In Madison, Wisconsin, They’re Rallying for Peace

By World BEYOND War, February 24, 2023

World BEYOND War’s chapter in Madison, Wisconsin, joined with others in a Defuse Nuclear War action on Friday.

Video from the ABC affiliate is here, and NBC here, along with this text:

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – On the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a group of Madison advocates are calling for the war’s end.

“The United States has the power to end this war,” Adam Schendel, a protestor with World BEYOND War, said. “By mediating a ceasefire negotiations, it can be brought to an end. It does not have to continue. We do not to sit there on our couch and watch our TVs and see the horrible photos and videos of the suffering as a result of it.”

The protest started with a meeting with some of Rep. Mark Pocan’s staffers. The group of about 10 asked for Pocan to provide a public statement of support for a ceasefire and to sponsor a resolution to end military assistance to Ukraine. Pocan was not immediately available for press comment.

“I am against war. I believe it’s a great evil,” Schendel said. “It leads to endless suffering and death.”

Meanwhile, the United States White House detailed its continued support of Ukraine and plans to provide additional arms in a press release on Friday.

Also on the World Beyond War’s docket, preventing F-35 planes from coming to the Truax airport.

Brad Geyer, an Air Force veteran who said he was a part of Desert Storm, the War on Terror and the Cold War called for peace.

“Having informed myself and educated myself of what’s going on since I left the war,” Geyer said, “war is not the answer and it’s all about enriching the richest few.”

Janet Parker, the organizer of the protest, described her group’s meeting with Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway’s chief of staff to challenge the F-35′s arrival as “excellent.”

The Mayor’s Office was not immediately available for comment.




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