Hold a Children’s Peace Fair

UPDATE: See Video.

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, September 19, 2023

Looking for a great idea for spreading peace on the International Day of Peace or any other day?

Here’s one I got from Jack Gilroy with Veterans For Peace in upstate New York.

Broome County Peace Action created the annual Children’s Peace Fair in 2019. Check out https://childrenspeacefair.org

On Thursday, September 21, 2023, Fifth Graders from Homer Brink and Maine Memorial Schools led by teachers Hilary TerBoss and Jim Tokas will take part in
Music, song, games, storytelling and more

Check out this agenda:

Introduction–Hilary Terboss & Jim Tokas
Magician–David Black –No Magic To Peacemaking

  • Peace Making Fun Events
  • Peace rock painting–Terry Dempsey & Cecily O’Neil
  • Games of Peace & chalk drawings –Terry Dempsey
  • Rescuing disabled animals by Willow
  • Can you Yo-Yo?—Chuck the Yo-Yo Man
  • Tropical Birds–Jennifer the Bird Lady
  • Kimonos to try on–Helena Garan
  • Storytelling by Jan Fiori
  • Trees and Tales–Ed Nizalwski
  • Planting a Ginko Tree of Peace–John Patterson
  • Bird songs by flute–Ann Austin
  • Nanticoke Historical Society Displays
  • Lunch under the trees and pavilion
  • Peace Walk around Maine Endwell School District Solar Farm
  • Video by Vera Scroggins
  • Photography by Gary Ingraham


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