New Online Course on War and Mental Health

By World BEYOND War, November 23, 2023

World BEYOND War has contributed to the development of a new online course focusing on the intersections between mental health and conflict.

The course is a product of the Unámonos project (let’s unite), which was created as a response to the challenges posed by destructive conflicts and political violence in Bolivia. Supported by the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), and implemented by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Unámonos seeks to understand and challenge (toxic) polarisation in Bolivia and beyond and promote dialogue, tolerance, and social cohesion.

Delivered in Spanish, the course comprises 3 modules, over 30 videos, and features contributions from 9 facilitators with diverse expertise and experience in practice, policy, and academia. These facilitators come from various countries/contexts including Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, and the UK.

The course explores a wide range of issues related to mental health and conflict including mental health and political violence, power and conflict, humour and mental health, polarization and context/the environment, tribalism and polarization, critical thinking and meaning, collective and intergenerational trauma, social networks and algorithms, disinformation and polarization, and more…

World BEYOND War’s Education Director, Phill Gittins, created and led Module 2, which focusses on the theme of power and conflict. This module is divided into three parts: with the first two parts covering conceptual analyses and frameworks helpful for understanding the role of power in conflict and peace work. This includes a discussion of power over, power with, and power within, with particular attention paid to inner power. The final part focuses on practical strategies and tools for understanding and navigating power dynamics in conflict situations.

To register and learn more about the course, click here:










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