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Julian Assange

Kafka On Acid: The Trial Of Julian Assange

By waving all this through — refusing either to strike the new material out or grant an adjournment — Magistrate Vanessa Baraitser turbocharged the tradition written about long ago by Charles Dickens in A Tale of Two Cities, where he described the Old Bailey as, ’a choice illustration of the precept that “Whatever is, is right”’.

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Book burning scene from "Indiana Jones" movie

Peace Education, Not Patriotic Education

The President’s call to “restore patriotic education in our schools” via the creation of the “1776 Commission” aimed at controlling public school curricula once again set off my alarm bells. As a dual German-American citizen, I grew up in Germany and by design of the education system became very familiar with my birthplace’s history …

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Drone Reaper

Demilitarize! Joining the BLM & Anti-War Movements

Now is the time to link the Black Lives Matter Movement with the Peace and Justice Movement, to shout “Demilitarize” “Defund the Police” but also “Defund the Military” as protesters march at the intersection between militarism at home and militarism abroad.

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