Medea Benjamin

Medea-Benjamin_Resized“What I appreciate most about World Beyond War is that it does not ruminate on the pluses and minuses of each military intervention but takes a clear, principled, courageous and unequivocal stand that war is bad, period, and that our job as global citizens is stop all ongoing wars and prevent new ones. This breaks through the fog of ‘humanitarian interventions’ and ‘just wars’ to paint a vision of how we must evolve as a civilization if we are to survive, and that is, precisely, a world beyond war. Bravo!” —Medea Benjamin


5 Responses

  1. Medea, Thank you for your courage which you have shown over the years. You are a very special person. May we all follow your lead in the nonviolent struggle to protect human rights in the world. Peace and Love, Don

  2. Dear Medea,

    I totally agree with Don. And may we learn to live in such a way so that the Seventh Generation will receive the positive benefits.

    Peace and Love,


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