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All events Friday, Sept. 23, and Saturday Sept. 24, and some events Sunday Sept. 25, will be in the Founders Room at the American University School of International Service. The official (if a bit misleading) address is:
American University School of International Service
4400 Massachusetts Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20016

Here is a map of the general area (PDF). Here is a map of the main campus of American University (PDF). Here is a map showing restaurants and coffee shops (PDF) — but there is a coffee shop right in the School of International Service building and not indicated on that map.

Below is an image from google earth. Massachusetts Ave runs from NW to SE in the upper right, through Ward Circle. Nebraska Ave runs from SW in the bottom middle of the image NE through Ward Circle. The main campus of AU is to the left of Nebraska Ave. The SIS building has the skylights on top, next to Nebraska Ave and at the SE corner of the campus. It has a parking garage underneath, with a small entrance just off of Nebraska Ave. (That parking is free on Saturdays and Sundays but pricey on Fridays. See below.)


This is what the SIS building looks like from ground level, as viewed from campus: American University School of International Service By William McDonough & Partners-02

In the front right with the umbrellas is a coffee shop. The main entrance is a bit to the left with the tall glass front.

Here’s a view that shows the main entrance in the distance from inside the building: American-University-School-7

Those big steps with people sitting on them are the reason that we have a greater seating capacity on Saturday and Sunday, but not on Friday. We can project sound to those steps from the Founders Room, which is behind a glass wall at the bottom of the steps. We cannot do so on Friday at least untill evening when classes in the building are over.

Here is a view of the Founders Room as seen from inside it, roughly the perspective of a presenter looking at the chairs of participants in the conference:


Some of Sunday’s events will be at the Kay Center, which is also indicated in the image above.

Metro Train and AU Shuttle Bus:
American University’s campus is located off of the Metro’s RED LINE. If you are using the metro for transportation, take the Red Line to the Tenleytown/AU metro stop. When exiting the metro station, use the escalators on your left. As you exit on street level, there will be a Panera Bread on your left side. Continue to walk straight ahead, past the Sears building, then turn towards your left and there will be a bus stop for  American University’s free shuttle. Take the BLUE ROUTE shuttle bus to the second stop, which will bring you to the main campus, just behind the Ward Circle Building. Exit to your left and walk to the end of the block to reach the School of International Service building. Or you can walk from the Metro and skip the shuttle. Here is a map of the general area (PDF).

Metro Bus:
Washington DC offers many bus routes that service the majority of the metro area. American University is located off of the Massachusetts Avenue Line, with direct stops at the campus on the N2, N2, and N6 busses. Here is a map of the general area (PDF).

Parking is available on the American University campus in several locations. There are three main parking garages: one underneath the School of International Service (SIS), one underneath the Katzen Arts Center, and one attached to the Bender Sports Arena. Parking at American University is free on the weekends and after 5:00 p.m. on weekdays. For those who will be parking on campus during weekday business hours, there are pay by the hour spaces in the Katzen and SIS garages. The weekday parking rates are $2 a hour. (Situation is subject to possible change due to construction on American University’s campus.) Here is a map with parking (PDF).


From northeast of Washington (New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore)
Follow I-95 south to I-495 west toward Silver Spring. (See “From I-495” below).

From northwest of Washington (western Pennsylvania, western Maryland)
Follow I-270 south. Where I-270 divides, follow the right-hand branch toward northern Virginia. (Do not take the branch toward Washington.) Merge with I-495 (Capital Beltway). (See “From I-495” below).

From south or west of Washington (northern Virginia, Norfolk, Richmond, Charlottesville)
Follow I-95 north or I-66 east to I-495 (Capital Beltway). Take I-495 north toward Silver Spring. (See “From I-495” below.)

From I-495 (Capital Beltway)
Take exit 39 and follow the signs for River Road (Maryland Route 190) east toward Washington. Continue east on River Road to the fifth traffic light. Turn right onto Goldsboro Road (Maryland Route 614). At the first traffic light, turn left onto Massachusetts Avenue NW (Maryland Route 396). Continue on Massachusetts Avenue NW through the first traffic circle (Westmoreland Circle). Continue one more mile to 4400 Massachusetts. The entrance to the Admissions Welcome Center at the Katzen Arts Center parking garage will be on your left. Continue to Ward Circle and go right onto Nebraska Ave. The School of International Service  and its parking garage will be just ahead on the right.

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