Nuclear Japan Turns to War, Gets No Iran Treatment

Mr. ABE Shinzo, President, Liberal Democratic Party
Mr. YAMAGUCHI Natsuo, Chief Representative, Komeito

We Resolutely Protest against the Government Outrage of Ramming “War Legislation” through the Lower House Special Committee

Today, the Liberal Democrat Party and Komeito ruling coalition steamrolled the “War Legislation” (the security-related bills) through the Special Committee of the House of Representatives.  We strongly protest against this outrage.

More than half of the Japanese people are voicing their strong opposition to the bills, while overwhelming majority of them are calling for careful deliberations at the Diet.  The forced adoption of the bills, notwithstanding, is a blatant act of infringement of democracy.

Giving priority to his pledge made before the Joint Session of the U.S. Congress to “Enact all necessary bills by this coming summer”, Prime Minister Abe has consistently ignored the voices of the people, showing his obsessed determination to pass the bills.  However, through the debates in the Diet during these weeks, it has been clearly demonstrated that the bills are unconstitutional, which would drag Japan into wars by allowing Japan to participate in the U.S. use of force, whether or not there is armed attack against Japan.  We must not let Japan take the path to war by all means.

Unconstitutional bills must be retracted and scrapped immediately.  We strongly demand that the Abe Cabinet and the LDP-Komeito ruling coalition to cancel bringing the bills up in the Plenary Session of the House of Representatives and promptly withdraw and abandon them.

July 15, 2015
Japan Council against A and H Bombs (Gensuikyo)

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