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News Focus – War: is still very good for business

The Irish defence industry is making billions from selling key parts for everything from Apache helicopters, to unmanned military drones and miniature technology for cyber warfare by Simon Rowe, June 8 2014 Republished August 15, 2018, Independent IE. Irish-based companies

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Bomb that killed Yemeni children in a school bus is identified as made in USA by Raytheon

Yemeni Children Matter

By David Swanson, August 13, 2018 We’ve been given a rare opportunity. While the United States military has slaughtered innocents by the hundreds of thousands in the Middle East over the past couple of decades, almost never have U.S. television

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Canada vs. the Rule of Law

By David Swanson, August 12, 2018. I’m aware that Canada, unlike its southern neighbor in which I live, has just recently, ever so slightly, stood up to certain of the horrors of the Saudi government. I’m aware of the role

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