Our Global Nation

By Michael Kessler

In the middle of the 1970s, I taught high school in Louisville, Kentucky. The social studies department decided to offer a course based on Alvin Toffler’s book, Future Shock. Since I was the only one of two in my department who had even read the book and was the only one willing to teach the course, I got the job. The class was a big hit with the students and opened the door to a whole new life for me.

Over the next few years, I was introduced more and more to the dangers facing our planet and the exciting solutions to meet them. So I left the classroom and decided to create ways to broaden and deepen this body of knowledge, with all of its opportunities, among the general population of the world.

From Toffler’s work I was quickly led to the works of Albert Einstein and R. Buckminster Fuller. Before Einstein, the world operated on the basis of a pool of traditions that made up our picture of reality. Fuller’s work revealed that the truths of these traditions are outdated in light of the information explosion sparked by Einstein.

Like other centuries before us, the twentieth century has become a time of transition from one way of thinking to another. The purpose of this work is to assist the planet in understanding the nature of this transition and to make clear the importance of the individual’s role in its successful outcome.

Fuller spent over 50 years of his life developing a technology based upon Einstein’s science. He concluded that if we used the principles of the real universe in the design of our technology, we can create a wealthy, global society that lives in peace with the environment rather than at the present expense of it.

I created an avenue to popularize this information. Our Global Nation is a lecture/workshop using dialogue and slides. The program covers the the Einstein/Fuller reality shift and its impact on four major traditions: physics, biology, economics, and politics. I use these four to serve as the foundations of what we call reality.

After years of presenting the lecture around the United States and in Russia, England, Germany, Austria, Switzerland,the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand,  I took the advice of many people to put it all in a book: a book written in simple language to show it is now time to create one nation from the “countries” of Earth.

Today all “countries” are faced with dangers that exceed our national level of thinking. What we are up against, especially in regard to the environment, threatens us as living beings on the planet. Continued loyalty to these old ideas of reality have created problems that truly can end all life on Earth.

If we are facing global threats, then it only makes common sense to create a global means to deal with them. What is needed, according to Einstein, Fuller, and a host of others, is the creation of a constitutional world government, a global nation.

Some say the United Nations is already here to deal with global questions. However, the United Nations is not able to do that adequately. In 1783, the new American nation created a system of government just like the United Nations to meet its problems. The central flaw to this kind of government is that it has no power to govern. Each member state keeps its individual freedom from the system. Each state decides whether or not it will obey the decisions of the Congress. The government does not have the power to rule by law.

The same situation exists with the United Nations. Each “country” has the power to obey or ignore what the United Nations decides. With the United Nations, as with the 1783 American form of government, each member is more powerful than the central government, unless the government acts with unified power.

In 1787, the American nation decided it had to have a government with unified power if the nation was to survive. The separate states, like the “countries” of today, were beginning to have disagreements that threatened to break out into open warfare. The founders of the 1783 American system remet in Philadelphia to come up with another system of government.

They quickly concluded that their only hope of solving national problems was to create a national government to rule the “country” by law. They wrote the Constitution to give the new national government legal authority to meet the problems of the whole nation. Its opening lines say it all:  “We, the people, in order to create a more perfect Union…”

Today the situation is the same, except now the problems are global. Like the young American nation of 1787, we, as citizens of the world, are beset by problems involving us all but we have no true government to deal with them. What is needed now is the creation of a real world government to meet real world problems.

As you see, the bottom-line message is that in reality there are no “countries.” When you view our planet from a distance, there are no little dotted lines on the surface with a “country” on one side and a foreign “country” on the other. There is only our little planet in the vastness of space. We do not live in “countries”; rather, the concept lives on in us as an outdated tradition.

During the period when all of these “countries” were created, someone came up with the word patriotism to describe loyalty to your nation over loyalty to your state. It is based on the Latin word for a “country,” and it soon captured the hearts and minds of the new national citizens. Underpinned with flags and emotional songs, patriots endured any hardship, including death, for their “country.”

I wondered what would be a word for loyalty to the planet. Not finding one in the dictionary, I took the Greek root of the word “earth”, eraze, and coined the word era-cism (AIR’-uh-cism). The idea of planetary loyalty is beginning to flower all over the globe, and millions of people are enduring all kinds of hardships, including death, for the welfare of our true nation, the Earth.

The central question is: What is the role that we, as individuals, are playing? Are we part of the problem or part of the solution? We have only a short period of time to decide whether we will move to a future of unparalleled peace and prosperity or to extinction.  

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