BREAKING: Activists Cover Israeli Consulate Steps in Toronto with River of “Blood”

By World BEYOND War, Independent Jewish Voices, Just Peace Advocates, and Canadian Foreign Policy Institute, May 21, 2021

Video here.

Toronto, Ontario — Today members of the Jewish community and allies delivered a clear message at the Israeli consulate in Toronto about bloodshed from Israel’s violence in Gaza and across historic Palestine.

Rabbi David Mivasair, a member of Independent Jewish Voices, said, “It can no longer be business as normal at Israel’s consulates in Canada. The death and destruction inflicted by Israel in Gaza, as well as the heightened violence by Israel across Palestine, cannot be washed away. This belligerence is the latest in an ongoing aggressive 73-year settler-colonization project by Israel across historic Palestine. The ceasefire doesn’t end the injustice and oppression.”

Since May 10, at least 232 Palestinians have been killed in the Israeli bombardment of Gaza, according to health authorities, including 65 children. Over 1900 people have been wounded.

Rachel Small, organizer with World BEYOND War, explained, “We are making the violence of Israel’s brutal occupation, military attacks, and ethnic cleansing visible right here on the consulate’s doorstep. We are making it impossible for anyone to enter and exit Israeli government offices here without directly confronting the violence and bloodshed they are complicit in.”

Rabbi Mivasair quoted the Book of Genesis saying, “‘The voice of your brother’s blood cries out to Me from the earth.’ Canadian Jews and others joined today to make sure that cry is heard even if the blood stops being spilled anew. Red paint streaming from the Israeli consulate onto the street in Toronto represents the blood of massacred innocent Palestinian civilians, the blood on Israel’s hands. As Canadians, we demand that our government holds Israel accountable for war crimes and stops the Canada-Israel arms trade.

“Jews in our communities in Canada are overcome with grief and anger. Many of us stand in solidarity with our Palestinian siblings. We say loud and clear, ‘not in our name.’ Israel can no longer continue to commit these atrocities in the name of the Jewish people.”

Since 2015, Canada has exported $57 million worth of weapons to Israel, including $16 million in bomb components. Canada recently signed a contract to purchase drones from Israel’s largest weapons maker, Elbit Systems, which supplies 85% of drones used by the Israeli military to monitor and attack Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.

Across Canada, tens of thousands of people in dozens of cities have been on the streets denouncing Israel’s violent attacks. The Canadian government received at least 150,000 letters within days following the Israeli attacks on Al-Aqsa and Gaza. They call on Canada to hold Israel accountable for its violations of human rights and international law, and to place immediate sanctions on Israel.

John Philpot of Just Peace Advocates says, “The Israeli consulate in Toronto has advertised on several occasions an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) representative available for personal appointments for those wishing to join the IDF, not just those who are required to do mandatory service. The Canadian Foreign Enlistment Act makes it illegal to induce or recruit for a foreign military and Canada Revenue Agency guidelines state that ‘supporting the armed forces of another country is not a charitable activity.'”

Yves Engler from the Canadian Foreign Policy Institute indicates that “at the same time as Canadians are being recruited to join the IDF in violation of the Foreign Enlistment Act some registered Canadian charities support the Israeli military in probable contravention of Canada Revenue Agency regulations.”

A petition sponsored by NDP MP for Hamilton Centre, Matthew Green, calls upon Minister of Justice David Lametti to undertake a thorough investigation of those who have recruited or facilitated recruiting in Canada for the Israel Defense Forces, and, if warranted, lay charges against those involved. To date over 6,400 Canadians have signed this petition.

36 Responses

  1. UN and Canada should put in serious efforts to bring the two nations to sort out the differences by give and take . They must find lasting peace , to be able to move on. Root cause needs to be addressed.#EndOccupation

  2. There is crime against humanity as well as Genocide under eyes of west world inGazza !!! This is disgusting that most of the world keep silence or even support Israel for her barbaric action , this has to be stopped ,,, babies are killing at their bed, how come any one who call himself human being can accept or support regardless of what they think ,believe or not believe , all those murderers and blood shed , I am ashamed of being human and crying for this innocent people losing their life under Israel’ s bombing .

    1. I agree. The illegal occupation has to stop , the lands and homes confiscated illegally by Israel has to be given back and Israel has to be tried and convicted for war crimes and atrocities . The USA and Uk and Canada etc who sell arms to Israel has to stop immediately and take responsibility for the injustices committed against Palestinians. What Uk started with the Balfour treaty , giving away someone else’s land which did not belong to Uk , to the Zionist Jews has to be reversed and compensation for loss of life and infrastructure to be given to Palestine with a big apology. USA is a very large country and they can house all the Jews there. The Apartheid has to stop. Give back Palestine to the rightful owners the Palestinians.

  3. That day is not far when more and more Jews realize that Israel does not represent them and the Zionist agenda will one day die an inevitable death. Just like Hitler’s agenda!

  4. Definition

    Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide

    Article II

    In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

    Killing members of the group;
    Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
    Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
    Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
    Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

  5. I am done with liberals. There is a line not to cross, which is supporting a genocide and supporting an apartheid state! The liberals crossed, and they have Palestinians blood are on Canada’s hands!

    1. This just NOT liberals, if you read the message by Erin O’Toole the head of Conservative Party it is appalling calling Israel an ally and that they have all the right to defend themselves and that Canada supports them.
      These are people born of the same mother, born on the same bed even though they may carry a different flag or have different names!

  6. Canada must stop all military purchases and sales from Israel. Israel is a fascist, apartheid, genocidal regime which must be boycott by UN and made to stop its illegal occupation and colonization of historical Palestine.

  7. I want to help and support your organization. I am sure there are many others like me. Please let us know how people can help. What is required to keep this momentum. How can we help?

  8. Just Liberals? Both Federal and Provincial Conservatives have been staunch and unwavering supporters of Israeli. Just look at their history. Preston Manning, Stephen Harper, Andrew Scheer and niw Erin O’Toole. I think you should get yiur biased facts correct

  9. Respect to you sir for the courage and nobility to stand against injustice and oppression.

  10. Stop using taxpayer money , Ban the weapon sales to Israel. This is a crime against humanity. Canada has Palestinian blood on their hands. Stop the genocide in gaza .

  11. All human beings with a beating heart would condemn such atrocities. Regardless of faith. It is time everyone stood up for the genocide in Palestine.

  12. There is a global movement happening against the atrocities of the powerful state of Israel. Humanity irrespective of religion has awakened and will not stop until Israel stops its settler colonization project, removes the seige on Gaza and agrees to a fair 2 state solution so Palestinians can have a state where they can live in peace and dignity and prosper as a nation

  13. Great to see so many people speak out against the Palestinian genocide. We will not stop until justice is served

  14. Let’s not forget that the current violence came about when Hamas launched its missiles on Israel. 5000 total . But for the Iron Dome , Israel would have been obliterated – which is the ultimate goal of Hamas . A two state solution will not work under this mentality .
    That is not to say that the Palestinian people do not have a right to equal opportunity and self determination .

    1. You are not only conveniently oblivious to the history of illegal occupation of Palestinian land by Israel lasting for over seven atrocious decades but also blind and intellectually challenged to not see or understand why Palestinians are enraged against the apartheid regime and ready to die for their land, basic human rights and god given freedom. But having said that, what is your formula if it is not a two state solution and also the suggestion to change their ‘mentality’ !!

  15. Enough is enough. Anyone with any conscience will not accept the brutality of this Zionist policy of dehumanizing and systemic killing of innocent Palestinians after provocation . The plight of these people must be resolved after over 70 years of oppression. The world needs to wake up otherwise we are all complicit in the murder of innocents.

  16. Why can’t everyone live in harmony and peace and share the land. There is Humanity in question… regardless of faith or religion. Palestinian have suffered for decades and it keeps getting worst… the world is starting to see the reality. Let’s keep raising our voices against Apartheid, against Violence towards Humanity. Justice will have to be served!!

  17. Israel has to complete their sins so that God may punish them just like in previous times everything they do is towards their own destruction

  18. You realize that you are the only one saying this? Could something be wrong with your understanding of the conflict? The notion that the land belonged to the jews 3000 years ago and hence they have the right over it; doesn’t it seem stupid to you? Muslims believe all prophets were Muslim (Google the meaning of Muslim/ Islam). So by that definition their followers are Muslim. Hence the jews were Muslim. So, the land belongs to Muslims. How does this analogy sound to you?

  19. Bismillah,

    May Allah swt protect and bless Palestinians and everyone who stands up for justice!

  20. Today Israeli has cast itself into the shadows of the perpetrators of holocaust in the German Nazis camps. Their masters in the West stand shoulder to shoulder with them by simply turning a blind eye to the atrocities the Jewish state commits against humanity in the occupied Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza Strip.

    Israel over the last 72 years have systematically usurped 90% of Palestinian lands, forced them to live in camps with no running water and sewage systems, no education, no jobs, no trade,no infrastructure, no airports, no ports, no healthcare system and no justice.

    Israel thinks that no one can stand against them. Today they may think so but it won’t last forever. The history books are littered with rise and fall of the mightiest of the Empires. Their demise had one thing common to them all “crimes against humanity”.

  21. I just want to say a Big thank you to the Rabbi and everybody involved in the protest. Enough is Enough.

    This matter has been turned into a human rights issue by isreal and millions of people around the world are now calling it geneside.

    Once, again a big thank you to everyone supporting the Plight of Palestinians. Who have no rights in there own land.

    Love from London

  22. What is stopping all these countries who’ve been working together against racism and injustices in the world from taking any action against wrongdoer?
    If Balfour took a wrong step for someone else’s land decades ago, why can’t it be undone now? Just imagine yourself in their shoes for a moment to feel the pain for so many years in their own land.

  23. “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ Daesh)” and “Jewish State of Israel” both are illegitimate and created by the same evil force of Zionist/Zionism; they are oppressors, killers, criminals, fake ideologists and hijackers of religions who have no link with any religion.

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