20€ day rate. Please take a moment to read this, and join in.Just as Greenpeace has to be financed by donations, building functioning peace models needs broad financial support. For this purpose we currently launch a big action. We invite sponsors and people from the financial world to no longer invest money in an outdated economic system, but in the implementation of a profound future perspective – in the development of Tamera and the Healing Biotopes Project. There are many people in this world today who do not know where they can put their money and are searching for meaningful ways to invest in a decent future perspective. We ask all of you to participate in this big fundraising experiment.

We want our International Summer University to become a planetary meeting place for peace workers and to use the event, in the spirit of this money campaign, for a common spiritual experiment. With your contribution you will cover operating costs of Tamera and help to support three of our operations & projects that currently require financial support. For more details on how the 1000€ will be used, please check the Summer University event description on the Tamera website: www.tamera.org.

By participating in this experiment all together, we build a common power field of success. We invite you to become active in seducing money flows in the process.

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Institute for Global Peace Work (IGP)
Tamera Peace Research Center
Monte do Cerro, P-7630-303 Colos, Portugal
Phone: +351-283 635 484, Fax: – 374

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