Peace by Peaceful Means. Ceasefire and Negotiations Now!

Resolution Passed by the June 10-11 Peace Summit in Vienna, World BEYOND War, June 12, 2023

We, the organizers of the International Summit for Peace in Ukraine, call on leaders in all countries to act in support of an immediate ceasefire and negotiations to end the war in Ukraine. We are a broad and politically diverse coalition that represents peace movements and civil society, including people of faith in many countries. We are firmly united in our belief that war is a crime against humanity and there is no military solution to the current crisis.

We are deeply alarmed and saddened by the war. Hundreds of thousands have been killed and wounded and millions have been displaced and traumatized. Cities and villages across Ukraine and the natural environment have been shattered. Far greater death and suffering may yet ensue if the conflict escalates to the use of nuclear
weapons, a risk that is higher today than at any point since the Cuban missile crisis.

We condemn Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.The institutions established to ensure peace and security in Europe fell short, and the failure of diplomacy led to war. Now diplomacy is urgently needed to end the war before it destroys Ukraine and endangers humanity. The path to peace must be based on the principles of common security, respect for international human rights and self determination of all communities.

We support all negotiations that stand for the logic of peace instead of the illogic of war. We affirm our support for Ukrainian civil society who are defending their rights. We commit ourselves to strengthening the dialogue with those in Russia and Belarus who are putting their lives at risk opposing war and protecting democracy.

We call on civil society in all countries to join us in a week of global mobilization (Saturday 30th September – Sunday 8th October 2023) for an immediate ceasefire and
peace negotiations to end this war.

Vienna, June 11th 2023

7 Responses

  1. Russia leaves, war is over, Russia stays, Ukraine is over. INGSOC cannot change this just as it could not change “we hold these truths to be self evident”.

  2. War is Terrorism against humanity and against our Sacred Mother Earth!
    End all War!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The people of both Russia and Ukraine will have a chance for better health care, better jobs, better education and better mental health when the fighting stops. Continued fighting achieves none of this. I strongly urge a cease fire, and protections for each country to prevent further outbreaks of violence.

  4. War is not a solution.
    War is anti-human activity.
    War is destructive.
    War is cruelty.
    War is suppressing others.
    War is against human rights.
    War is inequality.
    War is worst.
    War is a source of problems not just for the present generation but also for the future.
    War is against environmental dimensions.
    War is the loss of the human race.
    War is the loss of people’s heritage.
    War is the loss of civilization.
    War is against the principles of UN and sustainable development principles.
    War is deception. War is a threat to society.
    War is animality.
    War is “CANNIBALISM “.
    Above all, War is the extinction of the human race and humanity.War is worst.

    1. I totally agree with your evaluation of war as the worst event in the world, inexcusable, inhuman, and the cause of the extinction of humanity and all living on earth. Having lived through WWII in Germany I know what it does to the innocent women and children….

  5. There are no winners and losers in war. Those who claim to win are also damaged, sometimes irretrievably, by war itself. War dehumanizes everyone, even those who are not engaged in combat. Surely we have come far enough as privileged members of this planet to know in our hearts that the only way forward is together, despite what we think of as our differences, which at the end of the day, are mostly petty and superficial. We do not need enemies, but we persist in creating them. Enemies are mirages, mirages of our inner demons. We create them out of insecurity and a desire for power over others.

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