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391 Responses

    1. I served in the US Navy. Over the years I have arrived at the conclusion that wars waste lives, resources and dollars better used to improve the quality of life for human beings throughout the world. Our nation has become too easily inclined to resort to military conflict to resolve human differences. The leaders of the world easily take us to war through fear mongering, faulty intelligence and misleading assertions of need. In my view if we significantly reduced our enormous military and war related budgets we would be less inclined to engage in so many destructive and wasteful military misadventures. our nation would be much better served.

      1. Thank you Angelo for your beautifully worded comments! Reading your post reminded me of a comment I had made on a forum in 2004 that was sponsored by the Dennis Kucinich for President campaign. Someone had posted that they did not see the point of having a Department of Peace. They said that it was “meaningless”. I responded: “If we did not have a Department of Defense, but we had a Department of Peace and we gave it a budget of 650 Billion Dollars a year, it wouldn’t seem meaningless”. They never posted a rebuttal. Oh, and just for the record I generally refer to the so-called Department of Defense as the Department of Death because I think that title more accurately described what they are in business for. BERNIE OR BUST!

        1. And before it was called the Department of Defense, it was called the Department of War. The government is expert at manipulating the language. Department of War sounds aggressive, and Department of Defense sounds more palatable..defending rather than warring.

      2. Your Dead right!! Tell those war criminal politicians/intelligence agencies, plus army chiefs, who are hell bent on spending their government budgets, in making sure they receive more the following year…Corruption & fraud of tax payers money at its highest level…Disastrous/failed foreign policy of Mission impossible! Remove all the war mongers NOW!

      3. Right on, Angelo!! It doesn’t solve real issues. Thanks for your service, let’s hope we won’t need to go to any war ever again.

      4. Thank you Angelo
        You experience and knowledge speaks volumes.
        Sadly, our politicians seldom have had to experience what you have.

      5. Bless you for your life and conclusions… I agree and have the same conclusions but you articulate them better!!!! God bless you, Angelo!!!! Gratefully, warmly, Cheryl ( an old nurse trying create World Peace like the Dalai Lama says, “The highest religion of all religions, Buddhist and Non Buddhist!” Heard him in person say this and I treasure him and his words in my heart!)

      6. Hello Angelo. First off, thank you for your service. What you said echos my heartfelt sentiment. I have joined & i will be deligent in my efforts & may God bless us all. Sincerely, Janet

      7. Thank you for your very specific and intelligent observations of war. They are spot on. I think that former President Eisenhower observed the exact same notion that wars waste resources for people and that building up large military stockpiles of weapons encourage the engagement of war. Since Eisenhower was a general he eventually saw the futility of war as a means of settling differences.

      8. I have been torn over the years with our involvement in the Fareast, Vietnam in particular. While I understand our concern of Communist Dictatorship and that’s where my ambivalence comes into play. Was there another way to avoid this monumental human sacrifice? That little young Lady running down the road on fire. These young American lads blown away in defense of Democracy. I look today at these thriving Communist economies. Was there another way?

        1. It’s funny how we will cause untold misery in trying to suppress Communist dictatorships while funding and training Fascist dictatorships who cause untold misery on behalf of U.S. business interests. No irony there!

      9. D’acuerdo. And if we reduced our military investment other nations could be encouraged to do the same.

      10. Thank you Angelo for serving and what that has helped you to see. Peace is the best option. May we elect leaders who understand and follow that path.

      11. We have this problem in DC. They love the idea of ‘hegemony’ that we have the right to rule the world. And that idea costs us countless young men and women, leaving orphans and widows as testimony to our hubris.
        I served in the Air Force and then worked in defense to defeat the USSR. When they gave up, we waited for the ‘peace dividend’ for our infrastructure, our health and education. It never came. We ‘discovered’ Islam. After the USS Roberts and Cole and WTF, we have an endless conflict in the middle East: markets for missiles and platforms to deliver them. When will we make plowshares instead?

      12. Did you know, when you sign up in the military whichever department you pick, you are automatically signing your rights as a human being over to the department. When you are born in the system there is a certain amount of money that is attached to your birth, when you die in war the rest of all those millions of dollars that is attached to your birth, goes to the military department. This is a huge amount that the military gets from all of the deaths that they have caused. From the perspective of the military they never truly see a loss even when human beings die. The saying: war makes money, is a pillar of the United States and its war machine,

      13. You are so right and you phrased it very well. I can add that if the arming and warring budget had been used to eradicate poverty and promote education worldwide we would not have close to eight billion humans, and thus we wouldn’t have quite so catastrophic climate change threatening our existence.

      14. How nice to read about your experience and your reasoning for why peace is so much better than violence in bettering the world. Thanks a lot for your perspective 🌸

      15. Yah, yah, yah. Douglas Tonjes IC2 aircraft carriers. Young and Dumb. War is counter productive. The only people that get anything out of it are the live ones. Been to Ukraine and Russia. Both kind of look the same as me. If anyone really interested in helping end this email me I do not want your money, I want YOU. Money is why we are in this pickel.

      16. As a Canadian Navy vet I preach the same sermon to young people and send letters in that regard to Canadian papers. We need to stop this nonsense soon. All the money spent on war could easily be diverted to help us fight climate change, which — with all the weapons available to nations –is going to result in other wars throughout the world as people struggle to live.

      17. I served in the US Navy also Angelo and concur with everything you said.

        President Biden provoked this war to lure Putin into invading in order to use
        Ukraine as a battlefield in a surrogate war with Russia.

        Putin has already won and is just biden his time before he takes Kyiv with as little loss of life as possible. He will probably delay until closer to the 2024 election.

        This is now a war of attrition. Russia will determine a fair peace that will guarantee Russia’s security, eradicate Zelenskyy’s ultranationalist zealots from power, and reach a settlement that is beneficial to Ukraine, Russia and the EU.

        1. Thank you Angelo and Susan for expressing my feelings. I also agree with Jonathan.

          The US Military, Industrial Complex which we were warned about and benefits from wars will support this war till the last Ukrainian.

          Peace and friendship is in everyone’s interest.

          NATO should be dissolved.

      18. Thank you for your words of wisdom and insight. As I am preparing a commemoration for Hiroshima and Nagasaki here in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the window with the Peace Pledge – left open- brought me to your clear and compassionate remarks. I agree whole heartedly and thank you.

      19. Angelo, As a 100% sc Disabled Veteran who was poisoned by radiation from “required “ participation
        In testing 13 Nuclear Hydrogen and Atomic Bombs
        In the South Pacific Marshall Islands in 1950’s.
        Amazing that I will turn 90 later this year.
        Since 1958 I have been kicking ass as a result of testing the bombs, Anti-War Activist for Peace
        Forever.!!! ☮️💕👍

    2. Bangkok – Thailand
      SEP . 1 . 2016

      Therefore , so . Eveything Has Become An Issue , This Impotant By MR . DONALD TRUMP , HE
      do not showing respect, justice, and the law, do not represent obligations, for citizens.( BY SENT VOICE MANIFESTO , SLANDER ) HIS ! $$$$$$$$$”””””””’
      1 ) ? – Education Platform Will be Destroyed by his Style …….
      2 ) ? – Still not yet , Are talking About Agenda Underdevelopment , HIS ! $$$$$$$$$$$ ONLY ( BY SENT VOICE MANIFESTO , SLANDER ) .,..,,,……

      1. Did not know Thailand was voting too. They may say you are ballot stuffing. The problem is respect. We should not attack Mr. Trump personally. Our problem is we hired someone very unqualified for the job. He did not realize how tough the job would be so tried to bluff his way through. I do not think it will happen again but what do I know. At he tried and that is the only thing we can ask of anyone.

    3. My heart is in this movement. From generations of Quakers, I come by it naturally. My Father joined World War II at 17 and was a gunner in the Pacific.Devistated, he remained Mentally Ill until his death at 67. My Mother divorced him and had him committed to the VA Hospital. We saw him rarely, until my 40’s when I had him moved closer to me.He sang along with disabled seniors, “Ain’t gonna Study War no More”.
      I participated in a Food/Wool caravan to the Veterans for Peace Action in Winslow, AZ, twice. The last had 15 cars and trucks in the Caravan from CA. I taught at various schools for the next years, along with Counseling Addiction Programs. At 70, I have less energy, less ability to move, drive and remember a lot of things. I loved finding your booklet and video in the 70’s ? 80’s and can finally know more.

      1. Thank you for your family’s service. From your heart, to Gods ears. God bless you & urs.

    4. War is intimately linked with power, control and profiteering within nations as well as without. War, or the threat of war, is now the direct instrument of profit, nations threatening other nations to justify unnecessary arms expenditure. The useless US F35 fighter will consume over $1t for no other purpose than to line its manufacturer’s pockets with public cash. If present trends continue it will not be too long before the next system will exceed the GDP of its host nation. Modern arms are both useless other than for killing and symbolize humanity’s gross immaturity. Humanity never developed the maturity to control use of the bow and arrow; now it has nuclear weapons. The present coronavirus epidemic and its strain on national health systems should be used to highlight the lunacy of nuclear war: the entire hospital complement of even the US or China could not handle the hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions blinded and with 3rd degree burns from just one 0.85Mt airburst over a large city.

    5. I shared the World Beyond War to my Facebook and Twitter too. I’d love to see an end to all wars for my first granddaughter and all my other grandchildren to come.

  1. Wars are criminal and barbaric acts of the extreme lust for
    power,dominance and riches,turning people into beasts and monsters.
    They are inhuman.

    1. I believe those people are not created into beasts and the monsters. I believe the beasts and monsters are within such people from birth, only activated by the opportunity war provides them to be the true savages they are.

      1. I don’t agree with this statement because there are many examples in history of people who were treated badly by others in their earlier life and from these painful experiences grew a bitterness and rage that overcame the person and created evil and poisonous emotions and actions in them.
        Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s most devoted follower, is an example of this.
        As a youth Goebbels suffered from a clubfoot and felt tremendously insecure about it. His school teacher once read aloud to his class some poems he had dedicated to an older woman-and included sarcastic comments about his clubfoot in ridiculing his romantic hopes.

        1. 2It could also mean, (if u believe in reincarnation) victims of wars are paying off their karma (punished) for perpetrating violence in previous life. God sometimes metes out punishment in the same life. It puzzles me, even in the 21 st century, we are still barbaric.

    1. I now the horror of war because I survived the bombing of Dresden on February 13, 1945.
      I wish it will never happen again, anywhere in the world.

      1. Sir/Madam: This makes Dwight Eisenhower a War Criminal because Dredsen was a no bomb zone; I’ve studied this issue for over 10 years.will gladly share this information.

        1. Not to be offensive, but it was Churchill who was determined to bomb Dresden. Most Allied commanders were against the bombing, knowing that there was no armaments being manufactured and the city was considered a “haven” because of the influx of civilians into the city. Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were all acts designed to “break the enemy”. History has shown us time after time, acts such as these create incredible suffering and promote hate long after the act is committed.

  2. As a Christian I know that there is fear and anger and greed and war in the heart of the natural man, and there will be no peace on earth till my Lord Jesus has returned, but he has charged me to pray that his Kingdom come, and that implies I am to work to demonstrate his Kingdom of love in my life, and work toward it. That is also my responsibility as a citizen, one of the sovereign rulers of the USA…

    1. As a Christian you are living in delusion. Atheism is the answer to peace on this earth. Following myths and fairy tales are why we have most of this mess. Wake up. Your ‘god’ only exists in your (brainwashed) head.

      1. I really don’t know who gave you that idea but I suggest you ask yourself whether Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and Pol Pot were ravaging millions in the name of religion. If religion needs to go, so does every other human institution, including all governments, all banking, all for-profit corporations, and all wealthy people with power and money on their tiny minds. I suspect what we all need to do – including all our institutions – is evolve. Let’s not turn a peace movement into another forum for the culture of contest, eh?

    2. ‘Christians’ are one of the main causes of war . .today .. and throughout history. The ‘end times’ you sick, sad, sorry people babble on about will be caused by your very own hands. Take your ‘imaginary’ friend ‘Jesus’ . .and stick him, and all your hypocritic flock of mindless ‘sheep’ in a warm, dark place where the sun never shines, please.

      1. Christians have killed more people than any other religion in history. And the wars in the Middle East are just a continuation of the holy wars of the Christians against the Muslims that began in the Middle Ages with the Crusades. We’re paying for their holy wars. But seeing as though Christianity has nothing to do with Christ, God, or salvation, but is merely a creation of the Roman Catholic Church in 326 A.D., I can understand the violence inherent in Christianity. All Christians are Catholics whether they know it or not or like it or not. And the violence in Judaism and Islam and Christianit? Since all three worship the same angry, murdering, bloodthirsty god. Ya, Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah…all the same god, different names. If Christians were to actually follow the teachings of Jesus, they would leave that religion in droves, especially since Jesus was anti-religion. The first step to peace is to eliminate religion.

      2. No religion is the main cause of war unless people believe it. War gives a small number of elite persons more money, prestige, and power. We need to understand all people on this planet need money, housing, education, and societies which support the ethical growth of their populations.

        1. Agree! When the leaders put themselves in the front lines, we won’t see so much war anymore. It’s just another way for the ultra-rich to get richer. How much money is enough?

    3. request and hope that USA stop trainings of Al Qaida, ISIL, Takfiri and other terrorist organizations along with Saudi Arab and Israel.Not to creat wars just for the sake of selling weapons. Americans and other politicians must understand the sufferings of hundreds of thousands of poor and helpless people of Syria, Iraq,Afghanistan, Ukrine, Yemen and other African countries.

      1. Note that most of ISIL weapons are “made in the USA” (captured from U.S. “trained” forces in Iraq). The demonization of Iran is to maintain FEAR in the USA that supports more money to the military and their weapons-makers. Keep up the Spirit!

      2. Washington created Hezbollah. The lineage: Hezbollah>Taliban>Al Qaeda>ISIS. In congressional testimony, Hillary Clinton admitted that the US created and is funding ISIS.

        1. It is not easy, but I think you will find that Assad, Russia and Iran are defending Syrians from being slaughtered. One collection of news pieces from many other sources is Information Clearing House, a news aggregator..

    4. If your implying that only Christians are ready and willy to act for peace you do not know your history, and you underestimate the compassion of all spiritual traditions to work for peace if it is not an interfaith movement it will never succeed. What God the one true God of all religions has but in the heart of all beings is the desire for peace, if you lack that quality you do not lack religion you lack God given compassion.

      1. I agree that most religions preach peace and love but very few put that into practice, be they Christian, Islamist, or whatever.

      2. Darrell, you seem to de-value atheists like me as allies against militarism. This atheist, like many of my way of thinking, is moral and deplores war. Why dismiss us?

        Willing to think in larger terms than theistic?

          1. Many atheists have told me that I can’t prove God exists. My answer has always been, how can you prove God doesn’t exist? By saying God doesn’t exist, surely they can disprove God’s existence in order to have such a belief. What is the thought process for disproving God’s existence? And please don’t use the tired and worn out argument that if God existed he wouldn’t let people suffer or he wouldn’t allow war. Because what if God is something other than what we think? Something that exists outside our limited binary understanding of existence and non-existence. By saying God doesn’t exist, atheists admit the existence of God, only they don’t believe that existence is true. So atheism fails fails at that point to make a logical argument.

      3. Ted, I am an agnostic after spending my first 20 years serving Christ. I spent my 21, 22, and 23 birthdays in Vietnam. I promise the worst warmongers are christians. Religion has nothing to do with being anti war. That comes from realizing that it has no purpose other than greed and power seekers wanting to control others for profit. Look at the profit made on war, do you think people will make peace and give that up? Most claim to be christian but sell war. Because of Putin and our so called Tea party, war is inevitable, each thinks the other will blink because of the price. Putin as Hitler believes he is a god like person destined to lead Russia back to power. People Like Ted Cruz are just as crazy. Peace will come when people work and accept each other.

        1. Blaming Putin for war? Equating Putin with Hitler? Your are stunningly misinformed, and clearly don’t know the facts about U. S. and NATO foreign policy and militarism, nor anything about Russian or European history. Putin may not be any more moral or ethical than any other power-broker, but calling him out without any mention of all the American war criminals — including Obama, the Bushes, and the Clintons — and their cronies in Europe, Israel, Canada, Australia, et al., is evidence of severe bias and myopia on your part. Putin is way down the list of what Americans should really fear: global corporatists and bankers and their political stooges – these people are the foremost source of real terrorism in the world. The U.S. and NATO have staged a coup on Russia’s doorstep in Ukraine, continue to move forward with plans to armor Russia’s neighboring nations with “conventional” and nuclear weapons, have belligerently pursued confrontations with both Russian and China (as well as Iran or any other nation that asserts any sovereignty or independence from Western corporate, economic, and military hegemony), and continue to support bludgeoning the Arab world for the very sake of the greed and power that you do cite correctly. You might do some more reading and listening to inform yourself about who’s really threatening the world. It’s neither Putin nor Russia, it’s not China, it’s not Iran, nor Venezuela, nor Cuba, nor those of us who demand an end to America’s war crimes, imperialism, economic and political subterfuge, militarism, and generally pathological pursuit of global dominance.

          1. Putin’s bombs kill no less than those of the US. And right now Putin is dropping his bombs on Syria. Put your ideological blinders aside and deal with reality.

    5. In my heart I have no fear or anger or greed or desire for war. Does that mean I’m not natural, I’m not human? Not everyone is evil, in spite of the teaching of the Church that humanity is garbage, in its effort to separate us from our humanity and make us ashamed of who and what we are, and disempower us from making any change because we’re just so basically rotten, and to wait on the arrival of a saviour to do something for us that we could just as easily do ourselves.

  3. When I can feel that Christianity contributes to a World Beyong War, then I’ll be glad to engage with Christians. I am hoping that the World Beyond War organization embraces all religions that are willing to be part of a globa movement to embrace and work toward alternatives to war. At this moment I find the message by Ted Voth to be off-putting and hope that other dialogue contributs to the issue of working toward world peace.

    1. Agreed. If the Christians wait for their “God” to take over the world, and the Muslims wait for Allah to take it over, etc., it is unlikely that we will ever end war. Many (most) wars use religion at least as part of their excuse for existing, and more often as the cause, pure and simple. (Although the politicians who actually start the wars are often hypocrites who do not believe in the religion at all, but assume that their ignorant masses do, so will follow them.) But don’t worry, just ask Bob Dylan; God is on our side. The Dalai Lama said a few years ago that all religions are good, as long as they make you a better person. They all do if they get you to adhere to a code of ethics, but if you become a “fundamentalist”, they are more likely to make you warlike.

      1. God and Allah are the same.
        Believers honor their creator by respecting all creation and being worthy stewards of the world.

        1. That’s correct, and add to that list Yahweh and Jehovah, also another names for the same god.

      2. Very well put. I think it’s time to go so far as to encourage all military personnel to disobey orders; to refuse to fire. It is not OK to obey orders. It doesn’t absolve the soldier of the moral consequences.

      3. Christians and Muslims believe in the same God. Muslims believe that Jesus is a prophet and NOT the son of God or God himself. Also Allah just means God in Arabic, Allah is NOT the name of Muslim’s God. Allah translate to God in English. God translates to Allah in Islam.

        1. The only problem with your argument is that Muslim fundamentalists do not see Allah as the same god as the Christians believe in. Or so I am lead to believe by a book that I recently read called “Islam and Terrorism” by Mark A Gabriel. Mark is his Christian name. He was a Muslim and in this book he shows why he is no longer a Muslim. Interesting read. He also mentions what he believes is needed for an end to Islamic-fundamentalist behavior.

          1. The fact that “Mark A Gabriel” converted from Islam to Christianity indicates that he has a strong predisposed bias, as well as an inability to free himself from the dogmatism known as religion. Hence I would put little credence in his book.

      4. Humanity needs to learn to stop competing and dominating and to respect and love one another and live in peace!!

  4. I’m a Christian too, but a European one, born in the Netherlands in 1932, so a ‘sun of war’. Americans have fortunately for them suffered an occupation in their country. 70 years ago we had here a ‘Gottgegebene Führer des Deutschen Volkes’. You Americans did a lot to get rid of this guy. Thanks a lot anyhow, I’m still grateful. But here we learned a lot of this disaster.
    1) Be very careful in using the Name of God. It puts human power beyond any critisism.
    2) The second world war was inevitable, because the seeds of it were already there in the nineteenth century. People were asleep then. Wars should be prevented without violence decades before they start. You should fight the ideas, not the people.
    3) Politics is not the only field on which wars are in statu nascendi. There are three canals of power: economic power, political power and ideological power. All power should be demythologised, limited and continuously controlled. In fact this is a new definition of democracy. This is necessary because Hitler came legitimate to power within the democratic Weimar republic. ‘Das gesundes Volksempfinden’ may be ‘democratic’ in the old sense, it is proven to turn to a disaster in this and in many other cases in history.
    4) According to the Maslov pyramid people have first to have somehow a descent and respected material live, before they are able to deal with politics, culture, science, religion, etc. Therefore we should question why we first have democratised political power and not economical power. Further: can political democracy survive if economical power is concentrated at a few centres. Once a year we are choosing which people has to execute the dictates of the financial markets. That is no democracy, but dictatorship at its worst, because it is hidden. This gives people a feeling to be without power and hand them over to ‘dünkelmänner’ like fascists or jihadists.
    5) Your program can only be successfully be executed if we first restore democracy, also economic democracy. Economic democracy need not to be created from scratch. There are already several institutions like trade unions, consumer organisations, fair trade organisations, bankers, who only invest in sustainable projects, microcredit organisations etc. They all contain elements of democratically organised economy.
    6) The present economic crises allows us to debunk the lies of the neoliberal free market fundamentalists. What is happening now, is that the financial markets have ‘freed’ themselves from the real economy of baking bread, building decent houses, making cloths and shoes, etc. Only 2% of the present daily capital flow concerns the real material economy, including weapens, drugs, trafficking people etc; the rest is shifting money, stock market, High Frequency Trading, speculating with complicated products, tax fraude and tax evasion etc. a heaven for international crime organisations to laundry their crime money.
    7) There is something fundamentally wrong with the way we create and deal with money.
    A few books to illustrate this:
    Piketty: Capital in the 21th century. About economical inequality, so power inequality and its fatal consequences.
    J. Luyendijk: Dit kan niet waar zijn (this cannot be true) a sociology about the bankers in the city of London, proving that they are ‘poilu’, (the front soldiers in WW1), of the rich individual and corporate investors. It is in Dutch, but it is instigated by the British Newspaper The Guardian. There are publications, blogs, columns etc. from Luyendijk there.
    Also in Dutch: Helen Toxopeus: Een @ander soort geld, available at Social Trade Organisation (STRO) This organisation is experimenting during the last decades with a kind of money in which it is impossible to accumulate power. Several forms like Local Exchange Trade Systems (LETS) for consumers, Barter-systems for enterprises etc. are tryed out and combined all over the world. They have now reached the moment where they will launch a software supported (Cyclos program package) money system, to support local communities of small and middle big enterprises to get credits and customers. There is no rent or interest required, only a contribution in a guaranty fund. The aim is to keep real economy alive in an environment of economic crisis and chaos.

    I think your initiative and the above alternatives for the present economy of ‘Russian roulette’ should come together in order to become effective.

    Final remark: even in the case nobody will listen and all will go astray, we should at least continue to expose the alternatives. The first ideas of an European Union came up in the twenties. Nobody listened at that time. We clearly had first to learn the hard lessons of WW2.

    1. Thank you Hans, for an informative and thoughtful post. I love to read history, and one thing I see has happened over and over again, is that once a civilization has built up to be a place of learning, art, and a great deal of equality and prosperity for all of its citizens, the stupid and the greedy come to take it, not really wanting or understanding the civilization’s value, but wanting the one thing about it they think will make them rich. They destroy the civilization in their greed. Like Bush, Cheynee drove the US to go and steal the oil of Iraq. The Iraqis have had to suffer from loss of electrical power and extreme want for basic needs because of the US invasion. In the US, banking regulations, powers of trade unions, and the quality of the schools have all for a few decades been deliberately undermined to turn people into ignorant and poor minions of war. Americans tell each other they are automatic heroes if they go to war, not thinking that war is mass slaughter and horrific chaos.

    2. Excellent post. In UK an organization called Positive Money, in USA another group American Monetary Institute [google them and an international website also] where you can find research and challenge to prevailing monetary theory. For history there is an entertaining documentary on you tube called “Secret of Oz”. Listen and act on many fronts – World Beyond War tried to do this – whatever we do in our own space to counter the ‘only way to fight is by military might’ perspective is important. Breed alternatives, other options, never give up.

    3. Than you Hans. Your insightful comments brought to mind the words of a long departed friend, Cornelius Sandifort. He was an artist who lived in the Netherlands during the Nazi occupation. While helping to edit his memoirs I became vividly aware of the extreme conditions of daily life during those dark days. He helped those of us untouched by such circumstances and isolated by distance learn of the horrors of war and heed the warnings of those, like you, who keep those thoughts and alternative solutions alive.

    4. M.S.KING, Author of “THE BAD WAR” is a thorough historical examination of the key points and events of that era.

  5. I’m a Christian, but a European one, born in the Netherlands in 1932, so a ‘sun of war’. Americans have, fortunately for them, not suffered an occupation in their country. 70 years ago we had here a ‘Gottgegebene Führer des Deutschen Volkes’. You Americans did a lot to get rid of this guy. Thanks a lot anyhow, I’m still grateful. But here we learned a lot of this disaster.
    1) Be very careful in using the Name of God. It puts human power beyond any criticism.
    2) The second world war was inevitable, because the seeds of it were already there in the nineteenth century. People were asleep then. Wars should be prevented without violence decades before they start. You should fight the ideas, not the people.
    3) Politics is not the only field on which wars are in statu nascendi. There are three canals of power: economic power, political power and ideological power. All power should be demythologised, limited and continuously controlled. In fact this is a new definition of democracy. This is necessary because Hitler came legitimate to power within the democratic Weimar republic. ‘Das gesundes Volksempfinden’ may be ‘democratic’ in the old sense, it is proven to turn to a disaster in this and in many other cases in history.
    4) According to the Maslov pyramid people have first to have somehow a descent and respected material live, before they are able to deal with politics, culture, science, religion, etc. Therefore we should question why we first have democratised political power and not economical power. Further: can political democracy survive if economical power is concentrated at a few centres. Once a year we are choosing which people has to execute the dictates of the financial markets. That is no democracy, but dictatorship at its worst, because it is hidden. This gives people a feeling to be without power and hand them over to ‘dünkelmänner’ like fascists or jihadists.
    5) Your program can only be successfully be executed if we first restore democracy, also economic democracy. Economic democracy need not to be created from scratch. There are already several institutions like trade unions, consumer organisations, fair trade organisations, bankers, who only invest in sustainable projects, microcredit organisations etc. They all contain elements of democratically organised economy.
    6) The present economic crises allows us to debunk the lies of the neoliberal free market fundamentalists. What is happening now, is that the financial markets have ‘freed’ themselves from the real economy of baking bread, building decent houses, making cloths and shoes, etc. Only 2% of the present daily capital flow concerns the real material economy, including weapons, drugs, human trafficking etc; the rest is shifting money, stock market, High Frequency Trading, speculating with complicated products, tax fraude and tax evasion etc. a heaven for international crime organisations to laundry their crime money.
    7) There is something fundamentally wrong with the way we create and deal with money.
    A few books to illustrate this:
    Piketty: Capital in the 21th century. About economical inequality, so power inequality and its fatal consequences.

    J. Luyendijk: Dit kan niet waar zijn (this cannot be true) a sociology about the bankers in the city of London, proving that they are ‘poilu’, (the front soldiers in WW1), of the rich individual and corporate investors. It is in Dutch, but it is instigated by the British Newspaper The Guardian. There are publications, blogs, columns etc. from Luyendijk there.
    Also in Dutch: Helen Toxopeus: Een @ander soort geld, available at Social Trade Organisation (STRO) This organisation is experimenting during the last decades with a kind of money in which it is impossible to accumulate power. Several forms like Local Exchange Trade Systems (LETS) for consumers, Barter-systems for enterprises etc. are tryed out and combined all over the world. They have now reached the moment where they will launch a software supported (Cyclos program package) money system, to support local communities of small and middle big enterprises to get credits and customers. There is no rent or interest required, only a contribution in a guaranty fund. The aim is to keep real economy alive in an environment of economic crisis and chaos.

    I think your initiative and the above alternatives for the present economy of ‘Russian roulette’ should come together in order to become effective.

    Final remark: even in the case nobody will listen and all will go astray, we should at least continue to expose the alternatives. The first ideas of an European Union came up in the twenties. Nobody listened at that time. We clearly had first to learn the hard lessons of WW2.

    1. Excellent commentary Mr. Potter … in a single page you have covered the confusion of the human condition and have offered an intelligent and logical alternative to the status quo. Whatever ideological or religious ideals drive men to war … the cheer leaders are always the bankers … and until economic justice is balanced in this very unequal world … wars will remain the only game in town. Hartelijke bedank voor u helder inzicht. Leslie.

      1. We the people can change the economic structure very quickly if we dare to declare the Jubilee. Wealth is so badly distributed that all debt is odious. Poor people must stop paying rich people and making them richer yet. If we all refuse to pay, what can they do? We can start over and build a world that works without war.

    2. The ‘crusades’ murder and mayhem, the inquisition a holocaust against women were “Christan” . Perhaps other religions will catch up. How many wars due to ‘religion?’

  6. Peace is not just a Christian idea or ideal. If we bind ourselves to religious-only discussions, we will fail to consider all those ideas which are not tied to faith but might be tied to reason. We will exclude those with whose religion we may find ‘fault’. That’s been the bane of humanity for millennia. Peace is not the province of any single religion.

    1. Amen! We are all human beings and our commitment to each other should be unconditional. Where there is tolerance and compassion for others, peace flourish.

    2. Seek within your heart and ask yourself why you are supporting the actions of an organization who is repeating the same actions of the past? Look outside your comfort zone and seek the truth.

      Stand with love and peace take down the wall of hate and fear within your heart.We are all connected as one. We all live on this planet as one. The old age fighting and divide and conquer should be abolished. We should all unite as one.

      As a Pagan Witch who walks on the path of love and peace and honors our mother earth and everything connected. there is one thing all life forms agrees on.

      Our spirits speak the one universal language it’s called LOVE.

  7. I am so deeply happy that you have created this instrument for building a culture of peace and tolerance and cooperation on this precious Earth, David. It will help us Peacables find each other!

  8. I am so deeply happy that you have created this instrument for building a culture of peace and tolerance and cooperation on this precious Earth, David. It will help us Peaceables connect with each other and join forces, share ideas, etc.

  9. As an old, retired person, living on Social Security, I have little to offer monetarily. But, I am a poet. And I can share my poetry. This one is on my favorite topic. Enjoy!

    © 2004 – 2011 A. Kroeger

    Peace! Peace! Oh, fragile blossom,
    cast your seeds into our fallow hearts.

    Drink the salty tears of our
    weary, weeping world.

    Sink your tender roots among our
    fractured stones of discontent.

    Feed upon the soft, decaying tissues of our
    torment and turmoil.

    Purple sage and hyacinth,
    desert cactus bloom,

    Edelweiss and daffodil,
    calla lily, rose,

    lift your giddy fragrance to the
    pallets of our minds.

    Peace! Peace! Oh, fragile blossom,
    Propagate your beauty in our souls.


    1. Thank you, Mr. Kroeger, for this blossom that reaches the heart. I would like to share this, too.

    2. Mr Kroeger A Wonderful Writing thank you. Blessings to you from a fellow Being who also seeks to express reverence & passion for all Life on Nature Planet in lyricism. Respectfully, would “turmoil & torment” harmonise better than “torment and turmoil”? Make only lullabies & cries of joy for the priceless gift of Life -“tread softly softly on heavenly dreams”


  10. In response to the above two posts… Well, the currently most popular monotheistic religions are ultimately all descended from Zoroastrianism. I’ve read that the Six ideals of Zoroastrianism are:

    ‥ a good mind: a positive attitude and gaining wisdom
    ‥ principled living: honesty, honest work, helpfulness, moderation and balance
    ‥ independence: self-reliance and leadership
    ‥ serenity and happiness
    ‥ wholeness: healthy and holistic living
    ‥ an undying spirit.

    Regardless of one’s beliefs, I think these basic principles are not a bad platform to base nonviolent/nonlethal actions against the military-industrial complex upon. Although, it wouldn’t hurt to add Solidarity, Ethics Calculus, and Free Flow of Information to the list.

    I do think it’s also worth noting that the potential role of the religious institution in this day and age has changed. Worship is no longer the primary reason for the religious institution’s existence, that is a secondary reason at this point. Today, the primary reason for their existence is status as an NGO nonprofit organization. Through networks of grassroots NGO nonprofit efforts, many people who are needy, handicapped, and disadvantaged can be provided services which the government would otherwise not be able to provide or have difficulty providing.

    This is where our base of operations needs to be focused. Without an infrastructure that is not solely reliant on corporate or government backing, it will be impossible to defeat the military-industrial complex, no matter how many public marches or actions we take. It’s not going to happen without the solid, hard proof through volunteer and relatively low-paid service work that our global cultures moving forward can function on the premise of Energy As Wealth, no longer needing our current premise of Currency As Wealth.

    One thing I can agree with Christians on: One cannot serve both the Will of Creation and Mammon at once. Make your choice.

  11. I dread the power and the moves of the arms merchants and men gone insane with power over money for we are their victims. We need suffer no fear as long as the powers of decisions and influence, responsibility and abilities are shared equally, or more, by women. Those who care for life must prevail, but to save the planet the creation of life must be rigorously limited today.

    1. Sad to see eugenics creeping into this discussion .
      Hitler was an advocate of such ungodly practice , no doubt inspired by Helena Blavatsky .
      Reducing population does NOT ” save the planet ” in fact the planet is remarkably resilient because GOD made everything perfect yet imperfect man [ because of his rebellion against GOD ]continues to pollute and destroy .

      1. Population control is not eugenics. You don’t know the meaning of eugenics. We are breeding at a rate that cannot be supported by the ecosphere anymore. If we are logical creatures, we will have two children and no more. Because we know the resources entrusted to us by God are limited. A fruitful tree’s branches bend and break under the weight of too much fruit.

  12. If the members of all or any worldwide Religions would follow the tenets of their Religions (they are, almost identical)there would not be Wars/armed conflicts.

    1. I am not so sure you are correct.

      The Quran makes some rather clear statements that Islam is the only true religion and other religions and non-believers should be expunged. Also, other religions state that they are the only true religion. For example, the Bible says that only those who have accepted God will enter heaven. That is a very exclusive statement. What about people on an island somewhere who have never had a chance to hear of the God-concept? Are they to be condemned due to ignorance? These ideas are very negative and result in conflict.

      Most religions have good ideas, but as long as the negative ideas are part of those religions they will never be part of the solution.

  13. We must as responsible human beings realise that any so-called gains from war are based on short-sighted calculations that completely ignore the huge and irreversible consequences which must inevitably follow later and that all wars are invariably carried out through greed, ignorance or fear – these are the real ‘states’ which we should all work together to conquer.

  14. I’m not sure how I got included in this site, but I must say I appreciate being included. It does give me some hope for humanity that many of us understand the necessity to work with each other–to accept each other, to accept the variety of our beliefs and the differ-ences in our generations’ thoughts and ways of doing things and to respect all of each others beliefs even if we fail to completely agree with them to make us all feel equal and part of this world.

  15. I have been hoping and praying all my life for a world without war. I have come to the conclusion that it won’t happen in my life time people are too selfish and want far too much. we must accept to have less if we want peace all over the world! Politicians and Rich people included!

  16. David Korten and Johanna Macy have observed the beginning of the end of the Age of Empire. See Korten’s “The Great Turning : From Empire to Planetary Community” This is our chance to give it all we’ve got AND expect to be heard!

  17. I do not condemn war I condemn those like ISIS and the rest of the Islamic Extremist. I want the wars over because I want the women and men fighting for us to write this on this page to come home to their families safe and sound.

    1. What about the extremist activities conducted by the US against other nations? It is not just ISIS and Islamic extremists that are at fault. For example, the US in Iraq. The US was there solely to support it’s economic interests: Not to eradicate terrorism. This kind of action is unwarranted and does not help to create world peace.

  18. Maybe a good idea is this old saying, “God created Man and Man created Religion” – If we consider that God is One and that Man created religion, why would God favor one religion over another? Surely if we allow religion to divide us, something is really amiss with our tolerance and acceptance that everyone is free to pursue his/her own Path to God? People often worship their religions more than God, sorry to say. If we realize that this world is run by a bunch of really selfish people, we should simply unite and stand together as One — Those desiring to divide and set us against each other, are few, whereas we are many. We might have to defend each other and it might get rough and although nobody wants to die, if we die serving another or for the greater good of humanity, better try save them first then try rescue oneself. If not, surely in forgetting oneself to save another, is the noblest way to go.
    Peace brings love and sharing it makes a perfect circle of peace.

  19. Recommended reading on the topic of war and other human activities: ‘Two Kinds,’ written by former Oregon congressman Jim Weaver. Subtitle: The Genetic Origin of Conservatives and Liberals.
    To the question, “Are humans a dual species? Did evolution make half of us ethnocentrics; aggressors; racists; exploiters, and the other half empathics; cooperators; tolerants; environmentalists? Weaver answers yes. He backs up his theory with several studies. Around 25 percent of humans are aggressors. Around 20 percent are cooperators. It’s in their genes, and both types were necessary for humans to evolve. In between, are variations on the two types. If this is true, the aggressors will always be waging war.

  20. I hold two beliefs in sufficient confidence to put them forward to others for consideration.

    1. At a practical level, the most effective way to do away with future war on earth is to eliminate the military industrial complex that Kennedy warned us about the rise of just before his assassination.

    This is because war is a profitable undertaking for those who manufacture the arms or provide services to the armed forces and for those that finance the governments involved I.E. Rothschild family.

    2. The above point provides the ‘motive’ for war, but the ‘means’ to get the support of the citizens and the willing participation of the soldiers (hatred and fear) is solidly rooted in the utilisation of organised religion.

    – ALL religions are inherently elitist in that they all consider themselves the chosen people and until and unless an individual commits to that religion, they are somehow ‘lesser’ than the parishioners. This is the opposite of tolerance for others and is the source of most of the words historical conflicts.

    – Common sense/logic and the law of probability all prove conclusively that, most likely your particular religion is not in fact inclusive of the ‘chosen people’ and despite this something about the human psyche allows humans to convince themselves of a very unlikely reality whereby they are ‘chosen’.

    – history itself is irrefutable proof that organised religion is a tragic failure that has resulted in millions of lives lost unnecessarily through wars fought in its name.

    – The chance of their being an actual magical man who lives in the sky who is additionally all knowing, and all powerful, who regardless, allows for example a five year old girl to be consumed in a Forrest fire resembling hell-fire (or as a victim of war)is objectively extremely remote. No half satisfactory reasoning has EVER been conceived that would explain this irreconcilable inconsistency in the religious narrative.

    – Thus ending organised religion, yet maintaining the very noble ten commandments would very likely prevent future war by removing the ability for the warmongers to manipulate the members of religions worldwide to engage in wars.

    1. The activities of the US (in Iraq, for example) do not indicate that it is just religion that is the source of the problem. The source of the problem is incorrect thinking.

  21. Also, and for the information of those not yet aware, it is very significant that in all likelihood the emergence of the BRICS financial alliance and the new Chinese development bank have effectively ended the status of the US dollar as the words reserve/default currency and the ‘petrodollar’ advantage enjoyed by the US dollar.

    I say “in all likelihood” because these are ‘techtonic’ global shifts who’s importance and effects on the nations cannot be overstated and that almost all informed observers agree will in time make that eventuality the reality.

    That occurring will prevent the USA from launching any further wars of aggression under false pretences like the well known “weapons of mass destruction” that never really existed as there will not be the financial capital to do so.

    I encourage readers not familiar with the newly formed BRICS financial alliance and the new Chinese development bank to research these online as they are currently being kept very low key in the western main stream media outlets despite their fundamental global implications on the global power structure.

  22. not my kingdom…but as long as i’m here

    Blessed are the peacemakers
    As they resist refusing evil by not nourishing it
    Striving nonviolently to amend rampant violence
    For it is spoken truly; they are the children of God

    Pardon the wealthy and the warmongers
    For they are encaged within illusory fear by spurious addictions to power and greed
    Forgive the swindled lemmings who scramble mouth agape salivating at their heels
    Wielding swords of plunder for their master; obediently following false flags
    Whilst parading patriotic prattle

    We have been taught a better way long ago by so many ubiquitously
    Altruism, ahimsa, mercy, empathy, justice, tolerance, understanding, compassion scaffold by the golden rule
    A simple life of kindness, stewardship, gratefulness and humility encased by the grace of unconditional love
    Spoken, written, taught and shown in every language, in every nation to everyone

    Some day the meek shall inherit this earth
    There will be poor nor rich no more
    The sick shall never lack for succor
    The strong will strengthen the weak

    Upon this place that we call home
    The odiousness of war shall be buried and forgotten
    In harmony humankind will live by egalitarianism
    If we only task the time to teach our young to practice what we preach

    This is a school, penance, self-affliction and opportunity
    None of us here have earned the right to finger; he is good she is bad
    For we are all good who do the occasional sin
    All of us here are worthy of forgiveness and are

    Your prisons are swollen with victims
    Your mansions bursting with the addicted
    Those who possess little truly are the enlightened
    While those who posses seemingly much have so pitifully little

    The forgiving and merciful understand that wisdom is gentle and kind
    Intelligence is calibrated then gauged by your compassion
    Empathy is edification limitless, perdition is the temptation of gold
    As you eschew your grasp your reach becomes inconsequential

    Violence is a malevolence that is a mental faux pas of unnecessary fear
    Wars are for profit nothing more
    Paid for by the duped and poor
    The mighty and proud are dust bound, have no doubt

    Partake of what you require and let go of the rest
    Tend what needs cultivating then leave it autonomous
    For what is here is not yours
    This is not your kingdom

    Look neither above nor below upon everyone
    Those on your plane are your equal and you have no entitlement to judge
    Begin this day as your first
    End this day as if it is your last

    Someday soon as adolescence grows into maturity
    Humanity will share equally what isn’t ours to own
    When you and i comprehend that we hold nothing but the breath we borrow
    All that you touch, feel, see taste, and deem is 99.999% empty and 100% illusion

    Detach yourself from desires
    You then break free from need
    Eschew all possessions you never more suffer shackles
    Without attachment your boundless emancipated

    This material world is kill or be killed
    The underlying theme is violence incarnate
    Stained now no matter how beautiful
    This is the seed of your destination not the end

    Sense the spirit that resides in you
    Ancient as the stars and far beyond
    From the maker of all that can be perceived
    You must reach your soul which is tao

    Nirvana has one rule and it is golden
    To reach infinity you must start within
    The palace of heaven is your love
    But this here,
    this is not your kingdom

  23. Hacemos guerra a amigos, pais, al resto. Hacemos a otros lo que no soportamos que nos hagan.

  24. Hay males que estan en nosotros; no solo el adversario es perjudicial. La historia y el mundo estan mal.

  25. Ending war would be the best thing that has happened in all history.

    Let’s also think of peace, which is much more than a lack of wars and much more difficult to accomplish than war is. It has many components and we must start working on them.

  26. As one of the 99% human race, we cannot let the 1% cause us anymore hardships with their wars for profit and death to the rest of us humans.


    John Ursacki

    1. B.S., …Biden and co. Team nato!, corruption, war and a sloppy human. At least Trump did not initiate war. despicable men , however , disenfranchisement of freedom has illuminated corruption on a grand scale. The mob is awakening, power is being swallowed by truth! The Cheney cabal has proved nothing but their own guilt. Complicit in Alien Rule,! Born of resentfulness, the far left shall dissolve in bitterness.

  27. If profit were taken out of war, there would be no war. Limit profits for the production of armaments, there would then be greater profit in peace.

  28. As a species, we have been bidden to take care of the celestial traffic control around our planet. We could not contemplate this task without the wars we have fought and the weapons developed in the name of World Domination. Therefore, one could say that those wars that prompted the discovery of such enormous power were a GOOD THING. That time has passed, however. We are prepared for pretty much any space eventuality that comes along and the petty skirmishes that got us here are now as vestigial as our appendix.
    So, we must doff our hats to WAR and move on; and educate the world to appreciate our past and contemplate a bright, asteroid-safe future; and one day that same power will provide us with the means to take off, loaded with Life, and find a new ball to pollute! We are not in charge, and we are not the whole point of evolution either. We are the planet’s Life’s immune and transport systems. It’s a dirty job, and we’re the only ones who come anywhere near being able to pull it off. That makes us the Good Guys here, the Saviors. Time to act like it and give up the jungle stuff. That part of human history is over.
    New Deal: Clean up the planet and police the heavens. That ought to keep us busy for a few more generations!

    1. What a load of verbal garbage. I don’t know what kind of drugs you are on, but you definitely need your medications seriously adjusted … lol. Your statement ” As a species, we have been bidden to take care of the celestial traffic control around our planet. We could not contemplate this task without the wars we have fought and the weapons developed in the name of World Domination.” is so whacked out it’s difficult to believe there are actually ‘people’ in this world that think this way .. but you are proof there is at least One. hopefully that is all there is.

  29. What a wonderful world this could be if people learned to love instead of hate. If governments could be run by people instead of cockroaches.

  30. If we (the Human Beings)would listen to Khalil Gibran’s saying:” The Earth is my Fatherland and Humanity my Family”. What do you think that would create?

  31. Our perpetual war began when we unnecessarily dropped those two atomic bombs. World War II was already over and we knew it. If we had announced to the world that we had these bombs and, for humanitarian reasons decided not to use them, it might have changed the world. When we rebuilt western Germany and helped the Japanese back on their feet with their beloved emperor still in place, we showed the world our good side. When General/President Eisenhower warned us about the”military-industrial complex” we should have listened. But sadly, fear and greed took over and led to where we are today.

  32. I am committed to a world, earth as we know it today, to be free without violence and corruption and devious crimes towards the entire human race. God’s laws will be enforced and the entire inhabited earth will learn and know about a righteousness life on earth as decreed in the Holy Bible and that the Revelations are true and there is no doubt about it concerning these last days of the power of the devil. Humans will live in peace and harmony and the system of things will CHANGE FOR A BETTER LIFE FOR ALL HUMANS ON THIS EARTH.

  33. I agree with the statement. It is not enough to just say no to war, and leave the root causes of the military-industrial complex in tack. We have to create our own parallel government and economic system, stop paying taxes to the nation states and stop putting our money into Wall Street investment banks through the stock exchange.

  34. Ridiculous as it sounds, and everybody will agree, however: wars are of evil, especially when the victims are preferrably and mainly civilians; there were, however, neccessary and unavoidable wars like that of the Allies against Nazi-Germany (where most dead were civil-ians, and that of Vietnam against USA, where victims were mostly US-soldiers and Vietnamese civilian – just to mention these man-made catastrophies, and in order to express ambival-ences whereby everybody may choose and find his/her own moral rationalisation…..

  35. Wars are never justified. Wars to end wars have the opposite effect. Hitler could have been stopped when he was first gaining power in Germany if his action to demilitarize the Rhineland could have been blocked by the winners of WWI. Instead it took another war and millions of lives.
    The invasion of Iraq by the United States and some supporters destroyed the fragile power balances of Iraq and gave new energy to the struggle between Sunni and Shea supporters. The war itself cost trillions of dollars and took millions of lives. It continues to take lives and destroy and prevent prosperity.

    I work for the day when the battle flags will be unfureled in the Parliament of Man, the Federation of the World.

  36. …there’s a lot of comments and opinions expressed about “peace” and how to achieve it. At the same time there are posts talking about various religions…have we not learned enough at this stage, to clearly see the incongruity…? – ..apparently not, which tells me that there is little understanding of the essence of “religion”…what the “religious need” is – not just for the individual but for the adherents of any “religion”…the core idea of what a “religion” is and seeks to accomplish as a practical matter…
    One poster thanks the US for helping to get rid of Hitler – I would respect that sentiment a lot more if it included acknowledgement of the fact that the US helped bring about the rise of Hitler, that Nazi Germany was defeated by Russia while the Americans waited until the moment when they knew Germany’s defeat was not far off. This shouldn’t be news to anybody…
    Also, the US worked with the Nazis from that day on until this very day and it is because of this, that war is again threatening, today it may be called “neo-conservatism”, but it is the very same thing as Naziism…the “right” of the Superior to crush the inferior…this is what the US seeks to impose on the world today…by any means necessary…
    How do you propose to deal with that, if telling the truth is no longer possible, the US system is void of integrity and “the people” just doesn’t care (about anything)…?
    Vincent Bugliosi died today…he did try, he wanted to do something, he was a very capable individual, but he was nothing against the nefarious, diabolical machinery at the center of the US Empire…
    If you can’t “cleanse” this machinery, peace will not be possible….

    1. Excellent delivery of facts, Gunnar. Most Americans are living in a propaganda bubble, and because most of them have never managed to create a single cogent thought, or left their home state, much less the country, they end up being just “2 legs of ignorance”. They’ve been so lied to, that when the truth is delivered, no matter the intensity or frequency, they flip out, close off, and shut down. It’s a response that has been cultivated, just like gradually boiling a frog. Seeing all of this, knowing that some truly ugly aspects of history are on their return flight, makes me a tad sad and anxious, but certainly not surprised. I know that nothing can repair the mess lies create except the acknowledgment of TRUTH. Aloha

  37. Costa Rica has no standing army, and neither does Switzerland, yet these countries have managed to coexist peacefully with their neighbors. We the people can defend our country from potential invaders, yet we choose instead to spend millions on military weapons, to declare wars against weaker countries in order to steal their natural resources, and all in the name of converting those countries to a democracy. It’s all crap. We could stop the wars right now if we’d stop making military weapons, and making enemies of people continents and oceans away. There’s much work to be done in this country, and none of it has gotten done in the past 30 years since trickle-down economics bankrupted the American people. War is not the answer. War is never the answer. We need to clean up our own house and leave everyone else to resolve their own issues.

  38. We can outlaw war. All human conflicts can be worked out through law. We can live as easily and comfortably under world law as the overwhelming majority of people now live under national, provincial and municipal law. We can lower taxes globally. Collective security” will cost you far less than financing your nation’s defense against all other countries. We have substantial “collective security” within our nations; now we need it among all nations. A democratic global parliament can provide solutions for global problems. With a globally enforced peace, we can actually defeat AIDS and poverty, get serious about everyone’s human rights, deal with climate change, encourage freedom and democracy everywhere, and build a truly sustainable future for our planet. Please go to and vote “YES or NO” on whether you would like and would support a democratic world parliament.

  39. I just finished reading the most convincing anti-war book I have ever read in my life:The Afghan Campaign by Steven Pressfield (2006) about Alexander the Great’s experience in Afghanistan 2,300 years ago. It was fearfully similar to today’s headlines. It’s eloquent and informative and written from the viewpoint of an ordinary soldier in Alexander’s army. Steven Pressfield also wrote another book about Alexander’s war experience: The Virtues of War (2004). It covers the larger campaign that includes Afghanistan. Don’t be fooled by the title: it portrays the horrors of war and makes you feel as if you have lived through each and every battle and march.

  40. War, put very simply, is bad for all living beings and things, especially humans and animals.♥

  41. ” I pledge allegiance to NO flag, country or religion nor the politics, prejudice, greed and hypocrisy they stand for – but to ONE worldwide community, Indivisible with TRUE Freedom, Justice , Liberty , and Love for ALL living beings.
    With no need for guns, bombs, weapons of mass destruction or the military complex that profit from war, as there would be no need for them with the 2 main causes of 99% of all wars eliminated – ‘Borders and Religions.’
    I pledge to fight with my last breath to protect the inalienable right of all creatures – great and small – to live free from fear of death, abuse, persecution or imprisonment for profit, and the protection of the natural world they require for such quality of life.
    – Although my skin may be white (pinkish actually),inside I am the same color as all my sisters and brothers around the world, including the animals.
    My ‘god’ is the Great Creator, Mother Earth is my ‘savior’ and Nature is my ‘religion’ – and by walking the walk I talk, I do hope to do my part to try and ‘Change the world’ . .today and every day.”
    *** “I hope more people will join me along this long but very worthy trail – as it’s the only possible way humanity can avoid to fail” <3

    Our 'global anthem' should rightly be by our great prophet Saint John Lennon
    And this our number 1 'commandment'

  42. Je viens de remarquer à travers tous les commentaires qu’il y a beaucoup plus de Chrétiens.Moi je suis Nigerien et je suis Musulman, je pense bien que les religions n’ont pas de problème, le problème se situe chez les hommes, dans nos tetes.
    Je suis pour le bien-etre de toutes les communautés, tous dans l’amour de Dieu

  43. Its a little bit weird that so many commenters on this thread are bringing their god + religion into their commentary. Obviously wars, and the weapons of war, climate destruction and the allocation of funds from a military-based economy to a sustainable one, would all be decided/constructed by humanity.
    Bertrand Russell wouldn’t like all this misappropriation of responsibility one bit, I’d suspect.

  44. When we talk about the past, the aim is to learn from the positive and negative outcomes. Example is to talk about the war in Irak. USA waged bloody war in Irak and the result is the suffering of the innocent Irak people. As it is not enough for USA to see the suffering of the Irak people now USA is hitting drum to make suffering for the Eritrean people based on false accusation of the Eritrean government. Is it sensible for worldbeyondwar to not say and loud that it opposes initiating proxy war between Ethiopia and Eritrea at the price of suffering of the Eritrean people just to punish the individual persons in the Eritrean government?

  45. Urge your senators an congressman to give Peace a chance and vote in favor of the Iran agreement. With the heightened engagement of the United States and Iran to pursue peaceful use of nuclear power the odds are much improved that we will, over time open more doors and minds to peace in America, Iran, all of the middle east and the world over with greatly enhanced American leadership

    Without the agreement the odds are great that more terrorism not less, more animosity and hate not less, more fighting not less, more pain suffering and grevious injustice not less will take place and American leadership will be diminished.

    Nothing in this world is certain but the odds for continued efforts for peace over an extended period ot time are greater with the agreement than without.

  46. There are two gardens in this world that can grow and multiply with abundance: 1) The Garden of Peace, planted with love, tolerance and understanding, seeded with food to feed the world. 2) The Garden of War, planted with hatred, anger and ignorance, seeded with nothing other than the bones of the war dead. Choose Peace, and we will survive. Choose War, and we all die. Simple as that!

  47. There is no other Way, but, total actions for Peace. Start with Peace within. Let that Peace spread silently outward!

  48. Peace will come about when people refuse to fight–I mean when they are conscientiously opposed to war and register as COs. Remember that when Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane and he was threatened, he told Peter to put up his sword. He didn’t believe in violence for self-protection.

    1. What if they gave a war and no one came? As long as we have people who will join the military, the old men will send the young to fight/die.

  49. People say that they fight for their country. But once we come to see that the world is our country (like Alice Wheeldon did during world war I) who would then be the enemy? Climate change would be one of them, poverty another one.

  50. “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in its final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.” Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1953

  51. War is a waste of money, human life and resources. It’s high time that the United States stopped acting like the “Top Cop” for the rest of the world, and started cleaning up its own back yard.


    1. But are we willing/able to give up the purchase/use of the items sold that facilitate our modern lives, in order to contain/control the acquisition of wealth by the ‘few’ who lord it over the ‘many’ suffering in deprivation??? We, the poorer people help/contribute to their wealth by buying their merchandise! Are they responsible, or are we,for shelling out the funds for: gas, food(GMO), electronic devices, pharmaceuticals, entertainment,etc.? (Sadly, mostly ‘wants’, instead of Needs’!)

  53. We want peace and justice for all human beings all over the world for each single person, be he/ she a Muslim, a Christian, a Buddist, a Hindu, a Jew or otherwise. They are all human beings, who want to live in peace….

  54. As I am nearing my 72th year, and think back on the numerous places throughout the world, where war and unrest have ruled supreme, I am amazed that, during my lifetime, humankind has been unable to eradicate this terrible form for loss of life and destruction of property. I thought the devastation and loss of lives that occurred during both world wars ought to have been sound reasons why we must actively work toward a world, where lasting peace should have been of utmost priority.
    Why is it I wonder, that our closest relatives in the animal world can live and function in a positive social environment, but we, supposedly the most intelligent beings, place a greater value on amassing great personal wealth at the expense of the world population at large? If all the ill gotten gains accumulated from the sale of weapons of mass destruction, and by that I mean all kinds of weapons, were used to help the downtrodden of the world, then surely our little planet would be a much better place to live.

  55. Follow the money when it comes to war and it goes directly to the bankers, the New World Order Evil Goals, the Cabal or Illuminati Agendas, and last but certainly not least by any means, the Military Industrial Complex!

  56. Eu mesmo fui salva com os combis da Cruz Vermelha saindo de Berlim para Suécia no fim da segunda guerra mundial, mas o meu pai ficou e morreu nom campo de prisioneiros na Russia.
    Agora moro e tenho uma pequena hospedaria no litoral do nordeste do Brasil. Um hospede deixou algumas revistas; uma revista de turismo, que nas suas páginas gordas e brilhantes, mostra um mundo lindo e limpo, cheia de maravilhas, e umas revistas de novidades, que mostram um mundo mais realista com imagens horrorosas de situações atuais repugnantes, especialmente de multidões de fugitivos e MORTES em MASSA! Agora entre do Médio Oriente para Europa, mas tem gente fugindo de guerras e pobreza em volta do mundo todo.
    A minha conclusão imediata, achando que, mesmo sendo uma idealista sonhadora, tenho direito de expressar as minhas idéias de soluções e ações, é que o mundo está num ESTADO de EMERGÊNCIA, está na hora de ativar todos os FREIOS e ALARMES, PARAR, CESSAR, SUSPENDER!!!
    PARE imediatamente com a fabricação de armas e definitivamente com todas as guerras!
    SUSPENDE temporariamente todo turismo! Pôr todos os hotéis e cruzeiros de luxo, cheias de camas limpas e desocupadas, de banheiros, cozinhas e salas de estar, à disposição dos fugitivos e pessoas sem moradia digna!
    FAÇA com que a indústria de armas e guerras paga para esta subsistência e para o trabalho dos fugitivos para reconstruir tudo que as guerras destruíram. Os desempregados desta indústria com certeza têm como achar novos empregos participando nesta reconstrução.
    PARE imediatamente com todas as brigas políticos desnecessários, e em vez disto
    COMEÇA ORGANIZAR a humanidade conforme os DIREITOS HUMANOS, para quanto antes corrigir o alvoroço catastrófico que o capitalismo e o industrialismo causaram.
    FAÇA o dinheiro fugitivo pagar para tudo, e conduza os ricos para caminhos mais sustentáveis e saudáveis, para um novo estilo de vida mais humilde.
    TRATA de diminuir o crescimento das populações no mundo todo num jeito melhor possível, e dá todo apoio possível para evitar nascimento de gente não planejada, não desejada, com contraceptivos e abortos legais de graça, pelo menos até a sustentabilidade do mundo se estabelece, por exemplo em termos de água para todos, e a humanidade compreende o seu papel subordinado no eco-sistema mundial.
    ESTIMULE plantação caseira de frutas, verduras e plantas medicinais, também nas cidades, IMPLANTE uma saúde terra a terra e uma educação de sobrevivência e de condições de vida saudáveis e pacíficas. Já tem muita pesquisa boa e exemplos práticos em desenvolvimento para aumentar em escala maior.
    QUEM ou QUAIS organizações são para liderar e organizar esta viravolta mundial? Boa pergunta. Todos. ONU, todos os governos e você mesmo. Faça o possível! Gentileza gera gentileza!

  57. We need to start bribing others to desert, evade drafts, smuggle draft evaders and deserters across borders, give them fake passports.

  58. Watch the video “Hellstorm” available on internet, if you want to see the real horrors of war against civilians. The film reveals the way we have all been manipulated by the victor’s false narratives of war, written in order to conceal/minimise their own war crimes.It is a shocking film, removed from Youtube in all countries, but still available on other sites.
    For instance, Hitler tried many times to negotiate peace with Britain and with the Polish government. Thousands of German citizens in Poland were being massacred.Hitler felt it was his responsibility to protect them and many times asked for a meeting with the Polish Govt.Britain told the Poles to ignore his requests. They wanted to goad Hitler into invasion to give them an excuse to declare war against him. Hitler had thrown the private bankers, mainly Jewish, out of Germany. They maintained a debt-based economy so they could enrich themselves through charging interest. He introduced a work-based economy where citizens received government bonds in accordance with the work you did, received interest-free loans for a house, family credit for each child, and with the 4th child the remaining loan on the house was cancelled. This allowed families to accrue capital to spend, which in turn bolstered the economy. All working citizens had to contribute something to pay to the sick, elderly,and unemployable. Germany was debt-free within 2 yrs of Hitler becoming Chancellor. Hitler did not want war with anyone. Churchill, who was funded and helped to get back into governemt by the FOCUS group, established by the Board of Deputies of British Jews, wanted war because he was protecting the interests of the international banking system.
    Hitler could also see all around him in the Eastern European countries, the disasters wrought by Communism.Millions of Ukrainians had been deliberately starved to death under enforced Soviet collectivisation of farms. Communism was infiltrating Germany and he did not want his people to starve.He felt Jews were a threat to the new socialist economy he wanted to develop, since Communism was largley led by Jews, the banks, shipping companies, thousands of businesses were owned mainly by Jews.Worse of all, it was due to Jewish intervention that the USA had been led into WW1 leading to Germany’s defeat and economic de-development after the war. International Jewry, led by Samuel Undermyer, had called for a World Economic Boycott of Germany in 1933 and brought about wide-scale impoverishment and even starvation of German people. Because he felt Jews had consistently betrayed Germany and could no longer be trusted, Hitlere wanted Jews out of Europe. But there is not a shred of documentary evidence that he planned or wanted genocide.Auschwitz Museum in Poland and Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, now say just over 1 million Jews died in German camps, not the 6,000,000 still widely used. Most inmates died of typhoid and of hunger brought about by the Allied bombing of Germany’s supply lines, which also caused the starvation of Germans too.
    We must question the mainstream narratives we have received through Media, Hollywood films,our “Education” systems and ask why they have concealed the true history of the two world wars from us. The financial interests of the bankers, arms manufacturers, capitalists and their supporters. Look at the alternative readings of History available on websites. The Military/Industrial complex will facilitate war against anyone trying to free people from the debt-based financial system which profits the rich. Libya’s Gaddafi refused to play the game:he insisted Libya’s oil-wealth would go back to the citizens, so everyone, even immigrants, were allowed totally free education up to postgraduate university level, everyone was given funding for a house and a marriage allowance to set up a new home, free medical care etc. Look what the warmongers did to him and look how many Libyans have lost their lives or fled their country.The same warmongers are now breaking up the Middle East and causing the worse refugee exodus in living history.
    So good to see from comments on your site just how many people worldwide are “waking up”. Good also to see religious leaders like Pope Francis setting an example of a faith which is alive to the urgent protection of all the people of the planet, includingy the marginalised and rejected of the earth, and to the need for new economic and political models to preserve the planet and it’s people.Blessings and goodness to all.

    1. Thank you, Anna, for the concise true history. You have done the research that others with critical thinking ability must search and document for themselves. Is the internet going to reveal to human civilization’s “saving remnant” truths that will ultimately expose and remove psychopaths who, lacking rational competition, rise to direct the course of nations? Whoever you may be, I wish you well.

    2. Hi, Anna:

      Your facts about Hitler, the Jews and WW II are absolutely correct, so far as I know. It took me half a century to access some of these facts after spending 30 years suffering in shame for what I was told Germany had done under Hitler. I was born in Germany in 1929, and the difference between what I experienced and the propaganda always bothered me until I discovered the lies on which the propaganda was based. If you can let me know some of your major sources, I’d be grateful.

  59. All profit motives must be removed from war. For every war money should be confiscated from the profiteers and distributed to the people harmed by the war (all sides). Since war is a choice and avoidable, in all cases, leaders of war should be tried for their involvement, if found guilty of war crimes they should be executed.

  60. We cannot hope to end the perpetual war against Islamic terrorism, in my view, until we recognize that the U.S. and its allies must compel Israel to dismantle its apartheid regime, grant equal rights, freedoms, and privileges to all of its citizens — regardless of race, ethnicity, religious persuasion and cultural affiliation(s) — and guarantee the right of return to all Palestinian refugees around the world.

  61. If War were less profitable or more costly to the entire Body Politic, it might cause a second thought. I doubt that we`ll ever return to the Draft which, without exemptions, is a great equalizer and makes war more personal to decision makers. Even more influential on the process would be Total War, at the level of World War Two. The whole nation mobilized, all industry directed toward that single effort, taxes raised, black-outs, restriction on travel, and every citizen involved as part of the War Effort. If you want to STOP WAR, make it an inconvenience for those support it. Point: If you have to forego Spring Break or miss the Senior Prom or vacation because Dick Cheney can`t keep his facts straight, you`re not going to invite Dick or his fiends to your Pool Party, let alone, allow him or those like him to stay in office.

  62. War is bad. We are good. War is the huge not-nice thing our Owners do to us to steal our stuff – our labor, by which THey force us to rape Earth.

  63. Not only is WAR cruel and destructive but the acts of PREPARING for war rob us of money that could educate our children, provide decent lives for all citizenry, increase jobs and create healthy environments. Money spent on preparing for war competes with human needs and values.

  64. The enemy of my enemy is not my friend, but the US government believed it and armed the muhascheddin in the struggle against Soviet Union and from this armed fighters were born the Taliban. Afterwards US helped Saddam Hussein against Iran, afterwars they fought Saddam Hussein and one war generated the next.

  65. It is beyond time to transform the perpetual war economy to peace time activities. Add up all the money spent on war globally to gauge what a new world could be like. Ban War and Realize Peace and Security!

  66. Yesterday my church honored Veterans….many who were required to participate via the draft. I wish churches would also take time to honor the peacemakers.

  67. My name is Ercell and I am a human/eco and environmental rights activist.
    I believe that disarmament is a great idea once we have understanding as our motto rather than tolerance. For tolerance is just temporary and understanding is for ever.
    We the Miskitu Nation are a peace loving nation in Central America. Rather than just speak of peace we took action and disarmed, under contract with the United Nations,Sandinista and Contra.It seems The United Nations, backs Daniel Ortega’s Sandinista government and their policy of mass extinction of the Miskitu people by allowing both Ortega and the Hondurans acts of violence through illegal Pacific Coast Nicaraguans Colonos, murder, and illegal unauthorized concessions with International Corporations and Companies in the Miskitu Sovereign/Autonomous Nation and their territories.

    Women and children are pinned down in the germ and arsenic infested Waspan River by gunfire from Daniel Ortega’s Colonos, drug smugglers and illegal gold, silver and uranium mining by international diggers. Many have died from dysentery or bullets. Without help they simply have no way out

    A Husband was murdered while his Wife and Children watched. The US, UN, Europe and Britain offer no Humanitarian efforts, or empathy toward the eco/environmental and cultural destruction, genocide and especially the suffering of Children who are the most innocent victims..

    Again, the United Nations prepares to hear Daniel Ortega’s appointed representatives.
    Again the Miskitu Nation will have no representation so their plight will not be heard.
    The people march in the streets asking the UN to hear their voices through their government in exile whom they have elected to negotiate for them. If the people are not heard, the situation will only worsen. The Miskitu nation continues to look for a peaceful resolution to their current situation as their losses in terms of human lives escalates. The government in exile bought and shipped two and one half tons of food to the starving people but Daniel Ortega won’t let the food go to the native peoples.

    Please help us!

    1. Ercell I am so sad to hear about this. I work for Maryknoll Missionaries and will pass this info to our Office of Global Concerns that works directly with the UN.

      Feel free to find and connect with me on facebook under my name, gaby romeri.

      Send you strength & prayers.

  68. 1) Campaigns must be started to make people aware which companies are selling arms to whom in the conflicts and they must be boycotted.
    2) Campaigns must begin to build schools, hospitals, universities and houses for people in the countries of the developing world.
    3) People in these countries must be provided with security, stability and dignified wages.

    Given these along with the rule of law within these countries as well as first world countries actions will cause the issue of war to diminish and totally stop over time.

  69. I have no solution to stop wars. Not only is greed an ongoing reason for the businesses that supply the military, but there is clearly a segment of humanity likes war. For me, war makes no sense whatsoever.

  70. 1. Ask a representative sample of people in every country

    Do you like war?
    Do you want war?
    Do you believe that there is an alternative to war?

    The answers you will get to the first 2 questions are predictable, to the third less so.

    2. Eliminating war has some very big consequences
    Economies depend on war to give people the consumer goods and services they crave/need?
    Nationalism becomes obsolete depriving many people of their sense of belonging to a nation/culture and their supposed guarantee of security
    It entails a drastic change of mindset and behavior in virtually every person in every continent
    It challenges the way in which people are governed and takes power away from governments
    It changes the whole psychopathy of human behaviour accustomed to conflict, violence and payback as a way of settling disputes
    And many more

    3. Before enough people can be persuaded to even entertain the demise of war

    a) more egalitarian alternatives to the dominant economic system (neoliberal capitalism) which do not create endemic poverty have to be worked out and explained in terms that people can understand.

    b) Education systems throughout the world will need to be much more open and broadly based on skills of critical thinking, reflecting, communicating, empathizing, understanding and self-management. They will also need to have strong international component that links children and adults with others around the world.

    c) Common threats to life on earth such as climate change, loss of bio-diversity, polluted oceans, air and land-masses will need to reach the consciousness of ordinary people so that they have the sense of fighting a common global cause.

    d) World religions will need to stop competing with each other for adherents and will need to stop brain-washing children at an early age that theirs is the only possible pathway through life.

    e) Human population growth will need to be controlled. Already the human race is at an unsustainable level on this small rock hurtling through space.

    4. Of these b) is the key. What is needed is a step increase in the capacity of all human beings to think for themselves and to stand up for peace. If the next generations are to clean up the mess that our generation has created, education, or more accurately human learning, will have to give them the mental tools to do the job.

    But these are all longer-term solutions. In the short and medium term every effort should be made to provide and broadcast a set of inspiring and practicable guidelines on alternatives to war, and to build up an international cohort of citizens for peace. The UN does its best, but when its largest contributor takes away its contribution to UNESCO to please one of the most warlike middle east states, it stands little chance of success.

    1. I don’t like population control Norman. I think the phrase is something to do with enjoying intercourse. Sorry, sorry. Population Control was a charity donation by Warren Buffett. I wonder that Charity did?

  71. I don’t like population control Norman. I think its something to do with intercourse and only for the powerful. Be carefull don’t do damage or kill or Mame or tell lies.

  72. A) As a German citizen, born in 1941, I know reasonably well what harms wars can do to people – even when one speaks not only of German wars, and which were the most disast-reous ever (not to speak of concentration camps for Germans which were by ethnics Jews, Roma, Sinti, etc./or of other adherences).
    W.W.II-battles from the side of USSR and allies of USA against Germany were justified, and fortunately successful to defeat the Nazis-army of Germany and allies! Thanks!
    However, modern wars of USA and allies, are clearly injust and “contraproductive”, such as the very recent “wars against Moslems”, which also are man-made catastrophies. Now, we should fight against Assad (a very small Hitler)and his army, not against muslims.

    B)Just a side-look in this respect: during the Nazi-war against Poland and Russia relati-vely many brass-soldiers (officers) we shot and killed by their own lower ranked-soldi-ers, the second place on this scale occupy the US-armed forces where relatively many of their brass-people were shot by G.I.´s in the Vietnam war”! Nobody talks about this! Both facts speak for a sound base of drafted soldiers drawn from a common population, at least in these armys.

    C) Your “Abolish War Campaign” seems to be the onliest prospective way…., and I thank very much the Initiators/-esses and active individuals there…, Peter (duely engaged in prohibiting use of DU, depleted uranium – at all!).

  73. Seems like we never get over the delusion that war will make us safer. Clearly the destruction we have wrought and the killing of hundreds of thousands has created an order of magnitude more so-called terrorists than before. In selling our wars to a scared public it is important to characterize our enemies as brutal, barbaric evil people unwilling to abide by international norms and also to ingnore the death and suffering of tens of thousands of non-Americans as we mourn the deaths of a handful of Americans and congratulate ourselves on fighting a civilized war ignoring the fact that we use weapons banned by international law such as white phosphorous, depleted uranium, cluster bombs, etc. After all we wear white hats and only fight for the noblest of motives unlike our evil adversaries. But clearly our wars are usually fought to obtain or control resources or to install corrupted despots who will do our bidding. And the chief beneficiaries are weapons producers and those clamouring for more useless aircraft, destroyers, etc and increased spending on the military and surveillance budgets. And even as we spend ourselves into bankruptcy and 3rd world infrastructure, we just don’t get the message. War after war after war after war. Hard to find a year since WWII when the U.S. did not initiate a significant war with 20 to 30 million dead as a result – but as non-Americans people other than our own brave heroes just don’t matter. Will the public never learn that war only creates more hatred and more killing and destruction and can never have positive results.

  74. I am in the US Air Force, currently applying for CO status but knowing everyday that there are people suffering and dying in war is sickening and morally-breaking. The thought that I may have had some small, indirect part to play in someone’s death is damning and I feel no small amount of guilt and remorse for the actions of the US military. A CO application takes an average of 6 months and I am reeling between depression, suicidal thoughts, and thoughts of desertion. Knowing a movements like this exists and so many people support it gives me hope.

  75. I sincerely hope that many of the people above enter the 2016 WSFPC Peace Essay Contest. Until we educate the public, starting with ourselves, about the law against war the military band will play on and on.

  76. War has no meaning these days but destructions here and destructions there. We could achieve our goals as human being in many ways without wars.

  77. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to be peaceful, It gives you so much more time to be creative

  78. Just how likely is it that a corporation for peace might spontaneously form to countervail the corporate thrust for war in the exceptional empire? World Beyond War is one of the few hopes that such a structure is actually with us today. But opposing these moneyed interests needs an equally strong unification of popular peace movements to speak truth to power.

  79. Let me start by saying that I’m a video game designer an that this is something I have been focusing on in a game I’m currently working on. Somewhat inspired by Hayao Miyazaki’s work where he focuses on some of the bad aspects of humanity, I do the same here, I decided to tell you about it to tell you how I’m hopefully helping you before you even asked me to. The game’s various plot points paints a picture of the majority of humanity being a bunch of war-mongering thugs and even directly sates them as being ‘homicidal maniacs’ in part of the dialog. The game shows us alien civilizations living in peace and harmony that has been observing the Earth, hence their opinion from earlier. That said one major plot point that depends on how you play the game is the fate of the Earth, the aliens I talked about earlier aren’t the only ones out there you see and some of the others aren’t quite so peaceful and want to see the Earth pay for its crimes, in other words all humans deemed fit to live will be taken off, and the rest will remain and be destroyed with the planet (obviously the bad ending, the one I want to feel sorry about getting). You can convince them otherwise by showing them that people can change for the better, and can be made peaceful by acting peacefully towards them. Which is me giving an example of the following quote action:

    “Hate can not drive out hate, only love can do that.” -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  80. We will do everything we can to defeat Horrible Hillary and send her to jail to be locked up! We will never again vote for any so-called “democrat” unless there is no Green Party candidate for that position on our ballot!

  81. Very interesting discussion of war and religion. Like many institutions such as nationalism, family, ethnicity and gender, religion can bring about positive or negative ideas and behaviors. My “religion” is kindness and my “god” is the oneness that binds us all and teaches us empathy and compassion towards everything in this universe. I have met wonderful and peaceful religious folks and wonderful and peaceful non-religious people. Let us not create fake barriers (religious or otherwise) between folks whose spirit moves them to pursue peace and justice……

  82. It would be so easy to make peace in Syria if everybody would respect the right to be of his fellow citizens.

  83. I am a strong supporter of the 911 truth movement, which holds that the initial premise underlying the current horrors being perpetrated in the middle east are based on the so called attacks that occurred on 9/11. However, anyone who examines the issue honestly will realize that the twin tower and building 7 collapses at free fall speed was brought about by explosive controlled demolition. This demolition was arranged by the neocons (Perle, Wolfowitz, Libby, the Kagans) and by the military industrial complex (Rumsfeld, Chaney etc) with the help of the ISI, Mossad and CIA. Thus, the ongoing horror of war is our own doing and the responsible factions must now be rooted out and prosecuted.

  84. All wars are bankers wars. War is the sport of Kings, Puppet Masters Pull the Strings.War is a racket. War is murder, war is a. Rime against humanity, war is the ultimate expression of failure , of greed, of vestigial cannibalism and sociopathy.

  85. too many weapons of mass destruction coming from America, so tired of seeing countries, families, landscape and homes destroyed by war weapons we make in the name of peace

  86. Deeply appreciate all efforts. Look forward to joining you each and all Sunday and part of Monday.

    For inspiration from some of our greatest leaders in this movement and more information on our nuclear weapons industries (war), offering the documentary:

    Good Thinking, Those Who’ve Tried to Halt Nuclear Weapons

    In full encouragement, and support,


  87. The masses can be counted on to support wars. They love flags, slogans, parades, memorials, medals, drums, salutes, etc. I am adding my name, once again, to this current fine sentiment but harbor no illusions about our success in the near future. General Smedley Butler spent his own life as a tool of the bankers and only later decided and wrote that “War is a Racket”. Perhaps, just perhaps, the internet and advances in communication technology will alter the perspective of enough people to toss out or permanently eliminate psychopaths driven by lust for power and control. If you have read this so far, pick up a copy of “Political Ponerology”.

  88. I, as a muslim, as a woman, as a Middle Eastern, as a person who is living in a region which all of my neighbor countries are in war, joined this group and i want to say that we hate war. We, all of humans, wherever of this planet we live, we deserve living in peace.

  89. The United Nations (UN) was formed to resolve conflicts. They have only been partially successful in achieving this objective. The obstacle is the permanent members of the Security Council each of which has veto power so nothing happens unless all five super powers agree. Since the US and Russia are usually diametrically opposed there should be a mechanism to break the deadlock. I propose that a 2/3 majority of the General Assembly can override a veto by the Security Council. Thus there can be a resolution to the Syrian civil war and other conflicts where the UN can intervene without facing a veto.

  90. If you want to move your U.S. Representative to do more to prevent war please consider participating in our ‘435 Campaign”. We are documenting local/personal impacts in each of all 435 U.S. Congressional Districts on how global injustices like war, genocide, hunger, terrorism, environmental degradation, torture, rape, and/or infectious diseases impact on American lives…and how global justice will improve lives globally as well as improve our life support systems we call our ‘environment’. For more information email The following quote was written 22 years ago. “Development is prevention. The cost of not acting, of having to deal with the global impact of imploding societies and failed states, will be far greater. This current situation constitutes a strategic threat for the United States because it endangers our existence, our way of life, and our social and economic commerce. This threat is replacing nuclear war as our primary international concern and we cannot insulate ourselves from it. To meet this threat, the United States must use all its resources — not only its money, but its expertise, its values, its technology, and most of all, the willingness of ordinary Americans to involve themselves. We believe that development assistance is a powerful tool, for the very process of providing aid serves both the donor and the recipient. This is our vision. It is unrealistic to expect that international conflict, oppression, and disorder can be eradicated. But it is not unreasonable to try to eliminate the absence of development as a root cause.” Brian Atwood, Administrator, U.S. Agency for International Development. 1995

  91. In these days of anticipating drastic war-making thinking as the Inauguration draws closer, I too, consider this a great cause to support.
    In fact, this and Planned Parenthood are going to be the only causes I send my tiny donations and huge positive energy.

    1. People post comments under every page on this website unless we turn off commenting on that page. They add the newest ones at the bottom or beneath one they are replying to.

  92. I suggest all choose to also join with whose banner cry of ONE PLANET, ONE PEOPLE, ONE RACE utilizing this Free Plasma Energy for World Peace. This new KESHE TECHNOLOGY NEW PLASMA SCIENCE is the answer to ALL the issues on Mother Earth. …including Peace on Earth, abundant & clean food, water & air for all BEings; already proven successes in Health, Remediation, Agriculture, Globally Teamed space exploration, elimination of cancer, HIV/AIDS, ecoli, streptacocus, samomila & more; establishment of the Universal Council which one day will replace the United Nations which is under dominance and control of Western English speaking countries; assisting INTERPOL, CIA & FBI in the arrests of leaders of the 70,000+ {per INTERPOL} global pedefile ring membership, including heads of state, presidents, monarchs, and celebraties who predominate in Washington D.C. & London {per INTERPOL}. NOTE: THIS IS BEING KEPT SECRET BY THE MAINSTREAM NEWS MEDIA and was banned in the U.S. by Obama’s Presidential Order in April of 2012.

  93. The fundamental element that links all hideous acts of violence and deception, like war, is the lack of remorse.
    Organizations, theories, history, can be endlessly debated, but the root cause needs to be addresses, identified, exposed, and eliminated, before any change can take place.

    An estimated 4% of people are sociopaths. They are the ones who are willing to do anything to get to the top, be in control. The ones willing to commit acts that most people aren’t. These are the people who are at the top and in control.

    Become familiar with the traits of the sociopath. It’s relatively simple to spot in the bully who abuses women and children, but becomes more difficult to see when they are charming, laughing and full of fun. They are known for their magnetic personalities.

  94. I am a nuclear veteran (Redwing, Marshall Islands, 1956) who has seen WW-III up close and too personal. I survived my exposure, many didn’t.
    * I have seen WW-III up close and too personal. This has made me anti-war and anti-nuclear. War should be just beyond the last resort, not used to take the resources of nations, to control them, to destroy them. We are doing this today, we are creating millions of homeless, hungry, refugees, then refusing to care for them as we are too busy making more.
    * Nuclear power is just a slow motion nuclear weapon. Look at Fukushima and Chernobyl, not to mention dozens of other spills and accidents.
    * This is all being done so four or five hundred trillionaires can increase their short-term profits and increase their power!
    * We the People are to divide the tiny percentage left amongst over six billion people!
    * It is way past time that we take this nation back and declare PEACE!
    * It is way past time for us to embrace natural energy for power and get rid of our fixation on oil, gas, and coal.

  95. I love your goals! I love knowing that I am notthe only person dreaming big!

    I love what I do, WRI2012 Enterprises… because We R It! Without us, there would be no chance for change but because we care…. there is hope!

    I established WRI2012 Enterprises in Canada, but registered in on Native land, so to build it universonally online and through the human heart….

  96. For how much longer can the military justify sending legion after legion of our youth to kill and be killed in efforts that will kill the military in the end as well as the corporate paradigm that supports it? For how much longer will the enlisted continue to march to its drums as family and friends back home succumb to planetary climate carnage? Surely at some point “F*** it” must prevail I would think. Can the leaders of the Military be prosecuted for treason for supporting the same capitalistic paradigm that feeds it but kills planetary life support systems? By whom? The Military courts? The Supreme Court? “We the People” affected? World court? The Children? Who has standing? It gets tricky in my book.
    Help end tax funded pollution of the commons. The GOP don’t fund abortion. Fine. A precedent. Why must progressives tolerate funding planetary ecocide?

  97. Seek the radiance of God
    To share tenderness of love,
    Seek the radiance of love
    To share feelings of fondness,
    Seek the radiance of faith
    To share compassion of peace,
    Seek the radiance of Peace
    To share the ultimate of passion
    Seek the glowing path of passion
    To discover the source of salvation;
    Once you tread the ‘path of trust’
    You are bound to experience
    The real worth of what a human life is

  98. I signed the statement in sympathy, but I do not join organisations. If I classify myself it is as a revolutionary socialist/anarchist — a materialist, if you will. War is endemic to the worldwide economic system of capitalism and can only be eliminated by replacing our society with a stateless, moneyless, classless cooperative world society achieved by changing ideas peacefully.

    My direct confrontation against war is the wearing of a white poppy (with a centre containing the word PEACE)as a means of opposing the red poppy dripping blood and hopefully inviting a conversation.

    I also refuse to use the replacements of Armistice Day — originally meaning “the end of all war” — with Remembrance Day (Canada) or Veterans Day (U.S. of A.)

    Each year I also submit the following poem to the CBC and local members of the reptile press, but of course there are never any takers. [If you like it, please use it — no credit necessary. It’s the idea that counts.]

    Armistice Day

    Even the unemployed buy poppies

    To commemorate the death

    Of unemployable buddies

    Who have long since gone to rest.

    As blood-red flowers a symbol reign

    So money barons will war again.

  99. War has far as I can tell has never solved much of anything!Maybe,I’m wrong,it has shown man how ridiculous that we really are?

  100. Love is the only power that is mighty enough to eliminate hate and pollution off the face of earth, we already outnumber the hateful, lets just love them to death, problem solved… i wish, but i DO Know that love is the only way we will be able to finally take down hate. The “new world order” is our problem here, shut down the new world order and we take back the planet. We all know that the bush family is still running this new world order and trump is just the new puppet so bushs neocons have to be held for the war crimes and truth must have it’s own media voice, all good things for you and yours, You are more Precious than you know, LOVE IS IT.

  101. We must stop complaining about war and militarism, but pretending that the US intelliegnce community does not exist.

  102. there have been many former scientists, engineers, and armed forces personnel who have spoken what a waste military spending is. If converted to civilian use it would benefit everyone. The other benefit others would not dislike the US.

  103. It is clear that the President of the United States is intent on provoking a war of aggression vs Iran on behalf of special interests and the US Warfare State.

  104. Wars are planned, prepared, organized, financed, armed, trained and commanded at last. So war is the biggest and worst organized crime possible! It must be prohibited at any link of that chain.

  105. The war we fighting today have been fought many years back and yet no solution so today I’m proud to say peace is the only way to solve the World cries.

  106. The war we fighting today have been fought many years back and yet no solution so today I’m proud to say peace is the only way to solve the World cries.

  107. something to think about…
    Consider taking the word war out of the title of this group.
    (WWP) World Wide Peace,
    (PIP) Peace Is Possible
    (PIP) Peace Is Preferred

    acknowledge what you want…peace

  108. peace not war, not military conflict. this is the true path, the path of Christ, the one we all should follow.

  109. I would like to share with you some words from Ursula K. Le Guin (October 21, 1929 – January 22, 2018) which she published on her blog shortly after the 2016 election:
    “The death way or the life way? The high road of the warrior, or the river road?
    I know what I want. I want to live with courage, with compassion, in patience, in peace.
    The way of the warrior fully admits only the first of these, and wholly denies the last.
    The way of the water admits them all.”
    (From “119. The Election, Lao Tzu, a Cup of Water” Accessed 21AUG2019.)

    1. “Clif Kroeber’s Five-Point Plan for Peace and Security
      (Clif Kroeber is [Ursula K. Le Guin’s] eldest brother, a retired professor of history. His ideas on these subjects are the precious fruit of many years of political observation and patient thought as to how we may best seek and maintain peace and freedom. I wish they could be more widely known. — ukl)
      1.We follow the 1954 treaty and UN accords forbidding us from attacking other nations (save when our defense requires action).
      2.We withdraw our very large-scale military occupations — Japan, Korea, Germany, Great Britain — and avoid others, such as Colombia.
      3.We must bring home almost all the 230,000 uniformed soldiers now in 141 countries now not at war.
      4.We give up trying to achieve “stability” and “democracy” wherever we occupy or invade. This has never succeeded.
      5.Above all, we seek security INSIDE THE UNITED STATES where ports, airports, and other sites are not today protected or guarded:
      For our children and grandchildren.”
      -Clifton Brown Kroeber (21 September 1921—08 August 2019)in Ursula K. Le Guin. Notes & comments: Clif Kroeber’s Five-Point Plan for Peace and Security (21 December 2009) Accessed 21AUG2019.

  110. Yep, WBW, we’ve got “Trouble Right Here in ‘River City’, and that starts with ‘T’, and that rhymes with ‘E’, and that stands for EMPIRE”!

    Tulsi, thanks for this amazingly accurate data on the corruption of the TV media-Empire, which drastically under-reported Bernie Sanders’ popularity and which proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that Bernie Sanders (and by extension) “Our Revolution” — which is focusing like a laser on firing a; loud, public, sustained, ‘in-the-streets’, but totally Non-violent “SHOUT (Not shot) heard round the world” to ignite an essential Second American people’s peaceful & complete “Political/economic & social(ist) Revolution Against EMPIRE” — by which Empire we have recognized, diagnosed, and ARE right-now ‘EXPOSING’ the cancerous tumor of this Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE and its seven-sectored EMPIRE of the; corporate, financial, militarist, media/propaganda/TVadvertising, extra-legal, CFR ‘Plot-Tanks’, and, of course, this dual-party Vichy facade of faux-democracy encompassing all of the “rougher-talking” neocon ‘R’ Vichy Party of the EMPIRE, as well as most of the “smoother-lying” neoliberal-con ‘D’ Vichy Party of the exact same effin EMPIRE — which is the underLYING Meta-Causal Cancer of WARS, and all our other ‘Issues’, “Symptom-Problems”, and our entire “ailing social order” [as Zygmunt Bauman wrote].

    “Can’t see the Forest for the Trees” now politically translates to —

    “Can’t see the Empire for the Issues”

    Liberty, democracy, justice, and equality
    Violent (dual-party Vichy)


  111. Armor kills even without war!
    Military always means threat and prevents trust. Peace cannot be created with threat.
    It can only be achieved together with other countries on the basis of trust.

  112. In a world in which international relations are based upon genuine friendship and the concept that we are all global neighbors, and in a world in which we can contact anyone within a few minutes, war is an antiquated ritual reinforcing the basest behaviors of Man. Time to move forward and live in peace. That is progress.

  113. As a retired USAF Officer, I understand the need to protect our nation. However, there is a duality in protecting and supporting the machines of war, and I firmly believe that it is infinitely more logical to promote education and protect the victims of wars than to continue to make conflict ever more profitable.

    One thing educating the world would do is make people realize that voluntary population control and universal health care are critical parts of the solution. I believe in solving global problems with better understanding and communication, not with wars.

  114. Tell Biden to first address the Israeli-Palestinian problem by demanding that Israeli leaders work with Palestine to create a state for them again. That was ALL Palestine until the partition of 1948 that the U.S. and Great Britain coordinated. We gave them an inch, and they took a mile. Now butchering and brutalizing their Palestinian neighbors. No wonder Israel is attacked by other Arabs.
    Terrible neighbors. They either comply or the U.S. stops sending military aid in any form. This reduces the chance of nuclear war breaking out between Israeli warmongers and Iranian leaders.

  115. This extraordinary couple of weeks since the police lynching of George Floyd opens up the real possibility that people will wake up to what the purpose of a national state ought to be: to serve its citizens and enhance their well-being, not control them. It is time not only to disband police as previously constituted, but also the crazy system of nuclear deterrence, a foot on the neck of all humanity . . .

  116. That diplomacy is the first tool to use in any altercation should be so obvious it should not have to be stated. But obviously, it has to be stated.
    But consider: Who really wants war? Ultimately, those are the ones who need to be handled. There really aren’t that many of them. Unfortunately, a few of them are very powerful. We must move those people aside and replace them. The lessons of only one or two generations should be plain enough for anyone to learn. Clearly those ones don’t want to learn. They must be replaced.
    The tools of peace are available for the asking, “free of charge.” If you need some more hope in your life, find some of those tools and learn more about them.

  117. I have the greatest respect for our veterans, but I hate what they are called upon to do. Every year we rightly honor their sacrifices for what they believe they are defending. Sadly, they are pawns in a heinous game of power and profit. We honor them, but is ever a word uttered about the other heroes: the statesmen and stateswomen, the negotiators, the peacemakers who work tirelessly to keep us out of conflicts? While our service people are willing to sacrifice one life, they save millions. One of the greatest military strategists the world has ever known, Gen. Robert E. Lee, once observed that “it is well that war is so terrible, lest we grow too fond of it.” Have we? How about a movement to create a national day to honor the peacemakers? As has been written, they are blessed.

  118. War is for people who are too cowardly and impatient to create a useful and lasting solution.

    War is for the kind of person who thinks they can punch someone in the face and steal their candy – and that there won’t be consequences tomorrow.

  119. May there be peace in the higher regions;
    May there be peace in the firmament;
    May there be peace on earth;
    May the waters flow peacefullyl
    May the herbs anf plants grow peacefully;
    May all the devine powers bring unto us peace;
    The supreme Lord is peace;
    May we all be in peace, peace ad only peace;
    And may that peace come unto each of us. – from Hindu

    1. Yes, and dismayed to find out that dirty bombs are made from radioactive wastes that can’t be gotten rid of otherwise. Think before WWII the background radiation was zero.

  120. The folly and barbarity of war is of course, rightly condemned in these posts. Consider also the indiscriminate cruelty of SANCTIONS. Those imposed by the US State Department on Cuba, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Venezuela, Russia and others, do little to advance a positive influence on leaders and regimes, but cause pain almost as much as war on general populations. They should be ended!

  121. Is the “Nature of Man” really understood, even now? Can we ever assume that our innate intelligence will prevent irrational behavior? Not yet anyway !

    Is the World currently controlled by rational behavior and thinking? Will it ever be ? We are certainly far from that Garden today.

    We are currently controlled by the threat of destruction …. with one GIANT bully in control. Thank God for that at least.

  122. Charity starts at home. Invest in American economy and not in war artillery hardware.

  123. May good and peace to all life be in all that is. I have taken many years of searching to understand. Conclusion: Humanity, has been denied the truth! Thus all will either be extinct or imprisoned eternally due to whatever or whoever has our truth keeping all humans in a virtual state of poverty, slavery, suffering, and ignorance. All are at the mercy of whoever or whatever. Hope is the only chance for all. My heart feels an ache which I don’t understand is causing it! I know I’m loving caring life. That’s why I’m writing this. I have hope to know who and what we all truly are. May peace love and good be with you all and done by you all.

  124. Thank you for establishing World Beyond War. Rather than protest this war or that weapons system, WBW cuts to the heart of the matter and boldly asserts that the abolition of all warfare is the real prize. May WBW prosper and grow and may membership increase world wide. Our struggle to achieve a peaceful and just world is desirable, necessary and possible.

    Future generations are depending on us and what we do now is going to help move the trajectory of civilization toward global law that demands non-violent conflict resolution. It is my hope that future humans will only know war as a long-forgotten institution that was practiced by immature and primitive human beings.

  125. I have always worked to save lives and relieve suffering. I’m a retired physician, Oncologist, and I served during Vietnam as a physician in the USPHS Indian Health Service. I satisfied my military obligation to my country in a peaceful way. After WWII the United States has never engaged in a just war to end death and suffering. I strongly oppose war and violence in any and all forms.


    Inspired and wonderful, born from light itself, and designed by One higher than comprehension. Pure in thought and motivated by the breath of life they exist with the best intention. Individual and unique in every way, yet from the same exact Source, they are our greatest revelation.

    Mistaken we boast, and believe we create and guide them ironically enough. Yet with the motion and sway of elation and joy the youngest of us move through this bluff.

    Happiness beyond compare, and a gratitude that cannot be imagined, with the tiniest of hands and feet they lead us through examples and acts of compassion.

    Without judgment or rebuke no criticism nor contempt, forgiving always before the offense is felt… or ever sent.

    Awe and wonder are their ways, and with wide and observant eyes life’s colors and hues bring understandings anew.

    Observing their heavenly ways we gain hope and belief, watching as their curiosities are never quite relieved.

    Faith to move mountains…and love forever theirs…The true strengths of life are in their permanent care.

    Conditioned for a short time are they prepared? For what was promised to them before they came from Him, most certainly isn’t here.

    Destroyed beyond our recognition and ruined without concern for fair. Have we left them the living legacy that was once ours to despair?

    For if we want them to stay the way intended, and to lead a life full of elation and peace. Then we should get started with the wishes and prayers of old and begin making hate cease.

    If once we saw the world this way, it is hard to remember at best. The clarity of time and mankind in its haste has brought us to this test.

    But I know it’s in you, I know it’s in us… See the examples in the children before you? They are the Glorious…

    Beautiful and wonderful looking up with exultation, not a care in the world shouldn’t our goals be preservation?

    Without the inherited methods of favoritism, conforming, judgments or reservations…Let us focus together now with sincere determination!

    It lies deep in you, indeed hidden in me, if only some One could make us see.

    Restore faith and love, kindness and jubilation, created at birth in everyone, in every single nation…

    …Remember the child in you, the child in us, the child from the time of creation. Remember the child in you, the child in us…the Child of inspiration.

    Benjamin Pelisu Castro

    The evidence suggests that the United States and its allies cannot and should not claim the status of a “beacon” of democracy, since they themselves have chronic problems with freedom of speech, election administration, corruption and human rights.
    The greatest country on earth? Stop playing with us. I am exercising my free speech, so a government auditor finds trillions missing from the pentagon (any resemblance with the tribe sign?), channeled to illegal wars, killing MILLIONS of civilians along the way.
    There’s a black hole along the Potomac River in Washington, that is in the shape of a pentagon. It draws in trillions of dollars every year that are never seen again. US service-members had committed crimes falling under the jurisdiction of international law. Washington has been getting away with these crimes while Pentagon is still trying to downplay its terrorist activities. The dual citizens and banksters do love their wars but a purifying fire is awaiting. There are too many vermin congregated in those places. The Chutzpah is off the charts.
    I really want to know who will stand up for the cabal that is running our lives. What is wrong with this species?
    Civil rights are violated (not only in your homeland but all over the world by your occupational force, the U.S. Army), qualified immunity makes those criminals walk free and the taxpayers get the bill. Is this how the No 1 “democracy exporter’’ operates?
    Your political system is NOT a democracy.
    How can you tolerate so much oppression and hypocrisy?
    Imagine that in the “land of the free” you have exterminated Native Americans, have the highest percentage of incarceration, the most law enforcement personnel and 3 letter agencies, the Five Eyes, the death penalty, the most dual citizenship representatives, the most expensive medical services and pharmaceuticals, crumbling infrastructure, drug addiction, pushed to the limits by the banking cartel, 30 trillion of debt, racism, seizures and a corrupt policing/judicial system (modern slavery). It seems to me that the “redcoats” (along with their occult societies) are still running the show, you probably already know, the city of London, the vatican and yours truly washington d.c. Also just imagine how many people were exterminated by U.S. made weapons (conventional and nuclear) in “artificial wars” and false flag attacks, tortures in secret camps (we lie, we cheat …./we came, he died), continuous illegal unipolar sanctions, interventions, coups d’état, regime changes, spying, collateral damages (kudos to Julian Assange, Edward Snowden et al), unauthorized extrajudicial killings, drone assassinations, to name a few, spreading chaos globally and committing crimes against humanity to keep the MIC alive. Beware, the emperor is naked and is banging the hell out of Lady Justice.
    The Biden administration’s new Pentagon budget spells danger to the world’s peace, says retired UN Independent Expert on the Promotion of a Democratic and Equitable International Order Alfred-Maurice de Zayas, explaining how US interventions, subversive ops and endemic corruption have resulted in Washington’s excessive military spending.
    But I hope that it is also the “home of the brave” who must take action and restore the country to a true democratic republic and be once again the beacon of a humane world.
    Is it our species (4% Neanderthal and in the cosmic clock born 5 milliseconds ago) or our education/indoctrination? And ALL we need is LOVE, even for our enemies!
    Fake president Xiden. Fake scamdemic. Fake votes. Fake science. Fake vaccines. Fake news. Fake wars. Fake money.
    Why did we elect this idiot Dementia Joe as President again?
    Oh yeah, that’s right, we didn’t.

    We have Russiagate, Pizzagate, Watergate et al. We killed JFK, .ML King et al.
    It is always about the money but the gravy train is running dry.
    If you don’t watch tv or read newspapers you are uninformed, but if you do you are misinformed (Marc Twain).
    The US is an asylum from where the doctors escaped and the patients run the institution. We are looting the planet using the dollar and the military, a CANCER eating away at the world, devouring entire nations. They really want ww3, that would save them from bankruptcy, but they would still have to order their weapons in China…. Every country the US liberated lost its gold. There’s a riot goin’ on and everyone is a loser.
    Hint: there has been a PARASITIC hostile takeover and the parasite is running low on nutrients while bloating to almost the size of the host.
    So, you’d better watch out—you’d better not pout—you’d better not cry— ‘cos I’m telling you why: this year, it’s the Surveillance State that’s coming to town, and you’re already on its naughty (domestic terrorist) list.
    Khaki and blue klux klan.
    When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty (NNB).
    “Truth is suppressed, not to protect the country from enemy agents but to protect the Government against the people” -Roy Hattersley
    You get so used to lying that after a while it’s hard to remember what the truth is. -rogue CIA officer Philip Agee
    “Professional standards require intelligence professionals to lie, hide information, or use covert tactics to protect their “cover,” access, sources, and responsibilities. The Central Intelligence Agency expects, teaches, encourages, and controls these tactics so that the lies are consistent and supported (“backstopped”). The CIA expects intelligence officers to teach others to lie, deceive, steal, launder money, and perform a variety of other activities that would certainly be illegal if practiced in the United States. They call these tactics “tradecraft,” and intelligence officers practice them in all the world’s intelligence services”-Hulnick & Mattausch, “Ethics and Morality in U.S. Secret Intelligence”
    “The tyrant, to hold onto his power, suppresses every superior thinker, does away with good men, forbids knowledge & enlightenment, controls every movement of the citizens and, keeping them in perpetual servitude, wants them to grow accustomed to baseness and cowardice, has his spies everywhere to listen to what is said in meetings, spreads dissension & slanders among the citizens and thereby morally impoverishes them, and is obliged to make war in order to keep his subjects occupied & impose on them permanent need of a supreme leader” -Aristotle
    “It is the habit of mankind to entrust to careless hope what they long for, and to use sovereign reason to thrust aside what they would prefer not to examine” -Thucydides
    “In a rich man’s house, there is no place to spit but in his face” -Diogenes
    WWIII, brought to you by the same folks who brought you WWI and WWII.
    The only people who can prevent further bloodshed are American taxpayers, refusing to pay for the military budget. Die on your feet, or live on your knees. The US gov is cruising for a bruising.
    How about we have a world war against the Kazharian mafia? It’s very hard not to lose patience with the Tribe …
    Oy vey!

  128. When future generations look back to try to figure out how society could go along with diverting 50%+ of the society’s resources toward killing and maiming others far away who are no threat whatsoever to our well-being, those who gave consent through silence will be blamed. We all need to do what we can to show our moral boundaries that we do not agree to harming others in our names and with tax dollars! GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!

  129. Yes, let’s use the military budget to feed the poor, save the earth, protect the environment and all living beings.

  130. Now more than ever we need Peace throughout the world. I am a part of the Luxembourg Peace Prize and have met and work with amazing Peace Makers and Peace Innovators from around the world. They do amazing things and we need more groups and people to spread this wonderful work all over the world. This group is also doing amazing things.

  131. 2022 with thousands of nuclear weapons & the never ending wars by American Empire it the most dangerous in History so its also the MOST important time to protest ALL wars

  132. Hello, friends at World Beyond War. Please be sure all emails you send to me are to: The is NOT a secure email, I imagine it’s somewhat censored; and many important emails land in my junk/bulk mail. And then, if I want to share something sent through this email to Twitter, it’s not possible. To do so, I need to copy/paste and send url of the action over to my Brave browser. Then, I can post to Twitter successfully!. This all becomes too complicated.

    SO, please eliminate this email for me, Gerie Bell, also in your data base as Geraldine Bell (for gvmt petitions, etc.) and add the GerieCB@protonmail as my correct email. Thank you!

  133. Goodness.. leaving a second Reply and Comment. Hopefully, this request to update my email will get through!

  134. If all people in the world should demonstrate in their neighbourhood for PEACE IN THE WORLD at the same time, it would impress very much the politicans.

  135. Dear team WBW please support “Pause all wars” antiwar initiative. Launch of antiwar Satellite …—…

    Emil Kaiypov

  136. Just like free speech, the right to vote, or freedom of religion, we should consider peace to be a vital, and primary human right… …Without peace representing square one, most efforts on behalf of society will atrophy, erode, or become abandoned outright. The military/industrial juggernaut has been engineered within the world’s modern economies as far back, I believe, since the first military clashes in the Tigres/Euphrates river valley, or Mesapotamia, if you will. The religious prophets, such as Moses and Abraham foresaw the consequences of murdering other human beings, and set down the Ten Commandments, for instance, to redirect the course of violent, human criminality. However, this admonishment against killing in the commandments seems to have little influence on the heads of state, who routinely relish the violent course of militarism to either conquer or vanquish their contemporary adversaries.

  137. War has a devastating impact on human life and the environment, which affects us globally and is perpetuated locally in the UK. Currently universities fuel war by partnering with the military and defence sector. We believe education has the power to transform society and should be focused on making the world a safer place.

  138. “end Human bankruptcy” an idea whose time has come. The Search for Truth and Transparencies continue.We any are Citizen Reporters. I learned about the February 19,2023 Protest March on A Russian Site I Blog .When I first learned about it I shared on several sites .Today I remembered David Swanson .I checked my notes and saw World Beyond Peace which I thought I had signed the Petition and after searching discovered I had not.So,today I committed .
    I seem to have a lot of contact on the Russia Web .I also have contact with what happens in China through a Friend on the Russian site.I will tell You this much neither the Russians or Chinese want WAR.Ukraine is being Fed Monies and Equipment from the West and both China and Russia are Challenged through Ukraine. Mr Putin reminds me of Adolph Hitler. He did not want WARR. Hitler only wanted what Germany was Screwed out of by the Versailles Treaty.(the Land and Peoples) . Contrary to history Germany did not want to control the World.Since WWll there has been only one Hegmonic Country the USA.Wake Up The USA 2/19/23.

  139. The world today is faced with a new form of war description that is, ideological and technological war. Today, individuals interact with their points of view are similar but actually, this is not how things have to go about. Having a critical look at the world, war destroys families, countries, and even individuals. People and nations spend their strength and energy destroying rather than building. This commitment has created a lot of differences let it be tribalism, racism, and others. Lives are wasted in battles meanwhile we need to think about building. We are leaving in a sad world.

  140. All of us need to commit to nonviolence in our individual lives and advocate for this in our community, state, national, and international actions. It is time now to resolve an end to war and replace it with nonviolence in dealing with conflicts.

  141. All of us need to commit to nonviolence in our individual lives and advocate for this in our community, state, national, and international actions. It is time now to resolve an end to war and replace it with nonviolence in dealing with conflicts.

  142. We will never end war as long as we are controlled by corrupt governments. As long as we have vertical top-down government we will never substantially change anything. Because vertical will always be corrupted because it is so easy to do ( We need to restructure government from vertical to horizontal (

    It is time that we learned that voting for criminal A or criminal B will never make the substantive changes humanity needs to live in peace and abundance for all. History proves this. We must think a bit “out of the box”.

  143. FACT: War is dependent on money. FACT: Money or the concept of it is imaginative, it is just a number, with numbers that are infinate. FEAR: A natural emotion is useful when a person is under attack, but useless and dangerous when it is created by those who manipulate it for their own fearful reasons. Violence always creates fear and violence.
    How to change all that is up to the power of our imagination set to work. I have been racking my brain for years on how to do this. Positive suggestions would be helpful.

  144. War must be abolished to allow Humanity to go out of barbarity.
    We have to realize a transition from a ‘culture of the enemy’ to a ‘culture of cooperation’,
    in other words : make the ‘culture of cooperation’ more DESIRABLE than the ‘culture of the enemy’ .

  145. Good luck to you and the world. There are endless things that we should be spending time and resources on. There has to be a better way to organize our selves other than war and international animosities.

    I get consistent pushback saying that war is merely part of human nature. There is no human nature. There is merely the choices that we make. Of course, we can find a different way. We can choose a different world.

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