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Unarmed Civilian Protection (UCP): A Concise Overview

A condensed summary based on a UNITAR/Merrimack College UCP course, “Strengthening Civilian Capacities to Protect Civilians By Charles Johnson, Chicago 1: UCP explained Replacing armed methods with unarmed ones brings world peace closer. Unarmed civilian protection (UCP) addresses war, terror,

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Space: The next battlefield?

By Alice Slater, Opinion Contributor — August 20, 2018, The Hill. The views expressed by contributors are their own and not the view of The Hill Last week, Vice-President Mike Pence announced the Trump administration’s plan for a new military command, the

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The Human Cost of War for Afghan Children

Youth growing up in Afghanistan today have never known peace, and after almost two decades of U.S. development efforts, living conditions in the country may be worse than when the so-called “peacemaking” started in 2001. by Samira Abrar, August 18,

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