New Billboards in Germany and Ads in Canada Take on Nukes and Lockheed Martin

By World BEYOND War, May 13, 2021

See if you can spot where our new ads for Canada have made corrections to and improved the accuracy of a familiar and ubiquitous ad by Lockheed Martin:

Help us make sure everyone who has seen Lockheed Martin’s propaganda sees our version too  by sharing it on twitter, facebook, and instagram. We will not allow Canada to buy 88 new warplanes to rain bombs in U.S. and NATO wars!

And check out the new billboards we’ve put up all over Berlin, Germany (similar to some we ran a few months back, but now with more people out and about to see them):

An outdoor event is planned in Berlin on May 15th.

If you like the billboards and other advertising that World BEYOND War does, you can help us do more by funding them here.

One Response

  1. Like the billboard a lot. Would have liked to see how much money has been spent on the F35 and how we had to send money to another country to by them because other countries knew it never worked the way it was supposed to and didn’t want it.

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