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Nazir Ahmad Yosufi

Nazir Ahmad Yosufi: War Is a Darkness

Educator and peacebuilder Nazir Ahmad Yosufi was born in 1985 in Afghanistan, and has persisted through decades of Soviet war, civil war and U.S. war to devote his life to helping people see a better way. #WorldBEYONDWar

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Timi Barabas and Marc Eliot Stein recording podcast episode at a picnic table in Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Timi Barabas: Hungary to Aotearoa to New York for Peace

At the age of 16, Hungarian-born Timi Barabas heard a song that inspired her to become an activist. Today, at the age of 20, she has founded organizations for climate awareness, anti-bullying, suicide prevention and poverty relief, and with her team at Rise For Lives, a new youth-focused global antiwar organization, led a large protest in New Zealand to raise awareness of the war in Yemen.

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Rally in support of Steven Donziger, New York City courthouse, May 2021, including Roger Waters, Steve Donziger, Susan Sarandon and Marianne Williamson

Roger Waters And The Lines On The Map

World BEYOND War is hosting a webinar next week with the great songwriter and antiwar activist Roger Waters. A week later, Roger’s “This Is Not A Drill” concert tour will be coming to New York City – Brian Garvey told us about the Boston show – and I’ll be there, tabling with our partner organization Veterans for Peace …

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