Category: Demilitarization

The MADness of the Resurgent U.S. Cold War With Russia

The war in Ukraine has placed U.S. and NATO policy toward Russia under a spotlight, highlighting how the United States and its allies have expanded NATO right up to Russia’s borders, backed a coup and now a proxy war in Ukraine, imposed waves of economic sanctions, and launched a debilitating trillion-dollar arms race

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Ending Slavery in Washington DC and War in Ukraine

The belief in the justice and glory of past wars is absolutely critical to the acceptance of current wars, such as the Ukraine war. And the gargantuan price tags of wars is highly relevant to imagining creative alternatives to escalating a war that’s placed us closer to nuclear apocalypse than ever before.

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How Australia Goes to War

As the Ukraine war fills our screens and the risk of a war provoked with China rises, Australia seems automatically joined at the hip to US wars. A reform to the war powers law could be the only way to secure into the hands of the representatives of the Australian people the right to head that off.

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