Category: Demilitarization

Are we Heading Toward WWIII & Nuclear War?

It has become unbearable to observe the western media, in the grip of corrupt military contractors, wielding their undue influence on the unknowing victims of the media “news” reports as they publicly and shamelessly celebrate their enormous profits this year from the billions of dollars in weapons they are selling to keep the Ukraine war going.

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Italian Veterans Against the War

The former Italian soldiers victims of depleted uranium are against the sending of weapons and soldiers and demand truth and justice for themselves and for civilians, following the ‘uranium pandemic’ unleashed by NATO.

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Japan Declares Okinawa a “Combat Zone”

On 23 December last year, the Japanese Government announced in the event of a “Taiwan Contingency” the US military would set up a string of attack bases in the “southwest islands” of Japan with the help of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces.

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