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People drinking at a party

Is War Alcohol?

By David Swanson, October 1, 2018 War is a self-perpetuating habit that harms its users and can provide a certain momentary high. At a peace conference in Canada recently I heard a number of people refer to themselves as “recovering

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Trump talking about Iran

The Hypocrisy of Trump on Iran

By Robert Fantina, September 29, 2018 From Balkans Post As United States President Donald Trump slowly descends into madness in front of the entire world, he seems determined to destroy Iran in the process. This would keep intact the U.S.

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The Impressive Potency of Political Protests

By Tom Jacobs, September 26 2018, Pacific Standard. There have been plenty of protests over the past two years, from the giant Women’s March the day after Donald Trump‘s inauguration to this week’s anti-Brett Kavanaugh demonstrations. But beyond blowing off

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