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New Zealander Pursuing Alternatives to War

By NZ Peacemakers, August 30, 2018 A Glen Eden granny is hoping to attend the ‘NO WAR 2018’ conference in Toronto this 21st September. She is more determined than ever to challenge the formidable power of the military/industrial warfare business

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2018 Peace Prize Awarded to David Swanson

World BEYOND War, August 30, 2018 At the Veterans For Peace Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota, on August 26, 2018, the U.S. Peace Memorial Foundation awarded its 2018 Peace Prize to David Swanson, director of World BEYOND War. Michael Knox,

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Have an Active Kellogg-Briand Day

By David Swanson, August 30, 2018 Remarks at Veterans For Peace Convention, St. Paul, Minnesota, August 26, 2018. There are a lot of things named Kellogg around here, and few who know why. The two biggest names in the news

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The Bad, Good, and Beautiful: War and Peace Posters

Two exhibits in the Weisman Museum at the University of Minnesota present two contrasting worldviews, a truly sociopathic one supporting mass-murder manufactured by the U.S. government in 1917-1918, and a caring and decent one created by individuals and small organizations

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Debunked: 100 Years of War Lies

By Josh Mitteldorf, August 30, 2018 This is the title of a new video by James Corbett. They always begin with the reasonable-sounding proposition that war is sometimes justified, and lead us from there down the slippery slope to carpet

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