No to NATO Events in Oslo, Norway

Stop military aggression and upgrading!

Demonstration April 4 at. 1700

In front of the parliament on the occasion of NATO’s 70th birthday.
A number of peace organizations and the major labor Union organisation are the organizers.
The organizations have agreed on these five paroles:
■ Stop new cold war – ban nuclear weapons – support UN nuclear weapons ban
■ No new nuclear weapons in Europe
■ No foreign forces stationed in Norway during peacetime
■ No military missions in violation of international law and without a UN mandate
■ No to the war industry, military aggression and environmental destruction.

Debate meeting 4 April at. 1900

No to war – No to NATO

How to build NATO resistance Today?
Stop NATO inviting for discussion after the demonstration
kl. 19:00 in Amalie Skram at Litteraturhuset.
It is high time to unite the struggle for peace and the fight against nuclear weapons
with resistance against NATO. Through its NATO membership, Norway is an asset
support for the use of nuclear weapons. The organisation Stop NATO is working against NATO
and for the Norwegian wirhdrawal of the organization.
Talks and discussions. Free entrance.

Organizer. Stop NATO

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